New Moon in Sagitarius – The Art Card

Welcome to the New Moon in Sagitarius which waned new at 7:23 PM EST this evening at 11 degrees Sagitarius, in the 6th house.  Sagitarius is contagiously enthusiastic, exuberant…desires to see the more positive aspects of life…and how does our emotional moon fit there… beautifully since enthusiasm is an positive emotion…although you need to help them keep their momentum while they are that enthusiastic about a particular project because they’re not famous for finishing them.  But the new moon, the time for new beginnings, is in a perfect place in Sagitarius.  The 6th house is the house for adapting to others, a prerequisite for relationships…health and sickness are found in the 6h house…any issues of being able to express one’s innermost feelings all 6th house issues.

The aspects to this lively New Moon are of course the conjunction to the Sun which gives our true abilities and our inner energies a push to liven things up, particularly in the area where this moon hits your chart.   Uranus, our sense of independence, where we dance to the beat of our own drummer, if you dare, in strong determined Aries placing in the 10th house could be life changing, if you use the energies to your benefit.

Today in the Hebrew calendar is the 30th of Kislev…and why do we use the Hebrew calendar? Well, primarily because according to many areas of mysticism, including Kabbalah, Gematria, the vibration of the hebrew letters plays a particularly important role in many areas of life…in 3 letter combinations, it is believed that the secrets of creation are held.

Everything is foreseen,

Yet, freedom of choice is granted;

The world is judged with goodness,

And everything is according to the preponderance of action.

Kabbalah seek to reveal our deepest essence, unite it with the Divine, and thus unlock our deepest potential as human beings. …but quick…if you’re gonna make a move in it while the going is good and don’t lose your momentum!

The above statement rests on the question of whether or not we have free will…and many have debated this issue for centuries.  When contemplating your individual potential in this existence…what you can accomplish weighed against what you PLANNED to accomplish… are they one in the same?              We, somewhere deep inside ourselves is the knowledge of our future, because we planned out life out before we got here…we designed our chart, so to say that we are predestined to a point  alludes to the idea that we came here with a plan and with karmic strings ..did we sacrifice our state of bliss to return to this earth to work out the things that we got wrong the last time we were here? 

Science has decided that because of a number of factors in our life, our opinions and feelings, environment, attitude, etc., play a part in how we make choices in life…that we are about 70% predictable,

quoting by the time we’re conscious of having made a “choice”, that choice has already been made for us—by our genes and our environments—         ”

…thus supporting a hypothesis that free will is an illusion…do we dare go against our own grain and what is that grain to begin with…how were we thus molded…were you naturally born with the same habits or did you learn them, and if you learned them, are they really a part of your original plan?

Kislev in Hebrew comes from a root word meaning security or trust, one active and one passive… which gives us a clue into our abilities during the energies of this new moon to either remain passively dormant or get actively busy working on those areas in our life that the Moon says is time for you to show some initiative.

The Hebrew letter associated with Sagitarius is the letter Samech..looks like an O, the never ending circle..divine providence…history repeating itself as we step into each existence to work out our soul’s karma.    their end is enwedged in their beginning and their beginning in their end.” This realization and awareness of inherent unity between beginning and end, which, when comprehended in depth, implies equanimity at all stages of “the endless cycle,” is in fact the manifestation of God’s Transcendent Light (sovev kol almin), which encompasses equally every point of reality.

Entering the month of Kislev we all become Sagittarians and everything seems great. However, we must be cautious and pay attention not to be drawn into this sensation which can put us to sleep (since only when things DO NOT go well do we try to work on changing). which is precisely the issue with sagitarius’ losing momentum on that enthusiasm it had when it got started

The gemstone of Kislev, the ninth month (which corresponds with the nine dreams as mentioned earlier), is the ninth stone of the breastplate?the amethyst (achlama in Hebrew). In his Book of Hebrew Roots, the Radak explains that the root of Achlama is chalam (“dream”), and “whomever wears one (an amethyst) on one’s finger will very likely see dreams.

The letter Samech is the Art card in the  Thoth Tarot, the Daughters of the Reconcilers and the Bringer Forth of Life.


“Pour thine all freely from the Vase in thy right hand, and lose no drop!

Hath not thy left hand a vase?”  “

Transmute all wholly into the Image of thy Will, bringing each to its token of Perfection!

Dissolve the Pearl in the Wine-cup: drink, and make manifest the Virtue of that Pearl.”

The “Hymn of the Pearl” is our story which tells how we left our home on a mission while still a child: “When thou goest down into Egypt and bringest the One Pearl which lies in the middle of the sea which is encircled by the snorting serpent, thou shalt put on again thy robe of glory and thy mantle over it and with thy brother our next in rank be heir in our kingdom.”  On our journey to retrieve the Pearl, we forget who we are while visiting a foreign land (Egypt):

Egypt as a symbol for the material world is very common in Gnosticism. . . that is, the world of matter, of ignorance, and of perverse religion.2  And what was the parable of being delivered from Egypt…?

At an early stage of development Egypt serves as a nourishing, protective mother. Later she becomes bondage and tyranny from which to escape.3. After journeying “downward,” partaking of the foreign food found there, “I forgot that I was a king’s son and served their king. I forgot the Pearl for which my parents had sent me. Through the heaviness of their nourishment I sank into deep slumber.” Through the partaking of the purely materialistic and literal view of the world, that of Egypt, we have forgotten our royal heritage and mission. We have forgotten the Pearl.

…         so we left on our journey enthusiastic over all the things we would accomplish, and as the story goes, we were seduced by what we found here and kinda fell asleep on the job. 

” In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the soul of the dead is brought before the goddess of Justice and Truth, Maat, who wears a feather on her head. Beside her is Ammut, Devourer of the Dead, a beast part crocodile, part lion, and part hippopotamus, ready to destroy the deceased if his heart should be full of sin (“sin” means “missing the mark”). The heart of the deceased is placed on one side of the scales, and the feather of Maat on the other. The truth in the heart, the living of one’s truth, is the crucial factor that determines the destiny of the deceased after life.”

Click to access PearlCh9.pdf


Make one little comment about the writing there…their definition of sin “missing the mark”  is really separation from God which is essentially the separation of your spirit and soul.

How heavy is your heart one would ask?  not weighed down with what religion would want to tell you sin is for that is simply the system of oppression that comes from the symbolic Egypt.

The Art card represents the Consummation of the Royal Marriage…man returning to god or essentially, you returning to your natural born state with all of your spiritual faculties in tact, toned, regenerated, and in proper working order so you can finish this run the way you intended when you wrote it.

In alchemy it represents the creation of vitriol, to dissolve the old life and to create the new.  The card for the day is the 8 of Wands the card of swiftness …


the card of the sphere of Yesod representing the 9 pointed star… with 3 interlocking triangles each representing one phase of the moon…right waxing left waning and upright is full…the sphere of the 2nd chakra linked to our sex drive……how can this help you escape the chains that bind you…ask any tantric practitioner… and contrary to popular belief you do NOT need a partner to do that!  The great Cleopatra had a notorious reputation for using sex to get what she wanted out of a male dominated society…and I’ve often asked myself why it was so important for the government to shun the so called “free  love” movement…what is it about sexual liberation that scares the masters of oppression?

It is the 25th path of the tree of life tipareth which is Beauty to Yesod which is Foundation.

Tipareth, sphere of the sun meters the energy to the other spheres on the tree,balances constriction and expansion, the feminine and masaculine, the above and below…where the sun strikes your chart shows where you can express your highest good, divine name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.  Yesod the sphere of the moon, the sphere of our sex drive, holding the secrets and subconscioius powers of the universe.  it is the law of attraction..exposes your inner reflexes, your instincts, hidden memories of childhood. Divine Name – Shaddai el Chai, the Almighty Living God.

Areas the 25th Path will help you:


Balancing your emotions and centering yourself.

Energizing your self.

Maintaining a positive attitude.


Developing inner faith.

Trusting your inner guidance.

Belief in yourself.

Recognizing and overcoming temptation.

Overcoming spiritual egotism.

Coming “home” to your “Self”.

Learning to carry your “home” within yourself.

Detachment and objectivity.

Being able to give unconditionally.

Developing your teaching ability.

Alchemical transformation. Channeling higher levels of energy.

Realizing and releasing the innocence of your inner child-self.

Understanding the statement that “I become the way, and light the way.”

Developing the “strength” of gentleness.

Transmuting your own sexual force to achieve higher consciousness.

Developing self-responsibility. “You are on your own, and must make your own choices.”

Letting go of your resistance to higher forces.

Reclaiming your Self.

Healing yourself and others.

Dream interpretation.

Assumption of “God” forms – i.e. letting a higher force focus through you.

Astral projection.

Attracting higher “protection” while traveling. (Traveling physically or on the astral, or even journeying toward a goal intellectually or spiritually.)

Learning to “invoke” your Guardian Angel.

Beginning to develop the higher forms of psychism.


Musical note is G which is SOL which is 741 HZ on the solfeggio frequency and the Color blue.

So find where the Moon hits your chart and decipher for yourself what your spiritual Egypt is and make your Exodus!  Blessed Be.



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