New Moon in Aries


Welcome to the New Moon in Aries.  The Moon representing our feminine nature, the emotional side of ourselves that we’ve created that supports our psyche based on the impressions we receive from our environment.  The Moon represents our innermost fears, desires, loves and needs, shows how we consciously make decisions based on hunches or feelings.    In the first house, the Moon shines it’s inner light on our outward and superficial traits.  The first house represents the sign of Aries which is where our Sun and Moon are.  Aries is masculine cardinal fire and in our charts shows where we initiate action, where we are forceful and direct.  Our outward appearance, how we are perceived to the world is directly related to how others see us, so with first house energies, we pay attention to how others perceive who we are based on our actions.. because at the heart of our actions, is our individual wills, which whether we acknowledge it or not, comes across in what we do.  Others can tell if you’re just going through the motions of something or your heart is really into it… it show in your enthusiasm and your very contenance.

The sun, represents our basic character, our identity, and instead of how we are perceived to the outer world… the sun’s focus in our chart is our basic character and personality, our inner selves.  At the new moon, the sun and the moon are conjunct, an aspect of blending energies, so our inner and outer selves are on the forefront, and Aries lends us the strength to look at ourselves objectively.  Like, there’s something about each of us, at the heart of our personalities that maybe we don’t honestly care for… but we are a certain way for a reason.. that part of you that makes you successful at being who you are even if others don’t see that as a positive trait.  Being organized to a fault puts some people off, for instance, because they feel like they never live up to your idea of how things should be…but you doing you doesn’t have to mean you’re not okay with others doing themselves… so we often revise our nature in favor of keeping harmony.. but for the moment, Aries is in charge… we have to look at where the sun and the moon fall in our charts for clues on where we need to break out of our compromise and do something that’s truer to our nature.  For instance, this sun/moon conjunction transits my moon in the 3rd house highlighting my style of communicating, and I’m thinking instead of trying to be diplomatic and worrying about how I’m perceived…I do the finances in the house, and there’s a reason that everyone wants me to be the one to do that.. but sometimes in my mind, telling people I need their funds for whatever bill has come due, I’m thinking I come off as greedy, because you get that look … and I’ve been trying to find ways to be softer about that, and it’s freaking me out, because it still comes across the same way.. so … if I just accept that it’s me for a reason and just be that… we’re all okay because of that sense of organization that made me the person they all pointed to in the first place… and I have to accept that its ok.

Then we add the planet Uranus to the sun/moon conjunction.  Uranus represents change, upsets, uniquness and unconventionality. It highlights our originality and drive for freedom… being the rebel planet, it opposes the established “order.”  We’ve talked about our own individual balance between darkness and light… and we’ve stated that our darker energies are there for a reason..we all have them, and we’ve decided to accept that part of ourselves as necessary for whatever purpose in you those energies perpetuate.  This New Moon with the sun, moon and uranus all huddled together point us further along that path of self-acceptance and self-embrace, and Aries says you are a force to be reckoned with..not a force to be squashed.  We all come to this physical existence with a plan, something we are to accomplish, and we bring with us, whatever we need to complete that task… so there is nothing about you that is out of order except the bullshit we’ve picked up along the way that tells you that you’re too different from societal norms.  I often tell the story of how my interaction with the christian church attempted to teach me things that I knew to be true, were figments of my imagination, and I was talking with someone this past week about that very thing… typically throughout the course of a week or so before a new or full moon, things come up in my life that turn out to be relative to the overall theme that comes out of a chart, because somewhere along the line, I set for myself an intention that I would somehow understand the energies, so it’s like I live them.

The trine occurs when two planets are positioned in signs belonging to the same element.  The planet Saturn is in Sagitarius, a fire sign, and the Moon/sun are in the sign of Aries, also a fire sign.  I was reading on this one site that simply expressed, fire can be good, it helps us cook and keep things warm, and it can be bad, as in burning a house down…and that’s exactly what we’re talking about.. our perceptions of ourselves that may seem bad when they are actually for our good, and being accepting of who we are.   Fire signs can be unpredictable, but they are the first to set us on a course to explore the unknown… to dig deep into areas of our psyche that we’ve never considered before.. to go where no man has gone before.  Fire signs are very intuitive, so we should pay particularly close attention to energies going on around us… be the observer .  Saturn represents our sense of limitations and structures in life, and may not be very comfortable in Sagitarius which challenges Saturn’s self control, but that sense of structure is something this Moon/Sun/Uranus conjunction requires to get the job done… we combine Saturn’s structure with Sagitarius’ need to understand and to make sense of things, and we get a picture of how those energies can help us in our quest for self understanding and acceptance.  We look at our weather, some of  us and we think we’ve come through winter, but winter is still with many of us, just as, we’ve officially come through the days of darkness and have entered the time where the days are getting longer, but that darkness lingers, and we should pay attention to how and why of it all.  In the 9th house, saturn points us to our life philosophies and higher consciousness.  We have more of our planets in their home zone today than we normally do.. Saturn in Sagitarius in the 9th house and the 9th house represents the sign of Sagitarius.

And last but certainly never least is the square with Pluto.  The square is formed when two planets are 90 degrees apart, and is considered an aspect of tension and conflict.  In order to overcome the conflict, one must fight against the tendencies that are brought up.  Our beloved Pluto, even though she was demoted some years ago by some well mean astronomers, her energies have not diminished.. she is the sign of transformation, extremes, taboos, and untapped potential, and if she’s yelling in your chart, you will never be able to ignore what she’s trying to tell you.  She currently sits in the sign of Capricorn, the harvest sign where we deal with disciplines that we develop because of karmic limitations….in the 10th house, she’s touching on the very heart of our purpose.

Today in the hebrew would correctly be the Rosh Chodesh for the month of Iyar, because of the adding of the additional month of Adar and the Sun is about to move into Taurus, but I said at the last moon festival that I was only going to focus upon where the Sun and the moon actually are to tell me what month’s energies to focus upon, and since they are in Aries, that is the month of Nissan.  The Sun doesn’t move into Taurus/Iyar until around the 21st with the full moon being on the 22nd… so we’ll just focus on it being the New Moon and the moon and sun are in Aries/Nissan, period.   So we know Aries is a fire sign, the letter Shin.  According to Kabbalah, fire represents the positive aspect of creation.  It is left column energy. There are 7 double hebrew letters which represent the 7 planets, and then 12 remaining simple letters that  represent the signs of the zodiac.   The planet Mars is the ruling planet for the month of Nissan and it was created by the letter dalet… the sign of Aries was created with the letter hei.


Kabbalah describes the letter dalet as the door, the door that stands in the opening of the house.  The dalet relates, it say to the poor man who receives charity from the rich man, as in the sphere of malkuth, that has no light of it’s own relying upon the light of the higher spheres.  Since Aries is left column energy… those spheres would relate to Hod (glory) Gevurah (severity) and Binah (understanding), and the desire to receive.  From the book, “Kabbalah and Modernity,” …”the physical realm mirrors the divine world, and so it functions according to the laws of atomic and electrical energy; to be more accurate, from the kabbalistic perspective the laws of physics are a physical version of the original divine pattern.  The divine light is positive, giving energy, and so is the proton; the soul is negative receiving energy, and so is the electron; and the act of resistance (central column) like the neutron, is needed to produce a good outcome. ”   In “The Essential Zohar,” by Rav. P.S. Berg, describes the differences in our natural desire to receive.. either for the sake of drawing light  or receiving for the self… as being the difference between Isaac and Esau, brothers with very different natures and very different life experiences based upon that nature. But as in all parables that teach us how to be and how not to be, someone has to play the role of the bad guy in order that the good guy be able to do good.  I was watching one of the TV series I record the other day and my son commented on what sort of character this supposed demon was, and I answered, he was called, the devil… and he asked how he could be a good guy, and be called the devil… ah, grasshopper… now you’ve touched the heart of the matter… don’t we refer to the the biblical devil  as the “scapegoat.”    Every character, good or bad, had to play their part in order that the outcome be what it was suppposed to be…I remember a particular story where G-d in council asked who would play the part of the lying spirit to go to Ahab and convince him he would be victorius in his battle at Ramothgilead where he was supposed to meet his death.

As a pagan, I accept that there is  dark and light in us all..just as  the light has it’s purpose in us, so does the darkness.

The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.” (Aleister Crowley, “Liber Librae: Book 30″)

I saw this quote almost 2 weeks ago and I copied it knowing somehow I needed it; that it would tie into what was coming.  Now I’m not suggesting we go all helter skelter on everyone in our lives and let anger rule, if anger is in your nature, because Pluto in Capricorn is here to help us learn to use that when we need it… all things have a time and a place, and getting angry doesn’t always have to end in a blow out argument… it can be fuel to a purpose to get one moving in the right direction… like our getting mad about how long it took our landlord to fix the electrical in the house and using that to set a fire under us to find something better.

The letter Dalet represents the Empress in the Thoth tarot. says, ” She is the power of nature, causing change, renewal, major plans. ”


In Lon Milo Duquette’s expose on the Thoth Tarot, he wrote, “Dalet means door, and woman is the door of heaven when we are conceived, and the door of life when we are born. …  Crowley wrote, “she represents the 2nd of the alchemical trumps and represents the element and principal of salt…the inactive principle of nature; salt is matter which must be energized by sulfur to maintain the whirling equilibrium of the Universe.”  Sulfur is represented by the Emperor.

The Dalet and the Empress card represent the 14th Path on the tree of life connecting Chokmah which is wisdom to Binah which is understanding in the upper triad of the tree… both of whom receive light directly from the crown.

Chokmah wisdom is duality .light and dark, ying and yang, above and below…number 2  Unity split into duality

The only thing in physical reality that is truly first dimensional is energy- as it can travel from point A to point B (length) yet has absolutely no width to measure. Therefore Chockmah also represents the energy used in the Creation. From Kether to the right of the tree.

Wisdom represents reflec- tion, meditation, intuition, and insights. Wisdom is the echo of the first archetype, Crown. It symbolizes the mirror in which God’s Oneness reflects itself. Reflection— via meditation or other techniques of inner discovery—enables us to locate the divine part of ourselves. Kabbalists paint Wisdom in silver-gray to signify the wisdom we attain as we age. Gray also suggests that life is not black and white, all or noth- ing, good or bad.

Binah is the Great Mother (Aima) impregnated by the Father (Abba), and from whom the lower Spheres of the Tree will emanate.  Duality naturally produces Triplicity. For every Thesis there is an Antithesis, and for each pair of these there is a Synthesis.  Establishes the space time continum..the 2nd dimension length plus width…the triangle.   Triangle is classically associated with the evocation of spirits to visible appearance.  fromChokmah to the left

This third sphere imparts the energies we need to comprehend our- selves, our identity, and our mission in life. It brings us logic, science, education, and discipline, as well as the concepts of time and space that provide a structure in which to practice all that science and discipline. This sphere is colored dark indigo. Understanding marks the first sphere to be assigned an astrological planet. It brings Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn and the planet associated in traditional astrology with malevolence, plagues, disasters, and other misfortunes. But Kabbalis- tic astrology places Saturn in the most lofty and vital domain, the closest of all the planets to Crown and the Will of God. In your chart, Understanding—represented by Saturn—highlights the area of life in which you must practice persistence and focus in order to succeed and grow. Saturn helps us in the Understanding of our Tikkun (fixing our soul).

For Information about the 14th Path:


Enjoy a meditation on the corresponding solfeggio frequency:

Hugs and Blessed be!



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