Full Moon in Scorpio


Welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio which waxed full at 3:16 pm EST.    The Moon, our emotional selves, that which we need for our emotional security.  The moon is the rhythm of our daily lives whether or not we take notice of her energies from moment to moment. The Moon provides information about the kind of environment we create around ourselves… The moon is called our cosmic mother.  She sits in fixed water Scorpio.  Scorpio is passion, perception, possessive, psychological, determined and focused.  Fixed signs consolidate and preserve change and water signs strengthen the emotions and intuition.   Scorpio is intense and whatever emotions you are feeling today, they are likely magnified by this moon’s energies, and as taxing as those intense emotions can be, it can be liberating to focus on what they are and what their underlying cause is, figure out how you are wired, where your circuits are shorting out or overloading and then do something to rework the system, like a defragg with bits and bytes that get cut into pieces get re-organized on your hard drive so it runs smoother. Scorpio sees sexuality as a means of achieving a mystical union.  The 3rd house moon deals with how we enter into contact with other people, all forms of communication, verbal, body language, energies.  The Moon acts as the receptor of the Sun’s energies, so the Moon acts as the feminine side of our psyche, where our outer personalities are birthed. 

            At the Full Moon, the sun and the moon are always opposite.  The opposition is one of duality – polarity tension.  They are in contradiction with each other – each trying to get the upper hand which could sometimes lead to the feeling of being pulled in two different directions, but as we grow, we can learn to take advantage of the contrasts, turning the tension into strength by blending the characteristics.  

            The Sun, our sense of self, separate and apart from our emotions,  is our logical calmer side, our sense of reason, if you will, how other people see you, and what we eventually become after all of life’s changes… the sun influencing our spiritual self, our higher qualities, remains in the sign of Taurus, fixed earth, practical and patient at odds with the stubborn intense Moon.  Taurus is equally determined but more on the stable side over Scorpio.  In the 9th house, the sun is turning it’s focus on the meaning of life itself, what is it’s philosophy, your belief systems.  But as we look to gain from the polarity between the Sun and the Moon, we look back to Scorpio’s intensity. Here we have patience, able to respond to the world and to build upon what is already there and happening. 

            Jupiter, the planet of expansion and all forms of growth, the way we have to solve the problems that confront us is trine with the Moon in moody emotional Cancer in the house of relationships   telling us he is supportive of the Scorpio Moon, so this could likely be an intense time hopefully those emotions didn’t get the better of us,  Jupiter in Cancer uses it’s gut instinct and intuition over thought and deliberation, but in intense emotional Scorpio, it may take a little bit of work to pull back on those reigns once you’ve gone beyond the point of rational thinking, so tread carefully. 

            And finally, we have the conjunction or sense of unity with Saturn, the planet of contraction, which is opposite that of Jupiter, where we have the greatest capacity to learn… but she sits with the moon lending her energies of concentration and discipline so she sort of supports the sun’s sense of logic, but seems more set on accepting the time of emotional upheaval that the moon has brought, as maybe it’s necessary to our growth.  All of the aspects point to our style of communication so we need to be mindful of the powers of thoughts and words being the creative.   force that they are.  Saturn in Scorpio says allow your desires to function unhindered; take off the straight jacket and feel it. 

Today in the Hebrew Calendar, making note of the extra day added a few months ago… is the 15th of Iyar… Iyar is about thought, understanding and joy.  It is relayed in the prophet books that King Solomon began to build the temple in the month of Iyar, and whether you take that literally or figuratively, you can use it as metaphorically for beginning anew – building your temple, which naturally follows the cleansing we’ve done, and realigning ourselves with our divinity over the past four moon festivals… being in touch with your true selves, we should now know or be in a position to imagine  what is needed for the house to be strong.

The month of Iyar is ruled by the planet Venus and the astrological sign of Taurus, where our Sun remains is an Ox.  The left column energy, the desire to receive is symbolized by the Ox. The month of Iyar is also the month of the spring where we receive the greatest strength of light which allowed for the healing and purification of the spirit before we prepare to build the house.. the house must have light for you to see in the darkness.


The Planet Venus, Noga in Hebrew was created by the letter Pei and so we don’t use duplicate letters several times in one month, today the pei will be our focal letter and the key to unlocking the path for our meditation.


The letter Pei is the Tower in the thoth Tarot, a fitting  card for the sense of tearing down in order to rebuild anew, and is connected to the 27th Path, from Hod to Netzhach.

The letter Pei is in essence the oral torah.. it is communication… the mouth which follows the Eye… the letter ayin.  The five kindnesses and five mights of the right and left eyes attributed to the letter ayin, are dual manifestations of the sefirah of Da’aat, which is  knowledge as taught in kabbalah.  Da’at is the power of union and communication, the power of knowledge as revealed by communication…and it’s interesting that the reference for the sphere of Da’ath is the  verse and and Adam knew his wife… the word knew in the power of da’at referring to the physical union, and according to the sages, that is speech.  we all hear sometime it’s not in what you say, but in how you say it.. which includes everything from your tone to your facial expression and body language. the letter Pei which follows the letter ayin is the mouth… so the sages follow that the power of da’ath is concealed in the mouth.

The mouth  is one of the most sensual parts of the body separate and apart from  the genitalia… how often are men enthralled with the shape or full ness of a woman’s lips… the tongue, we are taught has the power over life and death because out of the heart, the mouth speaks.. and the words that proceed forth are either of light, dark, or idleness and idleness is considered frivolity and a waste of spirit.

So, we’ve dove into finding our divinity and here we sit contemplating what we need to go forward in building our temple… our connection to the divine remaining at its hightenened best is of great importance and Scorpio says our sexuality is the most effective means to maintain that connection … the chakra center in the sacral region is where your kundalini energy has it’s core… it is the sphere of Da’at, the hidden sphere on the tree, …now this knowledge is considered hidden why?  Because the subject has been considered taboo … not up for discussion and sexuality, more than any other subject scares the hell out of way too many people.  My daughter and I just today were talking about how the free love movement was mysteriously quashed in the 70s… and why are governments so against it?  What is it about sex that causes such fear and what is it about your sexuality that  people that seek to maintain control over you, not want you to  know about it?

            When do you receive your greatest inspiration?  When you’re busy around the house thinking about all the things you have to do that particular day, or when you’re lying in that between state of awake/asleep when your body and your mind are completely relaxed and you’re fully in tune with your complete self.. now imagine how much more fully in tune with that complete self you are, when every cell in your body is awake, alive, and totally connected to this one moment in ecstasy.  To know another person is to know yourself, now your mind may be thinking of the other person, but your body isn’t …your body is in tune with it’s own state… and with the energy raised at that moment, coupled with your will, possibilities are endless.    

The Tower is a symbol of endurance and its destruction, an allusion to sudden, maybe shocking realizations that crushes old views and persuasions, maybe the view of the whole world. The area of relative security starts wavering, our tower then falls and with it the walls around us that have become too narrow. It is rarely the evil, but rather the necessary development we meet when there is a change in the armor of destruction.

So in the positive aspect, this most violent trump will mean that we proceed to learn that losing the old secure fortress  and hand me down notions will reward us with a major step forward.

So when we take inventory of what is needed for rebuilding our temple… rebuilding our spirit without the things that no longer serve us well, in favor of those things that do, can we consider carefully those moments when we receive the greatest inspiration and build upon those moments, take a little more time to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak.



Today is under the watchful eye of the Knight of Swords and the 7 of disks.

The Seven of Disks are falling into Netzach, the fields of anarchy and destiny, and losing the harmonious peace of Tiphareth, this is a radical fall from paradise into the abysses of fate, but fate aligns itself with our chosen purpose that we decided much before we came to this life…so although the 7 of disks looks like such a dark gloomy card, perhaps it  reminds us time for fun and games is done…




The 27th Path


— Sphere of Hod —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Hod, Splendor.

The Hebrew Divine name is Elohim Tzabaoth.

The Archangel is Michael, Prince of Splendour and Wisdom.

The Order of Angels is the Beni Elohim, the “Sons of the Gods.”

The corresponding planet is Mercury.

The number is 8.

The Tarot correspondences are the four eights.

Symbols are language and visual images.

This Sephiroh also corresponds to systems of magic, science, religion and government.

The color is orange.

Symbolic creatures are two snakes intertwined.

The metal is quicksilver.

Stones are opal and agate.

Mythical figures include the Greek God Hermes, the Roman Mercury, the Egyptian Thoth and Chiron, healer, teacher and warrior who was half God and half mortal.

The body correspondences are the loins and the legs.

The chakra is the solar plexus, the gland is the adrenals.

The musical note is “D.”

The magical image is a hermaphrodite.

— Sphere of Netzach —

The Sphere of Destination is Netzach, Victory.

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Tzabaoth.

The Archangel is Haniel, Prince of Love and Harmony.

The Order of Angels is the Elohim, the Gods who are also known as the Order of Principalities.

The corresponding planet is Venus.

The number is 7.

The symbols of Netzach are the girdle, the rose and the lamp.

The stone is emerald or turquoise.

The metal is copper.

The color is green.

The corresponding body parts are the loins, hips and legs.

The corresponding chakra is the Solar Plexus Center and the gland is the adrenals.

Living beings are the dove, the sparrow and the swan.

The symbolic creature is the lynx.

The musical note is an “E.”

The scent is rose.

Herbs are blackberry, cherry, dwarf elder and golden seal.

The magical image is a beautiful, naked woman.

Mythical correspondences are the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the Roman Venus and the Norse Goddess Freya. All are Goddesses of love and nature.

The spiritual experience is a vision of beauty triumphant.


— 27th Path —

The 27th Path is known as the Active or Exciting Intelligence because through it every existent being receives its spirit and motion.

It is called the “House of God” or “Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty” – Elohim Gibor Tzabaoth.

Many know it as the “Path of the Flaming Sword.”

The Hebrew letter is Peh, which means mouth.

This letter is a “double” letter, showing that this is one of the “Gateways of the Soul” with two possible directions we may follow.

It is through this Path that the higher energies are brought in to energize the personality.

It is the first of the three major “initiations” you will experience on your journey “up” the Tree.

The Planetary influence is Mars.

The corresponding Astrological sign is Scorpio.

The Major Arcana Tarot card that corresponds is the Tower.

The magical weapon is the double edged sword.

Symbolic living creatures are the horse, the bear, the wolf, the scorpion and the lobster or crayfish.

Other symbols are the pentagram, the cross and the tower.

The stone is ruby.

The color is scarlet red.

The musical note is “C.”

Scents are benzoin, sulphur and tobacco.

Herbs are cayenne pepper and dragon’s blood.

Plants are poppies, poplars, pansies and yew.

The associated mythological figures are the Roman God Mars, the Greek Athena and the Hindu Kali.

The spiritual experience is one of transformation through crisis and renewal through suffering.

The primary lesson on the Path is that old forms must pass before new ones can exist.


Areas the 27th Path will help you:

Facing your greatest fears.

Letting go of useless patterns and shedding useless values.

The ability to meet out justice and to understand it.

The ability to avert arguments or to achieve skill in debates.

Learning about your powers of endurance.

Understanding that to lose what you have been afraid of losing is to gain your freedom.

Learning that there is nothing to lose.

You are not a victim.

Suffering is useless, unnecessary, and self-imposed.

Frustration and a desire to be done with your own sense of futility.

Love triumphs over obstacles.

Dealing with the unexpected, and an improved ability to handle crisis situations.

Having faith in your self.

Understanding that fighting is always significant of insecurity.

Dissolving greed and me-ism.

Overcoming small-mindedness in yourself and others.

Understanding your need for love, understanding, encouragement, and unconditionalness.

Understanding your right to defend yourself, but also the requirement not to impose yourself on others.

Overcoming inertia.

Understanding the statement, “what goes around, comes around.”

Finding a suitable partner or mate.


The totem animals included the wolf, bear, scorpion and crawfish… of which for this Full moon, I chose the crawfish… because they do not tolerate polluted water!

The mediation for today’s Full Moon will be the 396 Hz on the Solfeggio Scale… Enjoy







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