New Moon in Libra



Sat, 5 October 2013 = 1st of Cheshvan, 5774


Today is Rosh Chodesh or new moon of Cheshvan…it is also being after sunset on a Friday evening, the Sabbath, so today would mark a special day of rest.

Cheshvan (in Hebrew: חֶשְׁוַן), or as it is also known, Mar-Cheshvan, (The bitter Heshvan) because of the lack of holidays and because of the disasters that are reputed to have happened on this month such as the great flood, the split of Solomon’s Kingdom (some 3,000 years ago), the crash of the New York stock market (1929) etc.   and the crash of   is the eighth of the twelve months.  eight signifies the eternal revelation of the supernatural (the consummate state of rectified nature being the secret of the number seven).


Heshvan’s planet is Mars and is ruled by the letter ד (Dalet). Its astrological sign is Scorpio, which is ruled by the letter נ (Noun).




Since the sun has not yet gone into Scorpio, we will use the letter Dalet for our focus…Dalet is the Door.   The door stands in the opening of the house, the beit. the dalet characterizes “shiflut,” “lowliness,” the consciousness of possessing nothing of one’s own. Together with the awareness of one’s own power of free choice.  The image of the Dalet is a gate, an entrance and an exit. For the initiated person Dalet is the gate or entrance to the inner light, to knowledge and wisdom, to order and structure, and to a new foundation on which new life can be built…and how fitting on the new moon, the time of new beginnings.   The great work is in essence, the creation of man by himself…that is, the full and entire conquest of his faculties and his future, the perfect emancipation of his will assuring him dominion over Azoth (Azoth was considered to be a universal medicine or universal solvent sought in alchemy ) and the domain of Magnesia…the power over the universal magical agent…and as we learned on previous moon festivals,  Since it is that we all Do perform magic whether we know it or not, it is best to KNOW to properly effectuate and direct that which you do naturally even without consciously being aware that you’re doing it.  Hence the phrase, KNOW THYSELF!


In Kabbalah meditations, the hebrew letter associated with the Tree of Life path is the key to unlocking the door to the energies…it is no coincidence, since there are no coincidences, that the dalet/door is associated with Path 14.


The combination of the letters Dalet Nun spell Dan; the root of which is din or judgment  – teaches about the essence of the month – consequently it’s funny that it follows the month when we were supposed to have been repentant and atoned for our wrongs… but we take inventory of ourselves to see where we really are with respect to one another and our relationships.


One of the most amazing stories in the Zohar is the vision of Rabbi Hiya that was one of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai’s students and closest friends. Since he had a great difficulty accepting the departure of Rabbi Shimon he fasted for 80 days and then he was allowed to enter the upper worlds and to meet Rabbi Shimon. However, when all the Tsadikim saw him they were all alarmed, since they knew he was mortal, and then they told him that in the upper worlds there is room only for those who managed to turn darkness into light and turn what is bitter (Mar) to be sweet. That is actually the essence of life = tipping the scales toward the positive.   On Heshvan we run into all the tendencies and problems that we have not yet fixed.   However, every time we deal with it, this is another gate we can pass through and toward victory and completeness. That is why during Heshvan we can achieve and accomplish much more than in any other time of the year.






The Dalet is Venus and the Empress in the Thoth Tarot.




Venus in Taurus, standing for fertility and growth, the earth rules the Taurus
Planet: Venus
Tree of life: The axis between Chokmah and Binah
Element: Earth
Number: 3 as the combination of the contrasts to a unity (synthesis, harmony)

The Empress is the friendlier, more approachable aspect of the female archetype. She stands for maternity, love and mercy; at the same time she’s a symbol for sexuality and emotion. She is pure feeling, absolutely unintellectual, but basically life. The Empress is the Great Mother, representing the beginning of all life. She is the power of nature, causing change, renewal, major plans.

The Empress also stands for passion, a phase in which we cope life on an emotional and joyful basis, rather than on the thoughtful. This could mean great satisfaction, but in a improper context, when actually more analysis is needed. The Empress can also stand for a reflective, emotional attitude, refusing to accept reality. It also could stand for a person who is greedy for joy and abundance when actually just more self-control is needed.

Tree of life Path Chokmah and Binah


in the top of the tree – Wisdom to understanding – because they’re not the same things

Path 14. The Illuminating Intelligence, so called because it is the scintillating flame which is the founder of the concealed and fundamental ideas of holiness and of their stages of preparation.  Fed by the light of Kether, Chokmah is wisdom equilibrated in its unchangeable order by the initiative of intelligence and Binah is active intelligence equilibrated by Wisdom…they are the upper triad of the tree our higher connection to our divinity.


Representative of the Sphere of Binah in our circle are the 4 threes and tonight we are visited by the four queens… a first in our rituals because the sphere of Binah is likened to God the mother…for we were each birthed in one of the elements, and as many can attest, mother is not always the positive personality archetype that is the fuzzy loving nurturing type of parent…sometimes she’s harsh and bitter, forcing you to either stand on your own in strength or fall- just as the month of Cheshvan is called bitter, sometimes, the more negative parental influence brings about it’s opposite nature in the offspring…which Queen best represents your true inner spirit.

— Sphere of Binah —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Binah, “The Lord God” or “God the Mother.”
The Hebrew divine name is Jehovah Elohim.
The corresponding planet is Saturn.
The element is earth.
The mineral is lead.
Gems are onyx, sapphire and pearl.
The colors are indigo and black.
Plants are ash, cypress and the opium poppy.
The perfumes are musk, allum and civit.
The Tarot correspondences are the four threes and the four Queens.
The magical image is a mature woman or matron.
The symbols are the brooding dove and the Holy Spirit.
The “weapon” is the cup, symbol of the intuition.
The Archangel is Tzaphqiel, the beholder of God.
The angelic order is the Aralim, meaning the Strong, Mighty Ones, the Supporters or Upholders, or Thrones.
The Gods which correspond are the Roman Saturn, the Greek Cronos, God of Time, Maya, Greek God of the Power of Illusion, Kwan Yin, Goddess from Chinese Buddism, Yin, from the Taoist tradition, the Hindu Kali and the Egyptian Isis.
The musical note is “B.”

— Sphere of Chokmah —

Our Sphere of destination is Chokmah, The Supernal Father, called the “Great Stimulator.”
Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah, meaning the unpronounceable name of God.
The corresponding planetary influence is the Zodiac, acting through Uranus and Neptune.
The Archangel is Ratziel, the Herald of God.
The Order of Angels are the Auphanim, or Wheels.
The symbol is man.
The colors are violet and grey.
Stones are aquamarine, lapis and star ruby.
The metal is lead.
Plants are fennel, buttercup and absynthe.
The perfume is musk.
The magical image is a bearded male figure.
The “weapon” is the wand.
Gods are Matt, the Egyptian God of Truth, Thor, the Norse God of Learning and Writing, Palace, the Greek God of Wisdom and Zeus.
The corresponding Tarot cards are the four twos and the four Kings.
The musical note is “C.”


The 14th path is The Illuminating Intelligence, so called because it is the scintillating flame which is the founder of the concealed and fundamental ideas of holiness and of their stages of preparation.
The Hebrew Name is Daleth, the door, or “Gate of Heaven.”
The Esoteric Title is The Daughter of the Mighty Ones.
The Tarot Major Arcanum which corresponds is the Empress.
The planet is Venus.
The color is emerald green.
The musical note is “F#.”
Animals are the sparrow, the dove and the swan.
Plants are myrtle, clover and rose.
Stones are emerald and turquoise.
Scents are sandalwood and myrtle.
The “weapon” or “tool” is the girdle.
Goddesses who correspond are Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Freya, the Norse Goddess of Love.


f is FA = 639

– reconnecting and balancing – encouraging the cells to communicate with its environment…enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love.



Areas the 14th Path will help you:

  • Increasing energy and the healing warmth you emit
  • Increased energy especially flowing through the hands, aiding “laying on of hands” types of healing work
  • Increasing sensory perception and sensation, and your ability to interpret what you receive
  • Ability to diagnose illness psychically
  • Meditation
  • Cleansing and clearing blockages in yourself and others
  • Increasing your future directedness and sense of anticipation
  • Union of the male and female within you
  • Feeling the parts of yourself as fragmented sections of a whole that you are learning to bring together
  • Ability to experience total freedom with self-responsibility
  • Ability to grow beyond your self-imposed limitations; recognizing that the limitations you have set define you, and that you can redefine yourself by changing those limitations
  • Being able to take a chance, to go beyond what you think your limitations are, and grow
  • Enhancement of creativity and wisdom
  • Pregnancy – the ability to create life, or give life to your dreams
  • Acceptance of responsibility, especially for the power of your own mind and will
  • Becoming a clear channel for your higher self; gaining insight into what wholeness is, and opening your higher perceptions
  • Receiving clear messages concerning what you are to do and become; gaining a sense of rightness, purpose, and clarity regarding your own path in life
  • The ability to see and feel the “white light” and other things beyond the visible spectrum
  • Opening of all of the psychic energy centers, especially the Third Eye and the Crown Centers
  • Cosmic orgasm
  • Sensing yourself as an energy being
  • Ability to re-center and establish your own rules and boundaries, thereby creating balance within yourself
  • Being able to control your own energy, and keep it smooth, balanced, and fully integrated
  • Gaining the ability to understand others who don’t speak your language, by paying more attention to feeling than to words
  • Understanding the principle of polarity
  • Becoming secure in what you know
  • Learning to relax and “go with the flow;” accepting the lack of permanence in all things
  • Increased sex drive and sensuality
  • The ability to return to the “space” you experienced in Binah at will
  • Rebirth – the Third initiation on the Tree of Life




I found on Mysticmamma this week, this article on Self Mastery – Finding the balance in all aspects of your life.


“It used to be that it took many lifetimes to master the lessons one chooses to experience while being in a human body and yet in this quickening energy of the now some of you are taking on two or three all at once and in higher levels than ever before. Phew, this is not easy and yet you are truly doing so well from the perspective of Spirit.

“These are times of momentous change on so many levels and some of you are feeling your power and ready to fly and for others it seems like a big black cloud has found you and you can’t seem to shake it..

“This is the time to then shed the ego but not rid yourself of it, for it is still a part of you and so perhaps the better word is to find balance in that energy. Find the balance in all the aspects of your life, the physical is the vehicle by which you experience and the ego give you enough courage to stand up and do the things you do each day and heart, it gives you love, and if mixed with the others it gives you healing in so many ways.


Note: After the meditation on the Empress card, I’m reminded in various ways, how the Universe manages to give us balance…remembering the Dalet being the door, if we step out in faith and move forward in letting go of those things that no longer serve our higher good, effectively closing one door, another door will be opened filling that space with the more positive energy that is Suppposed to be in it’s place.  Blessed Be!


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