Full Moon in Aries



Breathing in I feel gratitude; Breathing out I give thanks.

Breathing in I feel joyful; Breathing out I celebrate.

Breathing in I know compassion; Breathing I am compassion.

Breathing in I feel loved; Breathing out I offer love.

Breathing in I am still; Breathing out I am at peace.

Full Moon in Aries


Welcome to the Full Moon in Aries which waxed full at 6:51 am EST in the sign of Aries, the Ram.  The Moon, our sense of perception, our emotional selves and how we look at the outer world instinctively, in the sign of spontaneity, leadership, creative, warring, direct, independent and often times aggressive Aries.  Aries is cardinal Fire, ruled by the planet Mars.  Cardinal signs are enterprising and initiate change, they make things happen and fire signs add a sense of vitality and intensity to the Moon’s energies.  Located in the 7th house, the descendant, is the house of the encounter, where one meets others on a one to one basis… the people that we meet that are outer expressions of our subconscious center.  In other words, we meet people that help bring about the reflection of what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. 

            The aspects to this moon are of course the Sun, our sense of self realization, remains in the sign of Libra, intellectually creative and diplomatic Libra in the 8th house,  our committment to those we meet in the 7th house… So  the sun helps us categorize the people that we meet through the 7th house Moon..

Venus, our sense of beauty and organization also remains in the sign of Libra…our sense of decorum in the sign of the great harmonious mediator, the sign that prefers balance and truth over our aggressively emotional moon. 

The trine with Mars lending harmony with the moon.  Mars, our sense of self projection and the ruling planet of the sign of Aries, offering strength and self assuredness, his impulsiveness and single mindedness in Sagitarius, the sign of  optimism,   the archer that expands his horizons beyond what is the cultural or societal norm in the 3rd house,  the house of communications. 

The trine or harmonious position with Jupiter, our sense of expansion and  all forms of growth adding her blessing to the Moon as she sits in strong and empassioned Leo in the 11th house, the house of friends. 

The conjunction or place of unity with Uranus, where we dance to the beat of a different drummer, where we desire to walk away from societal norms in strong vibrant Aries. 

            The square or position of conflict with Pluto, the planet of transformation offering his objections or cautions in strict and conservative Capricorn in the 4th house, the eternal parental expression. 

Today in the Hebrew calendar is the 15th of Tishrei.

Libra has a special sensitivity which gives us an almost supernatural intuition. Combine that with Aries confident sense of self backed with the powerful emotions of our Moon and the ever quirky Uranus, this Full Moon is packed full of energy to support all manner of psychic abilities; walk past a stranger and allow yourself to imagine what their life is like based on the sense you got as they walked by you… trust in that intuition and let it grow.  The kabbalah says the solution is to remember that the secret of success is not always within the logic but in sensation; logic belongs to the lower dimensions but the Libra sun reminds us that connection to the higher worlds is part of our natural abilities.  Any psychic ability that you don’t currently have is because you’ve never used it… any ability can be trained and strengthened in all  of us. 

The Full Moon falls just beyond Yom Kippur, the day of atonement and on erev Sukkot, the days the hebrews were instructed to build their temporary dwellings almost in the middle of the community and to dwell with their neighbors.  Since we’ve gone and mended our relationships with those whom we’ve had ought against, and with those whom have had ought against us, we are now free to openly gather and celebrate community..  and what better way to help a neighbor than to be spiritually or psychically connected to what is truly going on with them so that you can better understand their feelings. 

Tishrei is controlled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and all things beautiful; Venus is nogah in hebrew which means light and equal in numerical value to ear.  Tishrei is the place in which the power of love and balance meet. Libra’s special connection to these forces is what makes us sensitive to our surroundings.  the ability to listen and to identify with thought and emotions. The hebrew letter that created Venus is the letter pe.  On the outside, the letter pey looks like a snake hiding it’s head and poison…the sages say this means we should enjoy the world’s pleasures but learn to overcome the illusion of the limited physical world and connect to the power of the soul. 


            The letter Pe is connected to the Tower card in the Thoth Tarot, repressenting destruction of the old values; a shattering of the matrix system to be able to see through the veil to the world as it really is. 


            You ask yourself why you were born to your particular set of circumstances… how did you come to be living where you grew up, with the parents and family that you had, living in that particular house or apartment dwelling, cabin or what have you… you consider what it is you needed to learn in this existence, in this life… had it been different, you would have been born to whatever set of circumstances were required for that lesson in life – you are and were where you needed to be.

            the letter Pe and the Tower card are connected to the 27th Path on the tree of Life from Hod to Netzhach that cross the tree connecting the left and right pillars.


            The Queen of Swords oversees the decant of the month and the 3 of swords is the card for the day, the card of sorrow, not a dark card or a premonition but a reminder that we all have our cycles and there is always someone around you that is going through something YOU can help them with, even if it is just lending a shoulder or an ear to let them tell you of their sorrow. 











            Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the lunar eclipse this morning that accompanied the Moon in her fullness, the blood moon because the moon dips into the shadow of the earth and takes on a coppery color.  It wasn’t visible from my area but I do have a link where it was captured live.  Metaphyically speaking, I’m not really sure exactly what affect it has upon the energies, although weather speaking, everything seemed magnified and powerful today.  The so-called blood moon was supposed  to be a bad omen, the torah just simply says they are signs for the seasons because our man-made calendar is never really quite accurately able to tell one season from another – today you can feel a definite change. But there are things on the horizon that are seemingly unsettling… on the lighter side, the ozone has healed itself or regenerated itself so the atmosphere, if you will but with a 6.2 earthquake striking mexico, typhoon Phanfone leaving it’s mark on Japan, rivers overflowing in Scotland…but the full moon always brings with her dramatic weather issues because her magnetic pull on the earth is particularly stronger when the moon is full.  I’m not one to get on the bad omen band wagon, if you will, remembering that we are creating our own realities… and a caution, that if you yourself fall into that mindset, careful that you don’t bring any so called bad omens about simply by believing in them. I have a granddaughter that is afraid of storms, and I’ve gotten into the habit of telling her to visualize the house in a large white protective bubble that no harm can get in.  Because children are so very susceptible to suggestion, I prefer to teach them that they DO have the power to calm the storm… setting them on a course of strengthening their will and believing in miracles before the world gets ahold of them. 




Abundant Mother, Moon so bright

Hear my plea upon this night.

Your fertile power lend this spell;

Make it potent, strong and well.

Enjoy a meditation on the 396 hz solfeggio




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