New Moon in Scorpio

Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio which occurred at 7:51 Am EST this morning.  Of the several software programs I typically use, there was a slight discrepancy as to whether the moon sat in the 12th house or had moved into the first and logically speaking I’m assuming that was because of the change in daylight’s savings time, but I’m gonna take that a different way …and I  interpret that to mean that some are working on their outer image while some others are working on what it is about themselves that is working against them…their undoing, because in all actuality…it’s all related.



We have just begun the days when it is said that the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.  Looking at the science of where we are today, we see that the rise and setting of both the sun and the moon are within minutes of each other…sunrise at 7:09am with moon rise at 7:12am…sunset at 5:23 and moon set at 5:36pm.   In our physical world, how we see objects that vibrate at a low frequency to such that  to our naked eye, they have solid physical form depends on how the light is reflected on them when we see…when you are standing in daylight, the light reflects all things around you in your environment, however, when you are in total darkness and there is no light reflecting anything, your vision becomes obscured and you are left with only your senses…in the months ahead, this will play an important role in how we step back into the light when the dark days are over.

One of our darker signs, Scorpio, is feminine fixed water, the sign of extremes, the all or nothing of the zodiac, but she also represents a form of stability, if you stand on her good side, If she’s dominant, you can count on her always being that way, so at least you know how she will react in situations. Ruled by Pluto, the ancient god of the netherworld and of the dead, ruler of regenerative forces, this is no coincidence that we are facing this new moon at this time of year, the beginning of darker days when the veil between the land of the living and the Sumerlands, where not only our loved ones that have passed away commune, but other earlier versions of ourselves.   What the months ahead mean to you is dependent upon where you are in your path and what is required at this stage in your life…whatever it is you are dealing with in the course of this month through these energies, you can expect Scorpio to nag at you until you accomplish what Scorpio is here to help you deal with.

Water signs are pure emotion…you may not know how you know you need to do something but you’re convinced that you do…you may not be able to explain to anyone else why, but keep in mind, during these days, the inspiration you receive is generally not for anyone else but you…defragging your hard drive placing those bits and bytes in their correct place where your system works best and you can effectively navigate the days ahead moving forward.

The aspects to this powerful moon are of course the conjunction with the sun, conjunction with Mercury, and saturn, sextile with Mars and pluto, the ruler of Scorpio.

The conjunction is Unity and oneness so we have the Sun,(our basic character) Mercury (representing our intellect and mental activity) and Saturn (our limitations, tests and structures) all supporting this moon’s energies.  What Watch also shows the north node at 7 deg Scorpio indicating this is a particularly special new moon for focusing on our inner journey.

Today in the Hebrew calendar is

Sun, 3 November 2013 = 30th of Cheshvan, 5774 – so we’re still in the month of Chesvan, but now that the moon is in Scorpio, we get the more pure aspects of the month…The letter nun…which allegedly represents the downfall and destruction that typically occurred during this month…however..we know that in order for us to be allowed access to a door or a gate that we need to go through to continue our process, one other door has to be closed…the 12th house and the planet Pluto focusing on those things that are our undoing IF we allow them to continue to fester…those chemical reactions that are so used to our how our body processes those emotions that exist on the dark side of Scorpio…that maybe even we keep hidden from ourselves…sitting along that isle of denial.  I’m gonna throw myself on the altar for a moment and give you an example…I have had this LONG standing habit when I’m getting ready to go someplace, my mind will take me along a path of remembering things that my ego apparently things I should be upset about and I’ll have this discussion with myself where, if I’m not paying attention, my ego will go over all the things that bother me about the situation and why…I have to make a conscious decision to stop it – I catch myself and ask…what am I doing.  

So we’ve moved on beyond the door or gate of the dalet and we find ourselves at the nun. In Aramaic, nun means “fish.” The mem, the waters of the sea, is the natural medium of the nun, fish. The nun “swims” in the mem, covered by the waters of the “hidden world.” Creatures of the “hidden world” lack self-consciousness. Unlike fish, land animals, revealed on the face of the earth, possess self-consciousness.  In the Sefir Yetzirah, the NUN represents the Messiah… The souls of Israel divide into two general categories, symbolized by fish and land animals. The two prototypes of these categories are the leviathan and the behemot. In the present, these two categories of souls correspond to the two innate tendencies and attractions of the soul, to either the concealed and secret or revealed and legal dimensions of Torah, in other words, either those the light reflects or those that remain in darkness. In the future, the two prototypes, leviathan (which represents Malkuth)  and behemot, will unite in battle, each “killing” the “ego” of the other, thereafter to blend together in true union… taming the ego is freeing the divine…Scorpio and Pluto say, it will be your undoing IF you don’t get yourself under control.


as a side note….  Now, as the story goes, the so called fallen ones were the sons of god that from the heavens came, the extra terrestrial beings that have been hidden within the mystical stories all throughout the centuries.  The scriptures speak of God’s return or return of the gods and many await the coming or return of the messiah. 


Mashiach is also referred to as “the miscarriage,” or, literally, the “fallen one.”


I think when things come down to it, many will be surprised at the truth of what they’ve been waiting for.  In the series, Decoding the Past, featured on the history channel, the rabbis speak of the prayers of the righteous  for the coming of the messiah,  work to effect God’s healing upon the earth.  

Perhaps the 24th path, the path of Nun can lend you some assistance with getting yourself under control…or at least restoring your hard drive so you’re back on-line… the 24th path is called Dissolution of the Will in Victory/Death in transcendence connecting Tipareth (beauty) with Netzach)  Now we know the death card doesn’t signify actual physical death, but more of a transference of energies from one form to another, even something as simple or maybe as difficult as changing your vibration to a higher frequency so that you’re receiving more of the light from higher energies shining through your crown chakra, positively reflecting upon your lower spheres in your body which represent your personal tree.  Life is permanently changing…showing that something has ended while something more begins.   The negative aspects of the card represent what we wish to keep that we truly need to give up…that change is not welcome.    The card for the day is the 6 of cups, the card of Pleasure, balance returns to the suit and finds a most delightful home in tipareth, the sphere of the sun.


I remember the days of working when management came along and took our typewriters away and told us we were all getting computers and had to learn how to use them in a matter of days…many people bawked at that change, holding onto their way of doing things and as we have evidenced today…technology has taken over so much of our world…those who weren’t on board, got run over.

The Sphere of tipareth is beauty…her associated divine name is Yehovah Aloah va Da-ath.  Now, I have to keep in mind that sometimes there just isn’t a good English way to express the meaning of the Hebrew, but some have stated that Aloah va daath means God Manifesting in the Higher Mind…remembering that Daath means knowledge va daath would mean “in knowledge” which could translate to higher mind.  Tipareth is the sphere which meters the energy to the other spheres and speaks for the first life in the world arising from the sea…solar cycles representing light to darkness and return of light.  Beauty teaches that God’s presence is felt most profoundly when you balance giving with receiving, masculine with feminine, judgment with forgiveness.

The sphere of Netzach or victory is the sphere of Venus, the seat of passion of both love and of war embodying mating and hunting rituals.  . This sphere oversees peace, diplomacy, negotiation, and relationships, as well as personal talents and money.  The divine name is Yehovah Tzaboath.. meaning hosts…God of armies…in some areas of kabbalah/mysticism/ magick, enochian magick, there is a system

of spirit beings a magi can call forth to do his or her bidding…each of whom have a number of beings working under them, called legions or hosts…but it’s warned that the person that calls or invokes such a spirit must be grounded in his position, must be assured of your authority and have the necessary items with you for your protection because these spirits have been around for hundreds of thousands of years and know well how to manipulate a person that doesn’t know what they’re doing…so when one dabbles in things that they are unprepared for…they run the risk of losing control…then when you consider that these beings truly exist in the mind of the magi…it’s easy to understand how someone could be literally driven mad, alluding to how people often try to take shortcuts to success in many areas of life…like placing makeup on a wound to hide it instead of taking steps toward healing the wound.

Totem animals include the Turtle, lobster, crayfish, her color is greenish blue blended from the emerald green of the prior path.  mystical correspondences are Mara, goddess of the mystic sea, Hecate, goddess of the overworld and underworld and Athena, greek goddess of war and home.

Areas the 24th path can help you:

  • Feeling that you are a part of everything, and that everything is a part of you.
  • Universality.
  • Increased interest and awareness of plants, nature, gardening, and nurturing the environment.
  • Increasing the sensitivity of all of your physical senses.
  • Increasing sensitivity of the psychic senses that correspond to the physical five senses. – remembering those other senses get stronger when you stand in darkness
  • Recognition that momentary desires are only diversions.
  • “Surrendering” to a “calling.”
  • Facing and passing through your own death wish.
  • Letting go of the mind. or ego
  • Resurrection. (Insight into the interplay of life and death.)
  • Knowledge of the power within you, and that it is appropriate for whatever you have to do.
  • Intensification of your energy and creativity.
  • Intensification of receptivity.
  • Learning to yield to the cycles of life and death, and utilizing this understanding to determine your direction.
  • Accepting your feminine side.
  • In letting go you get a surge of energy. (Spiritual Orgasm).
  • Understanding that love is a need to give of your Self.
  • Understanding that the “urge to merge” or find a “soul mate” and be absorbed into that mate is an urge to return to the soul.
  • Letting go of physicality.
  • Astral travel.
  • Overcoming your fear of death.
  • Confronting your fears and conquering them.
  • Assimilating grief.
  • Insight into solving your own inner conflict.
  • Understanding and insight into other’s inner conflicts.
  • The arousal of kundalini energy through sex.
  • Being able to deal with whatever comes out of your unconscious mind.

Scorpio is a good time to focus on negative patterns, the ill feelings we harbor, and the grudges that we may bear. remember for regeneration to occur, the old dead tissue must be removed…there’s a species of Fish that eat away at dead tissue…some places have taken to using some of these fish in spa treatments… so we challenge ourselves to dip yourself into the cleansing mikvah of the Scorpio waters, be ye regenerated whole, new moving forward a lighter being of light…so find where this Scorpio moon falls in your chart and be led as to what purpose she sets for your life…blessed be.


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