Full Moon in Leo


Welcome to the Full Moon in Leo which waxed at 6:09 PM EST.  The Moon representing our feminine side, the passionate motherly nature in us, our emotions as a product of our identification and the receptor of the sun’s energies in warm strong, uninhibited, Leo, full of vitality and arrogance, a natural born leader in the house where we meet the result of our outer lives… our ultimate karma, for some, our undoing.  Leo needs to get attention, to be the first, the greatest, the most beautiful and wants to dominate and be the center of attention.   The 12th house is where one increases ones intuition.

There are quite a few aspects to this Full Moon, so let’s take our time..first, of course, there’s the opposition with the Sun.  The opposition occurs when two planets are 180 degrees apart but in complimentary signs but they are said to be in opposition/contradiction with each other trying to gain the upper hand.  The Sun, our sense of self, the strong masculine parts of our personality, our physical and spiritual source remains in free spirited and often rebellious Aquarius.  So why would Aquarius and Leo not get along?  Because Aquarius will NOT be dominated and her free spirited nature will always make her the center of attention.  So we may feel sort of torn between two lovers here with the Sun’s energies pointing us toward our more creative expressive natures and the Moon bordering on a bad temper tantrum if some of  our emotions aren’t being acknowledged.

The conjunction occurs when two planets are on the same degree, and can be either a positive or negative influence depending on the other planets involved.  Jupiter represents all forms of growth and she sits with the Leo Moon in the 12th house.  But growth in the 12th house could mean a double dose of bad karma if we’ve been particularly naughty, or, it could be a time to ride the wave of rewards for good deeds, which the Leo Moon would love because he would be the center of attention.

The trine occurs when two planets are posited in signs belonging to the same element and they are compatible.  Uranus is trine with the moon and sits in Aries in the 9th house.   Leo is fixed fire and Aries is cardinal fire.  Fire signs are exciting and intense.  Uranus represents our sense of independence from societal norms and as such could really be said to be more in line with the Aquarius Sun’s energies dancing to the beat of her different drummer and all, but Uranus forces us to let our individuality shine  and shining is definitely a Leo favorite.  Aries is spontaneous and motivated and in the 9th house which focuses on our lives philosophy and our higher minds, Uranus is definitely on board with the Moon leading the way.

Today in the hebrew calendar is the 15th of Sh’vat because the Moon waxed full after sundown.  We talked last moon festival about the month of Sh’vat being a time to receive greater illumination.  According to the Zohar, each month has a permutation of the tetragrammaton.  Sh’vat’s is Hei Yod Vav Hey and is coded in the verse “and if he converts it at all, then both IT and that for which it is converted to shall be holy.”  which the sages say indicated the powers of Sh’vat to make transformations and positive changes in our lives.  For example… if you have right intention, then the intention and what you do with that intention shall both be rewarded, but that works the opposite also…what you do with wrong intention, brings not only reaping for the wrong intention, but that which you did with the wrong intention also, as in the parable of Cain and Abel where Cain brought sacrifices to God but he was only going through the motions, and wasn’t doing it with the right reasons.

It is interesting to me here that the winter, when we are in the so called dark days, is when the sages say, we accumulate the most spiritual abundance from the upper worlds… some of the reasons for this could include, the winter is typically when we are least active, and have more time to work on our inner selves… the light could be purposely stronger to lend greater illumination in the darker days… or possibly the alignment of planets allows for a greater collection of such illuminating energies.  I do notice that it is during the winter months that we are typically more involved with the higher spheres on the tree. 

“On each season the three astrological signs create an alignment of three energetic forces – called in Kabbalah right, left and central columns (plus, minus and a neutral, respectively). Aquarius is the second sign of the winter (left column, minus), which means that it contains very strong forces of attraction, drawing and a desire to receive.  So with this Leo Moon, we have to be careful our intentions are clearer, and the roles we take on, we do for the right reasons.

The other letter rules the astrological sign of the month. Shevat’s planet is Saturn and is ruled by the letter ב (Beit). Its astrological sign is Aquarius, which is ruled by the letter צ (Tsadik).” http://www.inner.org/times/shevat/shevat.htm


So at the full moon we focus on the planet that rules the month which is the letter Beit.

            The letter beit is the first letter of the Torah which begins with B’reshit..”IN” the beginning.  The beit, called the house,  signifies what is inside, turns your focus to what is inside… ba’beit, in the house..it is also the first letter of the word bracha… blessing. 

            Beit  represents the 12 th path on the tree of life.. second only to the 11th which is the letter aleph.  It is the magi in the thoth tarot where the aleph represents the Fool.

The magician:


“The Magician represents consciousness, action and creation. He’s the symbol for the idea of manifestation – the possibility of making an idea come true. He gives meaning and direction to life, and he reminds us that the emotional and creative powers of our souls must have a physical basis to be of real use. Powers unused are powers non-existant, we have to set them free in order to use them, and to gain and renew. The Magician is related to the Mercurius of alchemy.

The Magician shows that we’re aware of the power in life, he can be a symbol for all the creative skills and ideas inside. Most people don’t really act, they just react, being driven from one situation to the next. The Magician tells that a power is ready to use as soon as it is recognized, to see and go the own way…”


as in the phrase.. there are three types of people in the world…those who don’t know what happened, those who wonder what happened and people who MAKE things happen. 

The letter beit represents the 12th path of the tree of life.. from Kether to Binah.

— Sphere of Kether —

The Sphere of Destination is Kether, the Crown, called Rashith ha- Gilgalim, the beginning of whirling,


the beginning of whirling is the gathering of energies before the ideas of creation are added to them.


 the Primum Mobile or First Mover, which bestoweth the gift of life in all things and filleth the whole Universe.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Eheieh, the Divine Essence.

The Archangel is Metatron, Prince of Countenances, he who bringeth forth others before the face of God, who is born of man.

The Order of Angels is the Chayoth Ha Qadesh, the Holy Lifing Creatures, which are also called the Order of Seraphim.

The elements are all elements.

Symbols are the point, primordial stillness, the swastika and the wheel of life.

The sound is a whisper, the breath itself.

The musical note is “D.”

The scents are ambergris and almond.

The stone is diamond.

The color is white brilliance.

The body part is the crown of the head.

The chakra is the Crown Center and the gland is the pituitary.

The magical image is a vision of God, face to face.

The mythical figures include, Brahma and all Gods who are the ultimate root of all things.

The spiritual experience is a vision of that from which you have come and to which you shall ultimately return.




— Sphere of Binah —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Binah, called the Sanctifying Intelligence and known as Understanding.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah Elohim, the Perfection of Creation and the Life of the World to Come.

The Archangel is Tzaphqiel, the Prince of the Spiritual Strife against Evil.

The Order of Angels is the Aralim, the Strong and Mighty Ones who are also called the Order of Thrones.

The planet is Saturn, the Lord of Karma.

The element is primal water.

The color is dark brown or black.

The metal is lead.

The stones are pearl, star sapphire or onyx.

The musical note is “B.”

Plants, herbs and scents are myrrh, musk, civet, ash, cypress, mastic and cinnamon.

The body part is the right side of the face.

The chakra is the Third Eye or Brow Center and the corresponding gland is the pineal.

Symbols are the cup, the womb and the tomb.

The mystical experience is an intuitive and all-seeing understanding.

The magical image is a mature woman.

The mythological figures include all of the mother goddesses.



— 12th Path —

The 12th Path is called the Sanctifying Intelligence, the Foundation of Primordial Wisdom, known as the Intelligence of Transparency because it is that species of Magnificence called Chazchazit, which is named the place whence issues the vision of those seeing in apparitions.

It is the Creator of Faith.

The Esoteric Title is The Magus of Power.

The Divine Name is Aloeth Elohim, Goddess of Goddesses, or the Great Mother.

The Hebrew letter is Beth, which means house.

The meaning of the Double Letter is Life-Death.

The color is yellow.

The musical note is “E.”

The Guide on the Path is the Archangel Tzaphqiel.

The planetary influence is Mercury.

The Tarot Arcanum Card is the Magician.

The element is water in fire.

Symbols are the house, the wand and the caduceus.

Plants, herbs and scents are mastic, sandalwood, mace, storax and clove.

The metal is quicksilver.

The stones are opal and agate.

Living beings are apes, swallows and the ibis.


The mystical experience of the Path is freedom from Karma through choice and will, coming from understanding.

The Path philosophy is that we begin our magical mystical transformation to pure beingness through the exercise of our will with understanding and thereby speed our vibration.

Ultimately we work the highest of magics, the transformation of the self.

Areas the 12th Path will help you:

Dissolving creative blocks

Getting in touch with your true creative ability

Becoming aware of what your own blockages are, and what is needed to overcome them

Learning to identify your emotional “buttons;” getting in touch with your own karmic problems

Getting more in touch with yourself; knowing that you must lose who you are in order to value who you are

Learning to let go of your identification with your resistance and blocks

Learning to be responsible for everything that you project and create

Learning that understanding frees you from limitation; let go of your fears through understanding

Relaxation and balance

Knowing that there is a purpose for everything you pass through; understanding your own purpose now

Judge yourself – do not base your self-image on other people’s opinion of you

Understanding cycles, and recognizing them in your life and in your world

Recognizing that all of your thoughts are things and will manifest; you are a magician already

Recognizing that emotion powers thought

Being able to be totally receptive

Developing foreknowledge through the activation of the Third Eye

Forgiving yourself, accepting your humanity

Being able to expand your consciousness upward, through the Crown Center

Astral projection

Energizing the right side of the body, and the upper half of the body; general intensification of energy

Purging; dealing with your anger, and redeeming the energy through healing

Dream enhancement and understanding

The ability to see “through” things

Increasing communication with your Guides

Increasing your ability to use your Throat Center, the creative will; through assertion you learn to release your bonds and “go with the flow”

Allowing your higher self to manifest its creativity through your lower personality

Being able to clearly recognize cause and effect, by seeing the whole picture

Being able to see truth, and understand that there are no rights or wrongs



The musical note E translates to MI on the music scale and is the 528 Hz on the solfeggio scale.


Enjoy a meditation on the 528 hz




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