New Moon in Virgo


SPECIAL NOTE:  In true Mercury retrograde form, I was without internet during the time of the new moon and unfortunately was unable to get this writing out in time, and was unable to do the SL ritual as planned… however, not to be deterred…

First of all, let’s say we have 6 planets in retrograde!  Retrograde is when the planets appear to be moving backwards and depending on the planet, this typically causes all kinds of havoc with whatever that planet has a tendency to influence.  It’s particularly important to note that our ruling planet is also in retrograde… so

Welcome to the new moon in Virgo – I hope it’s been a calm day for you.. but in case it hasn’t, let’s explore what may be going on…

Virgo is feminine mutable earth.  It is the “I analyze” of the zodiac ruled by Mercury, the ancient god of communication, commerce and intelligence… being in retrograde can make it seem like intelligence is lacking all around, and anything to do with communication, you can expect to b e a little wonky, including your computers, and cell phones!  Your body language may even be a little off and not be coinciding with what you think you’re trying to say.  Virgo can be predisposed to high strung temperament, and with Mercury in retrograde, that could be the understatement of the century.  Earth signs are typically more stable than what Virgo may seem like today.  Virgo is conscious of details, and with the Mercury retrograde, this may be at the root of the high strung temperament, because Virgo is nit picky/perfection. Virgo loves work so if your boss is strongly affected by this new moon, you can expect to get hassled over every comma not properly placed.  While mutable signs are generally flexible, the retrograde can make Virgo seem more like Taurus.

The Moon in Virgo is well organized and gives us an extra incentive of energy to get the job done, whatever the job is… hold your tongue and just do it, despite all the energies working against that perfect job.  With 2nd house energies, the Moon is particularly concerned with our system of values and possessions, so we take a long hard look at how we feel about what we have, why do we have it, is this good for me to keep this, do I really need it….and how does this affect me in other areas of my life.

At the new moon, the sun and the moon are conjunct, working together in the same sign and influences, which considering all the other things we have to deal with at this New Moon, these two super powers working together as opposed to against each other is a blessing… the trick will be to use that influence to our advantage, to not let the retrogrades deter how we navigate in and out of the messes that come up around us.

The sun represents our will and sense of purpose, our constantly evolving higher self, ever aware of the details of how we got here with Virgo’s influence, and being able to clearly see the cause and effect of the course we have taken thus far.  The Sun in the 2nd house gives us a strong urge to identify resources that create safety and comfort for us, while the Moon’s focus is on our emotional security.  Remembering that we attract that which we focus upon, including the good and the bad.

With Leo on the horizon, we have that extra sense of self confidence to remove negative energies from our creative forces, so Virgo’s self doubt doesn’t gain a stronghold.

The square with Mars cautions us to be careful not to be too harsh or forceful when dealing with other people.  The square with Saturn may cause some difficulty controlling emotions.  The opposition with Neptune is a bit of a stickler with this New Moon.  Neptune represents our sense of spirituality, dreams, and intuitions.  Neptune is in Pisces and is in retrograde.  Pisces is the “I believe” of the zodiac and is conscious of what composes our belief system – you may find yourself alone in your views or beliefs, but not to worry… daring to be different is what the Leo rising is there to help you with… Leo is a natural leader and is bold enough to stand firm on his or her own.  Then there’s the trine with Pluto that gives a natural psychological ability, which helps in helping other people… you may feel strangers are drawn to you, striking up conversations you didn’t initiate.

Now, let’s take a look at Mercury, shall we… Mercury is the messenger of the gods, the planet of day to day expression and communication, according to and represents how we make connections whether it be in person or through the internet for example. Our thought processes are also influenced by Mercury, which as we know, is in retrograde…so what we think we know may seem at odds with what’s happening around us… I’ll even be surprised if my computer is working long enough to get this ritual finished… (a prophesy in fact as it turned out.. ha ha because we lost internet for two days!!!)   Everything in our daily lives can be adversely affected and confused, especially when the Sun/moon conjunction is looking for it’s sense of perfection.   Cafeastrology says the different filter, however, can be a good time to see the world in new ways, things that you thought were impossible yesterday, today can seem within reach… likewise, things you thought you couldn’t live without, may in fact seem silly.

The sun represents our will and our purpose, a sense of vitality and our constantly evolving higher self.  Our emotions and our willpower being directly connected to material possessions and how we feel about them makes this an excellent opportunity to take a good look at how we really feel about these things giving us a chance to evaluate whether we are too ingrained and what we have, and the opportunity to let go of those material connections to things.  We have a strong ability to identify resources that are directly related to our security.

Today in the Hebrew calendar is the first or Rosh Chodesh of the month of a Elul. says that the month of Elul is the key to unlocking the inner and most potent meaning of the heart. The letters that spell the month of Elul, the aleph lamed vav and lamed is an acronym for the phrase from song of songs, ani l’dodi v dodi li which means I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me. I had that phrase inscribed on The back of a charm for my boss for Christmas one year and sometime later his wife was killed in an automobile accident. This left a question in my mind as to who really is our beloved because in the natural world we can have multiple persons be the loves of our lives so in many instances there is seldom just one. So who then would be “the” beloved? Remember in the movie, Beloved, with Oprah Winfrey, the subject was the daughter she thought she had killed to keep her from becoming the property of the slave master.  It occurs to me, though, that the first person that an individual should love is themselves, which would coincide with the phrase as above so below because love is what connects us with the higher parts of ourselves, the divine which is only as connected to the Supremes source  as we allow it to be.

The Zohar explains that at the beginning of the month   we are back to back meaning we are indifferent to our higher selves which does not actually mean at the beginning of the month,  but metaphorically for when we are in the state of our egoic self.
Life says that the Rosh Chodesh for the month of Elul marks the beginning of a period of 40 days for forgiving and self examination that ends on Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is the day of atonement where the soul repents and forgives. The days of Elul are known as the days of teshuva (repentance) from the root leshuv (to return as in returning to ourselves our true real interconnected selves, meaning that a person who connects himself by removing separation and disconnection from his soul, returns to his initial state. As we know at the initial state of our birth we come to this world fully connected to our divine selves fully seeing all that the world truly is because we know that babies see things that we don’t see; babies see spirits that we don’t see and  the reason that we don’t see them is simply because we choose not to.  We’re generally conditioned in this world that people who see spirits are nutty or crazy, and our government has taken great steps to make sure that’s what we do, just like the monkeys who were trained to turn on each other for following their natural instincts, going after bananas.  Just as back in 1947 when the incident at Roswell first occurred, the government set out to convince people that it was a weather balloon, and anyone that may suggest otherwise was branded as either crazy, or they simply disappeared, so the world was conditioned with fear and propaganda to call anyone who said they saw a UFO, a crazy person.  Because we want to be part of the crowd, to be accepted, we go along with things that in our hearts we may know are wrong, as the more we do that, the simpler it becomes to ignore that part of yourself that knows, that simply knows who you truly are.

How classic is the scene, played out endlessly in movies, of the couple who walk away from one another. At some point the man turns around, wanting to call her name, ask for another chance, beg for forgiveness. He is about to speak, but realizes that her back is turned. She is walking away. He tells himself that it is too late, she just doesn’t care. So he turns back around. Seconds later, she turns to look at him. She doesn’t want this to end. She wants to say something, but can’t garner the courage, doesn’t have the strength. And why, why should she, when his back is turned? The month of Elul teaches us the necessity of being willing to turn around. She looks at him longingly, but it just doesn’t matter—she assumes he couldn’t care less as he continues to walk away from her. And we, the viewers, sit on the edge of our seats, hoping that maybe they will both turn around at the same second, that they will finally realize that the other does care, that even though they appear to be back to back, they really want to be face to face. Sometimes that fairytale ending does happen; other times they simply continue to walk in opposite directions, right out of each other’s lives.”

This new moon, with Mercury retrograde and all it’s wonkiness, is the perfect time to get reacquainted with who you really are, to crash through those barriers that you may have put up yourself, to get back in touch with your beloved.   The days leading to yom kippur, instead of it being about the people in your world that you may have wronged, let this year be about the wrongs you have done against yourself, and let the love flow outward from within…so we use these days to take stock in ourselves so that by the end of the month, even with the retrogrades occurring,  we are panim el panim, “face to face.”


At the new moon, we focus upon the hebrew letter that created the ruling planet, Mercury which is the reish.  According to, the primary meaning of the letter Reish is “head,” or “beginning.”  Accordingly, there are 4 beginnings in the alef-beit:

the alef – the ordinal beginning-

the hei the vapor, the amorphous matter from which the pronunciation of every letter is formed

yud – every letter begins from a point

reish beginning

the 4 letters combine to spell aryeh, the lion which is the first of the sacred beasts of the divine chariot of Ezekiel… they also spell yirah, which is fear or awe.  It is said that the beginning of wisdom is fear of g-d… not fear as in I’m afraid of something, but fear as in awe, like the feeling I get when I see an eagle flying overhead or the 14 vultures that sat in the tree across the street from our house sunning themselves in the morning, or the baby tadpoles swimming in the hot tub… AWE!   Let’s talk about what that is for you… what is truly awesome to you?  Even in the wonkiness of the retrogrades we’re experiencing, the fact that you can feel that energy, in many ways, alone is awesome… that you can sense the energy of a planet 48 million miles away and we’re one little speck of dust in the midst of the bigger picture.

The letter Reish is the 30th path on the tree of life connecting Hod (glory) to Yesod (foundation) with the Sun card in the Thoth Tarot.

8 & 9

Hod is the sphere of Mercury and Yesod is the sphere of the Moon.  In hod, molecules were bonded together into physical matter and Yesod is where they take the shapes we perceive.  Hod in Hebrew means reverberation and enables us to absorb messages and signs.  Hod is your antennae.  Yesod means secret and governs sexuality and attraction and highlights how you instinctively react to situations.


The Sun, according to traditional tarot interpretation, typically represents either the querent or the face that the querent shows to the world.  Lon Milo Duquette in his detailed book on Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot stated that he described Thelema as sun worship, and when he used the word, “sun,” he quickly noted he was also referring to himself, which is quite a statement.

“Now that human consciousness has been subtly “mutated” with the knowledge that Sun continually exists— that it neither dies at night nor plunges toward extinction in the autumn— we as a race are poised to identify our own consciousness with the same phenomenon.”


DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 149). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

Furthermore, he goes on to explain the doctrine of the twin suns referencing ancient tradition’s teachings of a twin of our earth’s sun which together with our solar system rotate in a cycle, and little by little more and more information comes to light about our origins, our past, who we truly are, who the gods of ancient times really were which again further points to our own divinity which also assumes a greater responsibility.  I remember a documentary that was done on the affect of worship on the chemistry of the brain.  Back when I was still in the church system, and heavily involved in worship services, I remember feeling deeply connected to something greater than myself, I even remember I was beginning to have dreams that were prophetic in nature, as well as out of body experiences.  Now, looking back at that with a wider view of the process, I better understand that worship to be an intense form of meditation that triggers a chemistry in the brain that opens the mind/spirit up to vibrations that are  higher than our normal day to day experiences, something akin to awakening your kundalini energy.   You’ll find literally thousands of books on opening or triggering kundalini energy, exercises that you can do, experiements and logs that you can keep, and the truth of the matter is, the “trigger,” is actually very simple, love yourself, fall in love with yourself knowing that you are the sun, you are the light in the darkness, you are Ra Hoor that abides at the helm… and how do I know that you are; because you found your way to this writing at this time, and THAT is the proclamation!  So know this… somewhere in your person is your divine self, and you owe it to yourself to reconnect, to dispense with the bullshit, and to once again find that awe in yourself, to know how amazing you are, how perfect, and to see the world of possibilities ahead for the god/goddess that is you.

The 30th Path on the tree of life is considered the highest path of the human intellect and is the “activating force of the personality.

The musical note is D Natural which is re on the scale and translates to 417 hz on the solfeggio scale.

Take the time to enjoy a meditation on the 30th path while turning your focus to the Sun card, and tuning in to the corresponding solfeggio frequency, and do let me know your thoughts.  I do like the hour long sequences, but there are shorter ones on youtube.




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