Full Moon in Gemini


Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini.  The moon, as we know represents the emotiona side of our personalities, the side that is the feminine side because it is related to the nurturing instincts that we all have at least a portion of.  The Moon also inspires our dreams, our subconscious, fears, loves, and desires.  The sign of Gemini is masculine mutable air.  It is the “I think” of the zodiac because all things considered, the masculine energies make its energies logical, mutable signs are communicators, but for communication to be effective, thinking must be active, and air signs deal with communications and intellect.  Gemini is lively, energetic, versatile, and adaptable.  Referred to as the “twins” because of the seemingly dual-nature of the personality of a Gemini, however, the dual nature goes beyond the flip-flop, and represents in part the exchange or back and forth of ideas.  Situated in the 12th house, the Gemini Moon deals with our deeply rooted ingrained ideas that have us stifled, what has the potential to be our undoing…that which holds us back being brought to the surface, as we travel between the world of light, and darkness.

Aspects to this full moon include the opposition to the sun, mercury, and Saturn, the trine with Mars, and the square with Neptune.  The oppositions, and squares being traditional points of conflict and the trine bringing harmony.

The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn all sit in the sign of Sagitarius, which is masculine mutable fire, the difference between Gemini and Sagitarius in it’s elemental expression is of course the difference between air and fire.  Fire signs burn through things rather than think about them. Both signs are communcators, but Gemini is more of a thinker, Sagitarius just knows, and has a stronger will than Gemini. The Sun representing our basic character, Mercury representing our intellect and mental activity, and Saturn where we have our limitations and structure seem to cloud the force of the moon.  The moon offers us an opportunity to delve deep within our interpersonal issues, but it’s opposition here gives you an out… a choice to not do, what the moon has set before you. We talked last moon festival about our choices and pre-destination.  The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn, seem to offer us a way to stick to the norm, remain in status quo, if you will, where the moon dares us to do something different.. don’t follow our usual habits of talking ourselves out of what needs to be done.  With 6th house energies, the Sun, Mercury, and saturn would have us believe our work and service take precedent over digging into our psychological issues – what good could come from that when you have this to do…

Mars represents physical activity, assertiveness, and our desire nature, which is trine the moon, and in harmony with the self-analyzing the moon is determined to usher us to.  In the sign of Libra, which offers balance, and offers social grace, Mars bows gracefully to the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn, and says a simple no thank you, this is what I need to do, then returns to the moon, and says, “now, lets go.”

However, then there’s the square with Neptune, which represents our idealism, spirituality, and our illusions which sits in the sign of Pisces, we see our current system of belief, and if the moon in Gemini challenges that in any way, there’s problems.

We often have times in our lives where we have these arguments with ourselves…and I’ve often said, when I’ve told myself no, I’ll do this, when my spirit has said something opposite is when I’ve gotten into trouble.  Watching our President this afternoon tell the american public to go about our business, and go forward with our “plans,” I was reminded of how many people must have said that to themselves on September 11th when they had that feeling they needed to stay home that day, or go a different route than what they did, and they told themselves no… and as I listened to the President, I spoke up… “except if your spirit tells you NOT TO GO.”  Because it’s when we don’t heed those warnings that we find ourselves in danger, notwithstanding that it wouldn’t necessarily be something as horrible as what happened on 911, but what the universe could be protecting you from could be just as harmful for YOU.  Awakening and keeping those instincts alive, active, and loud, really is at the root of what we do here, because the most important part of anyone’s spirituality is being and remaining connected to that part of you that is connected to the all.

Today in the Hebrew Calendar is the 15th of Kislev.  We remember from the new moon that the theme of the month of Kislev is freedom of choice.  Kislev is called the month of light, in part because it is the month of Chanukah which begins on the 25th of Kislev, but also in part because it is during a time when light is most needed.  The background story of the history of Chanukah include times of blessing and times of oppression for the Israelites.     The menorah is a seven branched candleabra that served as one of the sacred vessels in the holy temple.  It was lit every day utilizing the freshest olive oil of the highest quality.  The miracle of chanukah was that even though there was only enough oil remaining to keep the candle lit for one day, the oil lasted for 8 days until the supply could be replenished.

Now, I don’t think I know anyone on this earth that hasn’t at one point in time, been on their last of something….even the very wealthy have suffered some sort of crisis that left them in a diminshed capacity of one form or another, and frankly, from one perspective, it’s true that which does not kill us makes us stronger.  From one person to the next, the crises of my life are only relative to me, as the things that the next person has suffered may be worlds worse, and certainly those who have made the choice to end their suffering through suicide, decided that what essentially boils down to.. what they gave of themselves proved to be more than they thought they could bear.  But the meaning of the month of kislev is that despite how dark, darkness seems, there is, whether we know it or not, enough light in us or in the world around us, to get us through – because whatever God is to you will provide what we need to get us through.

Last moon festival we explored the energies of the letter gimel as the creating letter of the planet Jupiter, today we turn our focus to the letter Samekh as the creating letter for the month of Kislev, as the sun is fully within it’s energies.  The letter Samekh follows the letter nun, symbolizing the downfall, and Samekh represents the supporter, the assistant to the fallen, in the form of a never ending circle representing the cover of love. One of the characters of Sagitarius, however, is if we have fallen into a place that is not so bad.. why would we ever try to leave, hence the energies of the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn struggling against the Moon acknowleding that, in order to be fixed, we have to shine light on what’s wrong.

Now, for the sake of this exercise, we need to first put aside a traditional view that a menorah is jewish – it actually has more roots in pagan traditions, and more closely related to worship of the greek god Zeus, as is a great deal other so called religious artifacts. Now, the traditional chanukah menorah has 7 candles or lights.  Numerology considers the number 7 as sacred.


” number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth (notice the capital “T”). The 7 doesn’t take anything at face value — it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.”


Ok moving on…to start us on the journey the moon points us to, lets each think of 7 things about ourselves that we know off hand we need to do better with… and as we imagine each one, let us think of what might be needed to make such an improvement…and as we symbolically shine light on each one, we plant seeds on making those positive changes in our lives.


The Samekh is represented the  Thoth Tarot card, Art representing the art of alchemy, the ability to solve and combine, standing for the right mixture, the perfect balance, solve et coagula.

Pour thine all freely from the vase in thy right hand, and lose no drop! Hath not thy left hand a vase?  Transmute all wholly into the image of thy will, bringing each to its token of perfection!  Dissolve the pearl in the wine-cup; drink, and make manifest the virtue of that pearl!” …            “The Magus, Empress and Emperor represent the alchemical elements of mercury, salt, and sulfur. We also learned that these three principals, when combined and perfectly balanced, create the universal solvent, vitriol.  What we haven’t as yet learned is what to do with our vitriol.” (Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo Duquette)   And then goes on to say the vitriol dissolves old live in order to create new life…as the death card suggested new life in past moon festival.     The Art card represents the elements necessary for where that new life comes from.  Duquette reminds us that the alchemical processes found in this deck are in part what separate it from others.


The Art Card represents the 25th Path on the Tree of Life connecting Tiphareth which is beauty to Yesod which is foundation.  Tiphareth is associated with the higher self, balancing constriction and expansion, femine and masculine, above and below, is associated with the sun in your chart, and describes the area in your life which you exhibit your greatest good.  Yesod, which governs sexuality, and is directly related to the sacral chakra, governs transformation, healing, and intimacy.  It is the law of attraction at its root, is related to the moon in your chart, and exposes your inner reflexes, how you instinctively react to varioius situations in your life… and it’s no coincidence that the energies of this full moon has the potential to change those foundations.


“Neptune communicates with us through images and symbols, through visions and dreams…We’ve seen how our modern media exploits ancient symbols and myths to sell products and tell stories that do not feed the soul…”

We already talked about the menorah, mysticmanna mentions the swastica, a symbol of fertility and life, which was adopted by Adolph Hitler who was himself heavily into the occult, and probably understood it’s deeper meaning, and the symbol itself becomes one of hatred, bigotry, and elitism.   Like many of these symbols, life itself is often not what it seems.

And since I don’t believe in coincidences, I find it interesting the combination of symbols at this Full moon pointing to one that means light, and the other that points to fertility and life, and since we’re talking about foundations, it occurs to me that we’ve traditionally been told untruths of man’s history; the traditional history of the thanksgiving holiday, and even when I think of Hitler’s so called master race, I have to wonder, what that really meant to him, since knowing he was an occultist it occurs to me that something else might have been going on there since his mission seemed to go after what was traditionally known as God’s chosen people; I wonder if it meant something different to him than we have traditionally been taught.

Mystic mamma says we have to realign our minds with  our primal truth, so digging down to the roots of the foundations of our beliefs, to test their validity, is a positive path to our own understanding.


“At this Full Moon, our Gemini minds want to play with possibilities. Our Sagittarius soul wants to find meaning and purpose. When the two unite, the possibility of finding Wisdom is profound.”



Blessed be.






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