Full Moon in Pisces



Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces.  The Moon waxes full at 9:38 pm EST so she will be exact during the time of our ritual this evening.  The moon represents our feminine nature, the mother in all of us, our sense of emotional impressions we receive from our environment.  She is our emotional selves. 

The sun is our star, And the moon is technically a satellite not really even a planet yet it has a rhythmic effect on our lives.  One would imagine being only really only a satellite how could It have the effect on this planet that it does especially being light years away. How did it become linked with the concept of time. Archaeological record show that humans  were documenting the lunation cycle as early as the Paleolithic era from about 35,000 B.C.E.  The moon is linked with fertility conception female menstrual cycle tides of the ocean. Planetary aspects to the moon indicate the areas of life where emotional strengths and weaknesses will develop yet it is still considered technically only a satellite gives you some perspective on the concept of energy.

Just as the moon reflects the light from the sun, the moon represents the soul expression through consciousness.  The moon represents our personality, or how we relate to others, and our popularity in general. The moon is considered strongest when waxing toward a full moon

Pisces, the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, is a mutable water sIgn. It is a negative feminine sign, ruled by the planet Neptune, although traditionally it was Jupiter, now keep that in mind for later.

Full Moon in Pisces

In the Sefir Yetzirah 4:14

“He made the letter Tav king over Grace And He bound a crown to it And He combined one with another And with them He formed Jupiter in the Universe The Sabbath in the Year The mouth in the Soul, male and female.”

The fish, the symbol for Pisces,  is purely a marine creature indicating that Pisceans are more at home in the subtle dimension beyond this realm than they are in every day life.  Pisces is sensitive to the needs of others, she is the epitome of compassion, helping without expecting anything in return.  She is intuitive, dreamy, and romantic, but in the negative aspect, she can get stuck in what becomes her insecurities from not dealing with the world as it is.  While Pisces  has an uncanny ability to be able to feel for others, Pisces can also get lost in the suffering of others and in the 12th house, where we deal with our psychological issues, where we meet the results of our outer lives, we need to be able to almost step outside of ourselves and be absolute in the moment questioning each and every emotion, why we are feeling that way, where did that come from, is this what we are feeling ourselves or are we picking up the energies of someone else…have we tapped into someone else’s frequency… because if that is the case, while it’s helpful to stand in someone else’s shoes for a moment to be able to understand them, keep in mind you can’t help anyone, if you are sharing in their misery; so we have to know is what we are feeling us, or are we picking up from someone else.  Since there is a close relationship between psyche and body, Pisces can too often get caught too far down the rabbit hole of someone else’s emotions, which can directly affect the body in a negative way.. you start to feel sluggish and drained, and we have to keep in mind, there are people that do it on purpose because that is how they have become wired, they are only energized themselves if they can pull you into their mess. 

We have several aspects to this Moon affecting the energies; the opposition with the Sun and the moon at 180 degrees apart in complementary signs each trying to outdo the other.  The Sun, our sense of self. The sun is responsible for expressing or suppressing the various functions that the other planets symbolize, thus, it is responsible for reconciling the extreme expressions of the human psyche.. why it is directly related to our true abilities, our vitality and how we are presented to the world.  The Sun remains in the sign of Virgo who is adaptable and analytical, practical and politically correct.  Now the trick here with the sun and the moon trying to outdo each other is to look in your own charts to see where these planets transit your chart to help determine if you have a greater tendency here to get lost in others emotions or you get lost in the details of trying to fix them.  6th house energies here for the Sun gives us a direct connection to how we adapt to others.  We also keep in mind that the Full Moon is where our wishes and intentions set during the New Moon seemingly come together, and the last moon festival we were talking about the Hermit coming out of his shell to have relationship and attempting to fix what may have been broken.  Here we are still talking about how we meet and deal with the people around us, and how not to get caught up in those same old habits that broke that relationship down.. and I’m reminded here how I found myself refusing to go to the family reunion ever again.. how we walked away from family members that didn’t accept who we are.

The trine is formed when two planets are posited in signs belonging to the same element thus they are compatible.  Saturn represents our sense of contraction, limitations and structure; where we accept responsibility.  Negatively, Saturn represents rigid attitudes, imposing stifling limitations as if to say we can only relate if we think and feel exactly the same. Scorpio is profoundly interested in human nature and Saturn’s sense of structure here says, we must see through our differences in order for there to be true peace.  What I think about another person is irrelevant… what is his truth may be completely different from mine and we have to stop attempting to fix someone else to conform to what we think is right and see them as they are and be accepting of that, which is where organized religion suffers it’s greatest tragedy in ineffectiveness.  In the 8th house, the house of our commitment to those we encounter in the 7th house, we get a sense of the goal of forming a greater whole, inclusive of a compilation of ideas that enrich everyone, not just because we learn from each other and no one has all of the answers, but because there can be harmony in opposites, if you dare to have mutual respect. 

The sextile is formed when two planets are 60 degrees apart and is a place of harmony between the two and are considered to communicate well and actively exchange their energies.  Pluto is sextile the Moon in Capricorn in the 10th house.  Pluto is change, transforming, getting rid of that which is no longer helpful for development.  Pluto represents the essential, what we need to reach the next level of our development. In Capricorn, the sign of responsibility and discipline, Pluto challenges us to get real, stop ignoring the obvious; you set an intention when you wrote your chart of what you wanted to experience here in this lifetime, and the people in your universe, in each existence, represent different forms to you.. having free will, you can cut yourself off from them all if you choose to, but ask yourself if that was part of your plan.  Were you to learn how to walk away from the bullshit entirely, or were you to learn how to sit in the midst of it and be okay anyway!  The master would ask, which is the harder path grasshopper and which would teach you the most. 

            And while there is no direct aspect with our Moon to Neptune… I’m adding Neptune’s position, the reason for which will become clearer a little later.

While the sun represents our sense of self and the moon our emotional stability, neptune’s energies in our charts is our creative, imaginative, dreamy self and possibly the most complex part of our personalities.. our faith or lack thereof, whether or not we dream in color, your ability to visualize, basically how you create your existence around you either positive or destructive, as a direct correlation between what and how you think and how that is projected into the world around you.  Here those energies sit in the sign of Pisces, too far away from the Moon to be of any direct assistance, but he’s pulling Venus’ sense of beauty into the mix, so while our Moon is busy dealing with being compassionate and loving without getting lost in other people’s traumas, which by the way is how the cycle of abuse is able to manifest from generation to generation, Neptune is busy assisting you with what you create based on what you take from the Moon, while Venus evaluates if our creation is what is good for us. 

            Today in the Hebrew calendar is the 15th of Elul. 

Kabbalah teaches that the numerical value of Elul (67) is equal to that of “understanding” (בינה). In the Kabbalah and gematria, letters representing the same values help you to determine greater insight into each.   The month of Elul, the final month of the year, brings with it new and deeper understanding with regard to all the events of the passing year-what really happened and why-and of their consequences for the coming year.

At the New Moon festival, we talked about Virgo the virgin and the false witness claiming that his bride was not a virgin.  The parashat for the month of elul being the destruction of the first temple and the feeling that things would never again be the same for the people, after such a traumatic event.  We are more aware now than generations before us, how our actions and words affect others, especially children and while we are talking about people that we are related to, I know some of us have suffered traumatic events at their hands.  The month of Elul is all about how we pick ourselves up after the temple was destroyed, what needs to be done to repair the damage, and how we move forward. 

            Shine on – shine on harvest moon —dah dah dah dah…

            The month of Elul is where we take inventory of the past year and begin preparations for whats to come.  Rosh Hashanah, the hebrew new year falls at the same time as the fall equinox or Mabon.  Mabon traditionally is a time of thanksgiving for the harvest, and a time when we honor the equal balance of light and dark which to me is a time of accepting that same balance within ourselves. Everyone has a story, an exodus of sort, of being freed from something, but being freed doesn’t mean that situation hasn’t carried with you throughout your life; it has helped to shape and mold you, but does that mean that it holds you back?   I wont claim that my childhood was particularly bad or good, but we all suffered from something.  I relate my mother with most of the things I see myself as having overcome and I credit her and those things with being the source of my strength, where I learned faith and the power of belief, where I learned what kind of parent I wanted to be as a result of insisting I would be different.  I don’t claim success, but I do see an  absolute link between what was and what is today, and I can say, the first step in learning from any of it is acceptance and forgiveness.  We talked last Moon festival about how the virgin is always the  virgin because what’s done in the body never really touches the soul… so if you stand rooted and grounded in who you are, your physical body is really your second layer of protection, because your first, is the shield of love you have surrounding you.  So in order to face the new year without baggage from the past, we make peace with what has transpired.

            Now, during the new moon, our focal point is the hebrew letter which created the month and at the new moon, it is the hebrew letter which created the ruling planet. There is no association for the planet Neptune as it was not one of the seven planets in the sefir yetzirah; the ruling planet for Elul was Jupiter, which is the letter Tav. It’s so much fun navigating around all this stuff..



            The tav is the final letter in the aleph bet, which is fitting for Elul being the last month of the hebrew year.  It is called the seal of creation, the final touch in the alef tav or alpha omega, beginning and end… something ends and begins again anew.  In the zohar, God’s seal of creation is truth, emet.. aleph mem tav, (the beginning, middle and final letters) as in the phrase… mah zeh emet… what is truth .. is what happened your truth or is its profound effect upon you.. your truth. does your temple get torn down to reveal your truth? or are you like the virgin of Elul untouched by any of it…true to self.. coincidentally, my real name in hebrew means bitter truth which is kinda funny since in all my years of teaching on any level, I’ve never been a fluffy kind of person, I don’t sugar coat stuff.. it is what it is.  As you take your spiritual inventory of yourself in preparation for the upcoming harvest time, we consider what was our aleph, our beginning, what has transpired in the middle, our mem, and where are we now.. the tav or, the aleph being any given situation, the mem being our reaction to it and the tav being what resulted.




            And as befitting the final letter in the aleph bet and the final month, the tav is represented by the Universe in the Thoth Tarot.  Neptune as the cosmic omniscience (the capacity to know everything there is to know) and Pluto as central power of creation… interesting because Neptune IS our creative power with pluto as the topsy turvy energy of transformation. 

            Raven’s Tarot site says

“Seeing the second decade of the Major Arcana as a way of self-realization, the Universe becomes the crown and the end. The Death was the rebirth, the Art the beginning of the alchemic work, the Devil the overcoming of restrictions, the Tower the breakdown of the jail. We followed the Star, explored the Moon, found the Sun and watched the Phoenix rise from the ashes. Finally, we touched the Universe. “


— Sphere of Malkuth —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Malkuth, the Kingdom.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Adonai Melek.

The Archangel of the Sphere is Sandalphon.

The Choir of Angles are the Ashim or Souls of Fire.

The Planetary correspondence is the Earth, or Saturn.

This sephiroth is symbolized by the gateway, or cavern entrance.

Colors are all shadowed natural hues.

The element is earth.

The stone is onyx or granite.

The number is ten.

The metal is lead.

Plants are the red poppy and thrift.

The musical note is “B”.

The magical image is a young woman, crowned and throned.

The spiritual experience is a vision of the Holy Guardian Angel.



— Sphere of Yesod —

The Sphere of Destination is Yesod, the foundation.

The Hebrew Divine name is Shaddai El Chai.

The Archangel is Gabriel.

The Order of Angels are the Kerubim, the Strong.

The corresponding planet is the Moon.

The number is 9.

This sephiroth is sometimes symbolized by the garden, the sickle or sythe and the moon.

Minerals are crystal and silver.

Colors are violet and white.

The living being is the stag.

Religious and mythical figures include all varients of the Horned God.

The musical note is “C”.

Plants are the mountain ash, iris and water lily.

The magical image is a strong and beautiful naked man.


— 32nd Path —

The 32nd Path is known as the Governing Intelligence, because it governs and co-ordinates the planets of our solar system and the physical plane we live on.

The Hebrew letter for the path is Tau, meaning “sign” or “cross”.

The planetary influence on the path is Saturn.

The corresponding Tarot Major Arcanum card is the World.

The element on the path is earth.

The Symbols are the labyrinth, darkness, the white cypress and the fish-goat (sigil for Saturn).

The stone is onyx.

The scent is sulphur.

The color is indigo.

Living beings are creatures of nightmares, elementals and the guardians of the gates into the lower astral plane.

Mystical experiences include the passing the portals of the lower astral, rebirth and a look into the mirror of your unconscious mind.


Kabbala Path  32

Areas the 32nd Path will help you:

“Lightness” – letting go of material things.

Gaining a proper perspective on the worth of “stuff”.

Seeing your material roadblocks more clearly.

Understanding the limitations you impose upon yourself.

Using assertiveness with balance.

The ability to view past lives, and discern the patterns in them that may affect the present.

The ability to astral travel, and strengthening the astral body.

The ability to visualize things clearly.

Enhancement of dreams.

Opening the door to “oneness”.

Getting through your own resistance.

Overcoming your fear of losing control.


Learning the ability to tune into the elements (psychometry).

Knowing and finding what you really want.

Disorientation leading to detachment.

The ability to deal with things of the physical plane.

Opening the psychic senses to other realities, and developing your intuitions.

Getting in touch with your roots.

Learning to do whatever is required without resistance or emotional upset.

Taking responsibility without grief.

Manifesting your creativity and productivity.

Manifesting work and payment for work.

The ability to be “invisible”.

Overcoming depression.

musical note is A which is LA which is 852 hz on the solfeggio scale.



Knight and 9 of Disks, the card of gain – giving us the ability to step over our misgivings  – we gain the power of the universe. 9-disks










Enjoy a Meditation on the 852 Hz while viewing the “Universe.”



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