New Moon in Taurus


Welcome to the New Moon in Taurus.  The Moon which represents our emotional nature, our inner self, dreams, instincts, and unconscious drives, in the sign of Taurus; feminine fixed earth… and we mean really fixed, slow to get moving but impossible to stop.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus the roman goddess of beauty, pleasure, love and luxury.  The moon in Taurus gives one strong stable emotions, and a creative nature that surrounds you with the perfect environment to suit you.  Taurus values constancy and security, and that down to earth nature brings with it the ability to have everything you need at your fingertips…imagine and it’s there, but careful, energies like that can work against you if you don’t know how to manage what you visualize for yourself.  In the 9th house, the Moon turns its focus upon that very nature in each of us that connects us to what we believe and what we do with it.

At the New Moon, the Sun, and the Moon are conjunct which brings an intensity, and unity to the energies.  The Sun represents our basic character, our sense of self, conscious personality, our will aligned with the forces of the Moon in Taurus.  The Sun in Taurus helps the Moon bring about our desires and needs taking cues from what we hear and see around us and building upon that information.  Adding in the conjunction with Venus which is the ruling planet for Taurus, we find ourselves in touch with the things we love to surround ourselves with.  Venus is all about pleasure, but Venus sits in the 8th house just shy of where our Moon and Sun are, and brings the energies of sex, regeneration into the mix of how we bring about surrounding ourselves with what the Taurean in us desires.  So this New Moon in Taurus is like a grand ritual all in and of itself.

The trine is a position of ease, comfort, and good fortune.  The planet Jupiter represents good luck, expansion, higher knowledge.  Virgo is feminine mutable earth, the “I analyze” of the zodiac… the thinkers and communicators giving us the ability to project our will into the universe, and with the planet of expansion, our cup runeth over.  With 12th house energies we get an increase in intuition that help us navigate.

The  sextile is also a beneficial aspect.  Neptune represents our idealism, spirituality, and intuitions.  All things mystical are on the forefront for this New Moon.  In the sign of Pisces, feminine mutable water, Pisces is the “I believe” of the zodiac ruled by the ancient god of illusion and mystery.

And last but never the least is the trine with Pluto.  Even though modern astrologers demoted Pluto, her energies, and her impact upon our charts hasn’t diminished.  Pluto is the planet of transformations, and regeneration, represents great change.  The energies of this New Moon has the potential to be a Saul on the road to Damascus experience.  Capricorn is the harvest sign where we reap that which we sow in Taurus and Virgo.  So whether you’ve sown for the good or otherwise, Pluto brings it back in Capricorn with the full force of this power packed New Moon.  Remember, it’s all tied to what we believe; what we believe about ourselves, what we believe about who and what we are.   Now many of us don’t like serious change, and I have to admit to having strong ties to some of the tools I’ve seen as inherently necessary to my existence.  But if I really sit down and think about it, who I am at my core is a person that really could spend the day sitting in the yard in the middle of the grass with my dogs running around me.  So sometimes, I have to concede that even kicking, and screaming, some changes are better for me.  And with 4th house energies, Pluto is going for those things that affect your sense of security… are they really necessary or are they crutches?

Today in the Hebrew is the Rosh Chodesh of the Month of Iyar which is Taurus.  We’ve discussed in prior moon rituals that the spring is represented by the element of fire.  Fire is all consuming… so people born in the spring, without strong spiritual support in their charts, CAN become selfish, ie their creativity and energy will center on their desires.  This New Moon has strong ties to the foundation of our belief systems, so the Saul in all of us can have an awakening experience that opens us up to a higher purpose.  We all have a greater purpose than ourselves which doesn’t take away from our true self, but adds dimensions higher than we are generally able to see in our limited interpretation of what our world is, because it’s all so much bigger than just the billions of people that are currently alive on this earth.  Even if you believe G-d created the heavens, and earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th, creation itself did not cease there, evidenced by the fact that we, hence man in G-d’s image, continued creation.  Taurus does look for physical pleasures since it’s inspired by the planet Venus, but we are reminded that the outer physical world is a reflection, a mirror if you will, of the inner spiritual world.

The month of Iyar was created by the Hebrew letter Vav.  The letter vav is called the connection… that which acts as the “and,” as in “G-d said, ‘let there be light,” AND there was light; the connection that exists between what you believe and what you are, between what you say, and what exists, between what you do, AND what happens as a result. says, “The external force of the line is the power to differentiate and separate the various aspects of reality, thereby establishing hierarchical order, up and down, within Creation. The internal force of the line is the power to reveal the inherent interinclusion of the various aspects of reality, one in the other, thereby joining them together as an organic whole.” (emphasis added)

The letter vav connects us to the Hierophant in the Thoth Tarot.

hierophant says the Hierophant is, “ a symbol for a world of belief and confession,”  the search for knowledge, and illumination, the desire to study instead of just accept.

The letter vav and the Hierophant card represent the 16th path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Lie, connecting Chokmah (wisdom) to Chesed (mercy).  Chokmah represents reflection, meditation, intuition and insights…it’s the mirror of the crown that reflects the god in you back to you.  Chesed represents the most accepting and forgiving energy on the tree.  In mercy you receive the rewards of discipline and effort.

For further references on the 16th path, please see:

The musical note for the 16th path is C which is DO on the standard musical scale, and 396 on the solfeggio scale.

Blessed be.

Enjoy a meditation on the corresponding solfeggio frequency:


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