Full Moon in Libra

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Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra.  Our beloved Moon waxes at 8:01 am EST in the sign of Libra.  The Moon representing our sense of perception, and all that entails, our emotional lives, how we process the information that we receive from our surroundings, and the receptor of the sun’s energies, therefore how we respond to how the world views us.  Libra represents intellect, creativity, a constant source of new ideas.  Libra is socially active, diplomatic, the proverbial mediator in dealing with differences and upsets, trying to create a sense of harmony even if it’s false harmony, just to avoid conflict… so when something comes up in the house.. something just said, shut up, don’t react… don’t respond, let it go.  With 7th house energies, the descendant, which is the point of encounter where we meet others on a one on one basis… the emphasis here is with our external lives as the product of our subconscious contents.  Libra may be encouraging us to step out of our winter shell for a bit.. we’ve been cooped up too long… and when we’ve been looking at the same 4 walls all winter, we can get a little grumpy.

At the full Moon, the sun and the Moon are at opposite sides of the wheel… which creates a bit of a tug of war with two strong opposing forces.. considered hard aspects that cause friction, but the conflict is within.  The Sun represents our sense of self, how and in what areas we develop our true abilities, our inner energy, but how the world outside views us.

So the Moon is dealing with us internally as we express ourselves outwardly and the sun represents how we appear to the outside world.   The sun is in Aries which is spontaneous and motivating, giving us the energy to get moving, and with first house energies, the Sun is working on that side of ourselves that we show the outer world, how we WANT to be seen by others.  At the full moon, our emotions want to reek havoc on how the world views us because we all want to be seen as the intellectual creative Libra, but the Sun working with Aries energy can get a little pushy… but we can use that Aries motivator to get us moving forward so we can be the social butterfly that Libra likes.

Mercury, representing our connection to what and who is around us, how we communicate which is really more about our countenance and body language than our verbal skills, and even how our organs communicate with other organs in the body, thinking making things possible, all things interconnectedness and communicated from one source to another, is also opposite the Moon with the Sun in Aries, which we can use to our benefit if we use that Aries energy to motivate us to do what we need to do to be better physically, and mentally, because if you’re laggy emotionally, your body responds accordingly.

The sextile occurs when two planets are at 60 Degrees apart and is considered beneficial, a place of harmony which is very Libra.. the effects are expressed outwardly as the planets involved exchange energies perfectly and actively…Mars represents our sense of self projection… how we are visualizing ourselves.. and what I’m feeling about this full moon is powerful, because when Mars gets involved and it’s a beneficial transit, we can actively move ourselves to create the best version of our lives.. here and now.. Mars is the centrifugal force of moving forward.. and Mars is in the every optimistic Sagitarius who desires to expand its horizons into a better future and in the 9th house… this represent the very foundation of how and what we believe and why.. the meaning of our very lives, how we develop our belief systems and journeys or personal pilgrimages that have a lasting effect on who you become… I fell in love with this show on Sci-fi channel called The Magicians.. these young people are whisked off to this school called Breakbills which is this secret place where you go to learn magic, and you find out what you special skills are.. and I love the concept… but there is one student that they call a traveler… where he goes into a meditative state and where his mind goes, his body follows, and if you understand the concept of real magick, that is exactly how you work magick in your life.

Today was also a lunar eclipse so the energies of this Full Moon are heightened, and the magnetic pull is stronger….weather may seem a little nutty today as we had hail snow this afternoon.        So speaking of belief systems and how we develop them, I done trying to keep up with the traditions of the keeping of the hebrew calendar, and I’m following my heart and my instincts… I had a problem with the whole adding of the second month of adar, it threw off the entire balance trying to reconcile that with where the sun and the moon actually were, and in the words of my beloved Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park… “the arrogance exhibited here in the face of nature is astounding …”   or something to that effect….so this weekend is Easter Sunday… generally, Easter and Pesach, which is Passover, are typically together, because as we know, the supposed last supper was a passover sedir,  and Easter is calculated to be on the first Sunday following the vernal equinox but because they added an extra month of Adar for leap year, that pushed Purim back a month and pushed Pesach to the 22nd of April.

According to tradition, on the 10th day of the first month, which is NOT when Rosh Hoshanah is in October, it is in the hebrew month of Nissan which we would be in now were it not for the adding of the extra month of Adar which as it turns out is just as nonsensical as the new year being  commemorated in the 7th month, because as it turns out, there really is no scriptural justification for it.  So, since the New moon was on the 8th of March, that being the first of the month of what should have been Nissan… on the 14th day from the new moon takes us to yesterday at Sundown through today at sundown which is the period when the moon waxed full, and what should be the beginning of Pesach!  So I’m reminded that no religion, because man just can’t help themselves it seems from making themselves a set of rules that back them into a corner that they can’t explain, and I’m done falling down that trap with them.  Unleavened bread was, according to the story, significant because, the children of israel left Egypt in a hurry and did not have time for the bread to rise…they were removed from their bondage.    So for 7 days we’re not supposed to eat leavened bread, and really, it’s just a matter of reminding yourself to step out of things that afflict your spirit… and me stepping out of these silly rules with the calendar is my way of leaving the leaven behind.  It’s like the blind leading the blind, when in all actuality, the ancients that followed the cycles of the planets had a much more accurate calendar than we do, follow the signs… the first of the month is at the new moon, the planets and the stars give us a better measure of what the signs are, and when the month is… the sun is in Aries which is Nissan PERIOD.

Now, one might ask…what does Pesach and unleavened bread have to do with paganism… ah… let us talk grasshopper….The symbolism of Pesach is the blood of the passover lamb that was to appear on the door (the Hebrew letter dalet).  Now walk with me…in Gematria, Aries where the sun is, stands for “Taleh” tet lamed hey.. which equals 44, which is also the numerical value of the word dam… dalet mem, which is blood.  Now, we’ve heard stories throughout history about what power is contained in the blood; stories of people bathing in blood to maintain youth, blood being related to manna and the ormus which was the elixir of youth to the gods, and you think these are just stories or myths, but we were just talking last moon festival about history having thing confused and what was taken as myth was more real than we imagine, as archaelogists continue to find things that baffle traditional history… the bones of humans that were truly giants as the nephillim… so I found a number of articles on the web about the actual healing power of blood, including treatment of arthritis … platelet rich plasma therapy…




” 2008 scientists in Japan discovered that cells taken from menstrual blood can be cultivated in the lab and used like stem cells to repair damaged heart tissue.”






Just to name a few… then we go on to leaven or yeast… there is good yeast in the body and bad, and the bad can cause inflammation in our blood and our organs… The bad yeast thrives on abundant amounts of sugar, and can act to keep your body very acidic… and trust me I can attest to what bad things can happen when your body is too acidic.. including shutting down your kidneys.




Paganism to me means all things are relative… the body is the house of your spirit, and the body and spirit support each other in this physical existence… if one is off-balance, the entire internal eco-system suffers.  Power is power but knowledge lends it’s support, and I imagine the ancients who appreciated how things fit together understood so much better than our so called modern medical practitioners that want to throw pharmaceuticals at an issue… Gaia.. .mother earth contains within her, everything that man needed to maintain his body… so while we’re talking about myth versus actual history…what about the ancient man that supposedly lived to be hundreds of years old…what did he know that we don’t…

Aries/Nissan belongs to the element of fire which represents creativity and passion.  Fire is represented by the letter shin, the positive aspect of creation, the power of receiving.  The planet that rules the month of Nissan was created by the letter Dalet, the door.. and the sign itself was created by the letter Hei, which is the window.  The letter dalet signifies poor… because at the time of the plague of the first born son, the hebrew peoples were still considered to be under bondage, but that was the final plague before the pharaoh set them free.  The letter hei is the letter of the sphere of Malkuth which represents life in this world and is the vessel of the soul.  Livekabbalah.org says, “When Nissan begins it allows each and eveyr one of us to connect to this renewable rejuvenating force… this is the secret of Passover, being celebrated in the middle of Nissan, the Exodus breaking out of bondage and slavery (the chains of the past…”)  and all that means to you… “into freedom and renewal.”  But we remember that Aries often has trouble learning from it’s mistakes… so let’s write down what works, so we remember… only, they told a much more colorful story… that many believed was historical fact!

hei (1)

Kaypacha says for his mantra…

“Moderation is the key,
When deciding this or that,
As I am the bridge between the worlds,
Balancing them is my act.”  


The letter hei represents the Star in the Tarot.  Corax.com says,

” The Star is the trump of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. It is related to the Adjustment (the cross sum of 17 is 8), but while the Adjustment keeps the balance deliberately, the Star keeps it with feeling.  ”

Duquette states that all other images on the card that are placed outside of the celestial sphere must represent spiritual environments that transcend even the concept of infinite space.

Moon in Libra attach 1

The Star and the letter hei represent the 15th path on the tree of live traveling from Chokmah which is wisdom, to Tiphareth, which is Beauty.  Chokmah represents reflection, and symbolizes the mirror in which God’s oneness reflects itself.  Chokmah correlates to the entire zodiac wheel examining the entire complicated circle.  Tiphareth which is beauty represents our higher self… our higher self reflecting oneness back… the god in me honors the god in you.

Information on the 15th path may be found at:


*correction – according to Thoth Tarot – colors Violet sky blue !

Enjoy a meditation on the corresponding solfeggio frequency:





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