New Moon in Libra



            Welcome to the New Moon in Libra.  The Moon, as we know, is directly related to our emotional selves, our sense of perception from our impressions from the environment… how we react to what we perceive to be going on around us… not necessarily what is really going on.. but what we perceive based on our state of being at that particular time. A friend of mine who was a psychologist once told me that most people’s problems are directly related to the bullshit they tell themselves, which includes the chaos they have unconsciously created in their lives.   We all have a tendency to be emotional at certain times or during certain occurrences in our lives, and how emotional we are is directly related to how we perceive the situation at that time.  This is related to how the moon influences us in our charts.  Now we have all witnessed how crazy things can get during the full moon, but you might find it interesting to note that things also get weird around the new moon, as the energies can be just as strong, if not stronger. .  Libra is the sign of intelligence and creativity… libra is social and can mingle and get along with all sorts, the perfect diplomat, the mediator, the comedian and the entertainer for the sake of keeping things light hearted.  Libra can have a tendency to create a false sense of harmony just to avoid conflict, but when the phasad falls apart, dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with bullshit  and then make a clean get away.  The glyph for Libra is the scales and the key words are I Balance.  In Egyptian mythology, at death, the heart is weighed on the scales of Maat against the weight of a feather and the heart that is heavy with guilt is devoured by Amenti, the crocodile faced god… and in other traditions, he is the demon Ammut. max_steel_ammut_render_3q_by_filbarlow-d65cdvw

             In the 4th house, the house of our roots, our mother as the physical receptor of a new soul… our ancestry and early childhood, and Libra and 4th house energies give us the clues as to where this new moon might be affecting our lives…. birth, death, rebirth.

            There is only the one aspect to this New Moon – at the time of the new moon is the conjunction with the Sun – where the two planets sit either at the same degree or very close to each other. It is a place of oneness, it can be positive, negative or neutralized depending on the other aspects involved.   The sun as our sense of identity, in a sign of diplomacy, the sun can become the born entertainer, but like we see in many comediens, that happy surface can too often cover a dark undertone…So Libra can be superficial and never truly see things as they are at their core… not necessarily caring to either. 

            Libra is an air sign representing central column energies, it is the power of balance and thinking, equilibrium. 

Although the Moon has no other aspects, the Sun is sextile with Mars.  Mars represents self projection – our sense of impulse and gives the Sun personal motivation and direction.  In Sagitarius, Mars is optimistic and moves to expand his horizons to move toward a better future and in the 5th house, the house where we express our inner selves, our inner child, Mars can give our Sun and Moon a purpose.  If our emotional self is sunny and optimistic, and our sense of self is sunny and optimistic, then anything Mars encourages us to do can be successful.  One of the exercises in preparing for self initiation is positive breathing… where with each breath you take into yourself something positive and with each exhale, you discard something negative.  Optimism is the foundation of faith in the impossible.  So with 4th and 5th house energies, we’re working on our spiritual inner core if you will. 

            So somehow, the hebrew calendar has caught up with us, and today is the Rosh Chodesh of the month of Tishrei.  Rosh Chodesh is the new Moon, and it is also erev Rosh Hashanah, the new year.  

            The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that our future is determined by the universal truth of cause and effect, meaning a positive act will lead to a positive consequence and visa-versa… hence we and we alone determine the script of our lives.  The Zohar tell us that in the month of tishrei we receive the opportunity to recreate ourselves and to receive the infinite abundance offered to us by the creator.  The month of Tishrei is a gate to a higher dimension to the universal storage of life energy being open to us where we can create and design our lives from the beginning once more.  Now we’ve talked endlessly about our past molding who we are today and mistakes that we have made ultimately turned out for our good, BUT… if today you suffer with any affliction that you can relate to something you yourself did in your past, this is the time, this is the opportunity to make it right.  It is during the days between Rosh Hashanah and yom Kippur, the day of atonement, where the rabbis say if your brother have ought against you, which is different than the past few moon ceremonies where we forgave others who have wronged us, we now ask for forgiveness for those things we have done, not for them but for the weight of your heart that you not carry it.  For each person in our life, there is within US, something that they confront in us that we are forced to deal with…for instance my relationship with my son forces me to look at my own stubbornness – so while your reconciling with any individual may well be actual, it can also be that you yourself learn how best to deal with why they elicit the feelings in you that they do and be able to deal with that!

            The month of Tishrei is controlled by the letter Pei which created the ruling planet, Venus, and the letter Lamed which created the month. 



            The structure of the letter Lamed connects us to the upper spiritual world – it is the only hebrew letter that goes above the line directing us upwards connecting us to the higher world, the source of our existence.  I was reading an article from the Golden Dawn libraries this week on what free will truly is – it is the conscious choice to reconnect with your holy guardian angel and your higher self and your own divinity, or remain.  The study on soul sparks would mean the choice to remain would subject the person to further splits in future existences.  I don’t know if the possibilities in that regard are endless, but I can imagine a great sense of disconnectedness and a feeling of utter loss.  

An indication of the power of balance that lies within the letter Lamed lies in its shape. It has three parts that represent the three forces of the Universe – Left column energy (the desire to receive ), Right column energy (the desire to share), Central column energy (the power of balance, the desire to receive in order to share). Similary, the organ in our body responsible for balance – the ear – also has three arcs, and the same is true of the Shofar blasts on Rosh Hashanah; Tekia (Right column energy), Shevarim, Terua (Left column energy), and the last Tekia blast of each sequence (Central column energy).

            It is said on Rosh Hoshanah we rectify our souls by the hearing of the shofar.  The shofar is a horn typically made from a ram’s horn, hollowed out and smoothed and has a distinct sound.  The first time I heard this rule, I hadn’t got to the point where I understood the connection between sound and the effect on the body..I almost wish I had one to show you, but you can probably google the sound on the internet.  in fact… I found a sample on youtube

The letter Lamed represents the 22nd path on the tree of life connecting Gevurah to Tipareth.  The sphere of Gevurah underscores the area in your life where you possess great courage and tipareth, the sphere of beauty is your highest good.

            The letter Lamed is the card of Adjustment in the Thoth Tarot: The adjustment as a symbol of balance of contrasts,


complementing one another.  She combines the High Priestess and the Magician. Alchemically, the High priestess represents the moon and Silver, the Magician represents Mercury is fluidity and the adjustment card represents Venus and copper.  Standing for uncompromising honesty and objectivity with self – cause you’re not working on anyone but you. 

            In the spirit of adjustment, find one thing you think is wrong in your life and see if you can associate a particular habitual thought process that coincides with it – change the thought and you change the circumstance. 

            Queen and two of swords, the card of Peace. 












      The musical note if F which is FA which is 639 hz on the solfeggio scale, our totem animal, the graceful elephant. 





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