Full Moon in Pisces


Welcome to the Full Moon in  Pisces.  Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions often signifying that Pisceans  feel as they are being pulled in different directions, making decisions difficult.  The symbol has been associated with followers of Jesus, who, according to metaphysical studies, kabbalah, thelema, etc., was much more than the old church writers gave him credit for, and was much misunderstood by mainstream christian society.  His name has been taken for granted and mis-used more than any other in our natural history, yet according to all traditions was a person of peace.

Pisces is mutable earth, ruled by Neptune. It is the “I believe”
sign of the zodiac, the sign of illusion, glamour (as in things not being as
they seem
), mystery and deception.  That being said, perhaps Pisces is also the sign of self discovery as in opening the door to the truth of who you are, making the symbol of the fish take on greater meaning; either you can live in the illusion, or the reality, face one way or the other.  Pisces is intuitive, romantic, emotional and imaginative, albeit impressionable and very changeable.  The lunar Pisces may not always be in touch with reality, but a little imagination can go a long way to re-creating your reality into something more positive.  Pisces can easily see and feel the emotions of others, so careful that you don’t mistake someone else’s dispair  for your own, as you may simply be absorbing energy from someone close to you, so a word of caution not to get lost in the suffering of others.   Pisces is eerily perceptive.

This is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox and is called the harvest moon, and since we are in the countdown to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we consider the fruit of our past year, and what we have accomplished, making note of things that have worked for us and things that have not, people that have been a positive part of our lives versus people that have been energy vampires or a source of discouragement, and how to place those people in their proper place in our lives and compartmentalize them accordingly.

Along with Pisces being mutable which makes it a strong communicative sign, our Moon is also in the 3rd house, highlighting how we communicate that which we perceive, making the creative energies of this Full Moon a breeze, if we just tune in and stay on track which could be a challenge with the Pisces Moon who is easily distracted. The truth is out there.  Little by little traditional history of our past is breaking down as new facts and discoveries come to light despite certain factions attempts to prevent you from knowing them, they become obscure little details that are not widely broadcasted.  I was watching this show on the History Channel called “Mirage Men,” which is this group of people who were charged with “shaping” what the people in this Country thought about UFOs.  Subtle pieces of true information was combined with false information in order to hook people into believing it was all true so that  they would pass out the false information and be discredited. Which reminds me of how a great deal of history was put together, including the information about that forementioned character, Jesus…a little bit of truth coupled with false information but just enough truth to make it seem believable. But little by little the truth comes out because everything done in secret cannot hold forever..eventually everything comes to light.

The sun represents our ego, our willpower and sense of self.  Our ego often finds itself at odds with our emotions and our instincts, and at the opposition, the Sun and the Moon generally attempt to out shine each other.

Just as one religion attempts to outshine  other religions by claiming to be the one closest to the truth or the one to understand God the most with the person who is trying to be more spiritual  stuck in the middle trying to figure out which religion is the truth.  Fact is, the truth really is simply what is true for you, and as far as religion is concerned, it’s what works for you… if you think it brings you closer to your concept of what God is, then that is all that you need, so long as  it brings you to the better version of yourself, helps you to find peace or guidance or helps you to be a more kinder or compassionate person.
This full moon with the moon in Pisces and the sun in Virgo, is the perfect time to try to figure out what and who you are with respect to your spirituality. With the sun having ninth house energies you can brush past appearances and settle on the truth you find within. The sun moon opposition may give you the feeling of being torn between what is comfortable and your real need to grow and progress, so push past those details that you get stuck on and consider what you really need to know.
Mercury represents our intellect mental activity and communication. With the opposition to Mercury you may find it difficult to get that those who are around you to agree with the position that you take but this really isn’t about you trying to find cosigners,  it’s more about you finding the strength to stand on your own belief system and to be OK with standing alone in that if necessary.  Mercury in Virgo gives us an aptitude for details. And with ninth house energies we gravitate to what we think will be lasting.
Mars is the planet of physical vitality assertiveness our desire,  our ego.  With the moon square to Mars we have to be careful not to be too harsh in attempting to express how we feel or how we stand with others as Mars in Sagittarius has a tendency to be direct and face things head-on. The 12th house energies make Mars highly motivated, but use that motivation to find your own answers, not to push your direction on others.
Jupiter is the planet of good luck expansion philosophical ideas and spiritual teachings.  Libra rules beauty art charm and social graces it is the I balance of the zodiac. With ninth house energies Jupiter is willing to go to the ends of the earth to find its truth.
The nodes in the zodiac give us hints at our life’s purpose. The node for this full moon is in Virgo which points us in the direction of the spiritual side of our existence.

Today in the Hebrew calendar is the 16th of the month of Soul as Rosh Chodesh for the month of Elul was on the 1st.  The month of Elul

The month of Elul, according to Chabad.org, is the “key to unlocking the inner and most potent meaning of the heart.”  We talked at the new moon about who truly is our beloved, inferring that our first love is and should be, ourselves. Some here might say that scripturally we’re told to first love god over and above ourselves, but we refer them back to man being created in the image and likeness of the gods, and without a more firm basis on who those gods are, we ourselves serve as the best correlation we can find here on this earthly plane!    Tradition typically holds that our relationship with our creator is at the heart of the phrase, “ani l’dodi v dodi li,” I am my beloveds’ and my beloved is mine…a relationship that is mutually exclusive.  Kabbalah provides that man pushed God away, but God never turned away from man, so all that is necessary to reconnect is for man to turn around.  Thelema holds that traditional religion is responsible for dividing man rather than bringing mankind closer to the peace religion is supposed to offer especially considering that everyone’s religion holds that theirs’ is the only one truth, but we don’t believe in one path to God, anymore than we believe in heaven versus hell.  Furthermore, we hold an all encompassing view of what is God. But how can one love something one doesn’t understand?  At the new moon, we offered that self love is the first step, because you cannot properly love others until you love you, and if you truly love yourself, and understand your own connection to the divine, then you have to respect the next person’s position in the same light and likeness.  No life is more important than another as we all, down to the tiniest creature you can see or imagine, have a purpose in the greater scheme of things.
My son and I had this discussion about why there is any such thing as mosquitos because we really have some ninja mosquitos here that cause huge welts when they bite you, and I reminded him about the scene his wife had just described not five minutes earlier of the hundreds of bats that were flying over the pool one night just feasting on bugs…were it not for the mosquitos, all of those other creatures that feed on them would starve… Or the kids that are afraid of spiders and don’t see their greater good.  So all of life is connected.  Chabad.org provides that the heart and the love it represents can thrive only when there is a totality in connection.
Pisces being the sign of self discovery, the door is open for us to get answers to some of the questions of our lives that we’ve been seeking, the harvest moon rewarding your hard work, the seeds you sowed, and the garden you tiled throughout the year.
The full moon is Pisces is controlled by the Hebrew letter Yud.  The letter yud is the first letter of the Tetragrammaton, god’s essential name…all created forms begin as a single point of energy and life force, the point of the letter yud.
The Yud is called the hand as in the hand of God that created the heavens and the earth.  The Yud is related to the 20th path on the tree of life connecting the sphere of Chesed and Tiphareth, (mercy) and (beauty).  Chesed, which is mercy, is the sphere of Jupiter and rules Sagitarius and Pisces and marks the area in life where you are most benevolent, giving us the potential to transform things into actuality.  Tiphareth which is beauty, not beauty as in how we look on the outside, but rather what is within.  It is the sphere of the sun and is associated with the higher self, and understanding the balance between giving and receiving, masculine with feminine, judgment with forgiveness and is the essential side of preparation for yom kippur and the upcoming new year.

The Yud represents the Hermit in the Thoth Tarot representing retirement from the outside world, the world that teaches us lies, that teaches us to go against ourselves so that we can introvert and listen to our inner voice and learn to care for our inner self, as the hermit is the wisdom of the high priestess.  “In this trump is shewn the entire myster of life in it’s most secret workings.”  [Aleister Crowley]

“First of all, the figure of the Hermit himself is one big stylized Yod. He sports the ibis head of Thoth/ Mercury. The only other visible part is his hand. (Yod in Hebrew) He stands in the fertile field of wheat. The heavy-headed shafts suggestive of sperm. He carries the lamp of the Sun. He is dogged by Cerberus, the three-headed guardian of the gates of the underworld, whom Hermes/ Mercury tamed with honey cakes during his mission to rescue Persephone from Hades.”DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 121). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

More information on the 20th path may be found at:



The musical note is F natural which translates to fa 639 hz on the solfeggio scale.

What do they say… if all else fails go back to the beginning and start over… at some point with all the hubbub of life, sometimes we get bogged down in the details of a lot of bullshit, and after a while, life doesn’t even make sense anymore and you don’t know who to believe. Kabbalah teaches us to go back to the last thing you knew, truly knew to be true.  If we’re honest, the only thing that we really KNOW is that we are… now what we are or what you are, is for you to decide… you’re a blank book until you write your own story, and you get to decide for yourself what that is… are you the fish that goes right or are you the fish that goes left… now get busy!

Blessed be.



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