New Moon in Libra


Welcome to the New Moon in Libra.  Before we get into the energies, I decided to begin this by providing a link to a youtube video on the Kabbalistic Cross Ritual coupled with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, as a short meditative aid to help get one in the right frame of mind and spirit to ingest the essence of this writing.


Aside from a simple correction… at the north corner where he vibrates, “ag-lah,” I would provide that is an abbreviation for “atah gevurah le olam adonah,” which I believe should be vibrated out in full as opposed to using the abbreviated form.   For my Second Life friends… there is a platform above the Moon Isles with the pentagrams and archangels formed to assist in the visualization.

Now let’s move on to the energies.  The moon which represents our emotional nature our inner self dreams subconscious, Our fears loves and desires in the sign of Libra which is the I balance of the zodiac. Libra is cardinal air and rules beauty and charm the arts and social graces. Libra is able to adjust to any situation.

With the sun representing the Yang part of our personalities The qualities that the sun and the moon represents are often at odds with each other. In libra which has a calming effect upon the planets that it aspects our emotions and our ego and our will power can be in the same place with the same goal in mind. The Sun in Libra offers great internal strength and independence.   Libra tends to seek equality, harmony, and balance. With 6th house energies The moon and the sun concern themselves with the style and quality of what we do, how we serve the greater good.   The sun and the moon conjunction in the sign of Libra is the perfect timing for a grand ritual with transformation of the spirit into a higher being or higher consciousness being the goal ultimately. Libra has a bad habit of trying to be everything to everyone trying to agree with everyone’s point of view which gives Libra the reputation of being kind of wishy-washy or maybe even untruthful. This is only a problem if you are not able to decide for yourself Who you are and what you believe. If you are in that place already then you are well into the realm of having balance in your life.
One thing with Libra that will help with transformation is anything that is out of place Libra will nag  at you until you take care of it. So it is a good time for finding and gaining balance in your life which is why the scales of justice perfectly describe Libra.
Also sharing in the conjunction with the sun is the planet Jupiter. Jupiter represents good luck expansion philosophical ideas and teachings higher knowledge it is good fortune and prosperity. A Libra influenced Jupiter represents the very idea of giving and receiving. You may find people seeking you out for advice more than usual.  There is balance in and a direct correlation to that which we put forth in the world versus that which we receive. Our so-called good luck or good fortune is based upon the good that we put forth into the world.  The importance of the lesson so far is enough that we could simply stop here.
Next we have to square up with Pluto  and Mars. The square is generally seen as creating a challenge. When the planets are considered to be a harmonious with each other the square pushes them to work together.
Mars represents our physical vitality assertiveness and our ego nature. Capricorn represents discipline prudence and conservativeness. where as Pluto represents transformation and regeneration. Capricorn cautions Mars and Pluto to use their energy wisely and to take their time and be sure footed just as the goat on the mountain. Mars and Pluto in the 9th house concern themselves  with our philosophy in life, Mars linking us to the energy and drive to move forward and Pluto challenging those  hidden enemies which are essentially things within ourselves that we try to keep hidden that eventually keep coming forward because we’ve swept  them under the rug for too long and not dealt with them. But because the square with Mars may make you harsh when dealing with others, it’s a better time to focus on what’s within, especially since the square with Pluto isn’t too accepting of advice from others.

Last but certainly not least is the sextile  with Saturn which is in Sagittarius in the  8th house.  This sextile is considered a beneficial aspect.  Saturn is the planet of limitations and responsibilities. It is self-discipline and patience. Sagittarius concerns itself with the desire for direction,  the higher purpose. Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom, it’s placement in your horoscope shows where and how things make sense to you. In the 8th house Saturn concerns itself with life and death, old cycles ending and new cycles beginning, our sexuality as a means of transformation, but in a disciplined tantric form that utilizes the energy built for a greater purpose, but the preference with Saturn is to work alone…solitary tantric can be very powerful!

People with Taurus rising are fond of the pleasures in life; craving the security and comfort of relaxing at home.  With a Taurus rising at this New Moon, the house that we’re dealing with is our physical structure that is a reflection of our inner being.

Today in the Hebrew calendar is the Rosh Chodesh of the month of Tishrei created by the letter lamed. provides that Rosh Hashanah and Rosh Chodesh both have one memory. According to Kabbalah the essence of Rosh Hashanah is that on this day, God is revealed as King Of the universe. The letter lamed that created the month of Tishri is the central letter of the word king, “Melech.”

            God is revealed!

            The letter lamed is the Hebrew letter of the calendar. It’s value is 30 indicating the typical number of days in the calendar and, it is the 12 letter of the Aleph beit indicating the number of months.
Rosh Hashanah is the head of the year; it is the anniversary of the day that God (or the gods created man).  In that respect it is shrouded in mystery because the very creation of man is still under question. Therefore what better time to consider our origin and, when considering our origin we take stock in who we truly are. It is a day in which we prepare to ask forgiveness for where we have fallen short of the perfect being that we are, accept our faults for what they are and, see the necessary steps to better ourselves.  Libra in Hebrew is mozna’aim which means scale. reminds us that in ancient times the scale was used by putting objects to be weighed on one side and stones of measurement on the other. In the Egyptian book of the dead the soul of the deceased is weighed on a scale against a feather and if it be heavier, meaning weighed down with guilt or sorrow, the soul is refused access to the afterlife.

“The name of the month is Babylonian. It is an autumn month of 30 days. Tishrei usually occurs in September–October on the Gregorian calendar. In the Hebrew Bible, before the Babylonian Exile, the month is called Ethanim (Hebrew: אֵתָנִים‎‎ – 1 Kings 8:2).

 The letter lamed, the central letter of the word “king” (מֶלֶךְ), undoubtedly matches this royal theme, especially in its numerical value, which is 30. In fact, one of the most significant appearances of the number 30 in the sages’ teachings is in the phrase, “Kingdom is acquired with thirty qualities.”[8] Similarly, in Kabbalah, the number thirty appears with reference to the sefirah of kingdom, the final sefirah of the ten sefirot in the Divine World of Emanation because it has thirty vessels by means of which and through which it evolves and is revealed in the lower worlds (Creation, Formation, and Action).

 The first day of Tishrei is the day on which the world was created, “This is the day of the beginning of Your acts, a memory of the first day.”[12] More precisely, this is the day on which the first man was created, i.e., the sixth day of Creation.[13] Happy birthday to mankind![14]”

In The “Letters of Rabbi Akiva,” the full spelling of the letter lamed (lamed-mem-dalet) is read as short for the phrase: “a heart that understands knowledge” (lev meivin da’at). The numerical value of this phrase (608) equals “heart” (32) times “Eve” (19), i.e. “the heart of Eve.”

So, knowledge and Eve are therefore related.  But what really is the truth of our creation?  Was Darwin correct, is religion correct… or is the truth somewhere in the middle or far above?  The more I study, research, and think with all of the faculties I have, the more inclined I am to believe that the biblical creation story leaves a great number of the details out, and Darwin’s theory misses some critical points as well.  Truthfully, the only way I’ve been able to put it all together into some scenario that makes any sense to me at all is to make the allowance that the gods spoken of in the scriptures were, as Rabbi Ariel simplistically states, extra terrestrial simply by virtue of the fact that they are not earthly, period.  Once you take that into account, the idea of extra terrestrials in other scenarios becomes quite a bit much easier to accept.

In 2004, Howard Hughes Medical Institute published the results of a study which indicated the sophistication of the human brain, even though we typically use very little of it, was the result of some special event akin to the big bang of the brain some 50,000 years ago, and,  that intelligence, and the genes of mankind went through a huge amount of change in a relatively short period of time… something akin to what was recently reported in the evolution of rattler snakes where the snakes with louder rattles were being killed off quicker because they’re a hunted species, and the species itself cured it’s own need of having quieter rattles over a shorter period of time than what would have normally occurred under the standard of evolution.  The jump in evolution or the “mutation” that occurred in the human brain coincidentally occurred around the same time that the Rh factor mutated to allow for RH- which was not seen prior to that time.

The gene “FoxP2,” is the gene that sets us apart from any other species and is the gene responsible for language but science as of yet, can find no evidence of its origin.  Remember the standard, if it’s not earthly, it’s extra terrestrial.


Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.


Here… as we know, “God” is in plural form, et-ha’adamah is incorrectly assumed to be Adam, one man, but it is essentially, mankind, male and female.  Mankind was given dominion over the garden but they’re told never to eat from the tree of knowledge until, as the story goes, a snake comes along and entices the “woman” to eat of the tree, hence original sin.  The Book of Enki, the Enumah Elish, scrolls, hieroglyphs, etc.,  all tell a different variation of the story.  Even the sacred writings of the Book of Enoch tell the story slightly differently… so, let’s say ancient alien enthusiasts are correct and the “sons of god” that came to earth, which conservative religion says were angels (again the standard – not earthly therefore extra terrestrial), did mate with human women to create the race of beings known as the nephillim, the giants.  It is believed that the Annunnaki were beings of 8′ in height. According to the Book of Enki, they came here to mine for a mineral desperately needed by their planet, and by manipulating the DNA of a being that was seen as strong and pliable, created a race known as humans.  Enki, with the assistance of his sister sought to give mankind the ability to self reproduce, but the fruit of knowledge was in the biblical sense, a mandate from Anu, the father of Enki and his older brother Enlil who led the project, that their seed was not to be intermingled with their creations… “and they shall see as gods.”

“More and more we are finding that mythology in general though greatly contorted very often has some historic base. And the interesting thing is that one myth which occurs over and over again in many parts of the world is that somewhere a long time ago supernatural beings had sexual intercourse with natural women and produced a special breed of people.”

Francis A. Schaeffer


Gen 6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.


The “sons of God” is once again plural, as in, “the sons of the gods,”   hence we jump to “fornication” being associated with the so called original sin.


At the heart of the story of Adam and Eve is the idea that there is a great deal more to the story than what we have typically been taught so at the very  heart, the story is shrouded in deceit; Eve is portrayed as this gullible silly female that was deceived by a cunning snake that enticed her to talk Adam, her supposed superior, and the very mirror by which her shortcomings are judged, into committing the first so called sin. I remember a study I did on a breakdown of the story of the garden of eden in the Hebrew.  What I got out of it was that something very profound occurred that forever effected the seed of woman…the figure of the snake was a person that came to be referred to by Christianity as the devil or Satan which I’ve come to believe was responsible for what became known as the missing link in the evolution from hominid to intellectual mankind. The original sin was actually the second son of Anu betraying his law to not comingle his seed with the created beings…and now they shall be as gods seemingly as what the gods were thought to be. To know oneself in the garden epic was to become self aware-to have an intellect, a conscience, and hence a will and a soul,  without which man would return to dust without the inner energy that goes forth from life to life.

“Everyone knows the outcome of the allegory. Adam decided to accept the illuminating wisdom of the Serpent and thus he disobeyed the prohibition of “God”. His punishment was the fateful banishment from paradise, the denial of the source of immortality and a series of divine curses that would spread throughout the whole Earth. Enlightened by the gift of his enigmatic serpentine friend, Man would be the master of his own life but he wouldn’t escape suffering and death. Poor Adam would die without any hope of knowing the mystery of immortality. Although the Jews only interpreted this event as the loss of paradise on Earth and the beginning of a new era in which Man would have to accept responsibility for his own deeds, hence ‘the knowledge of good and evil’, the first Christian theologians, utterly possessed by their strange demonic god Anu-Yahweh, would later make up a conclusion a thousand times more twisted: the church doctrine of so-called ‘Original Sin’

Already bound in the deepest abysses of madness, Christians teach that Adam’s supposed transgression, that of accepting the wisdom of heaven and choosing his own enlightenment, was an act of unrighteous rebellion which not only resulted in his exile from paradise, but even polluted the whole world with evil, unleashed the progressive degeneration of creation and brought about death and all kinds of human suffering. In theological terms, this doctrine is called the “Fall of Man”. Of course, according to this lapsarian worldview, Man is inherently evil, is born in sin and continues to be held responsible for every evil that exists in the cosmos. Meanwhile, Yahweh, the punishing god, presents himself as a poor victim of the countless acts of disobedience of rebellious and sinful humans. The Serpent, now slandered as the adversary “Satan”, is accused of being the “Father of Evil” and displayed as the feared “Enemy of Mankind”. We bear all the blame and deserve all the suffering that we go through, since after all, our primeval ancestor gave in to that evil devil. Therefore, submitting to Yahweh and accepting his “plan of salvation”, his only path and his only thought, is our only way out. What a load of bullshit! .”

The serpent is the symbol of the ancient, EA (Enki) as represented on the caduceas, the helioplex symbol of DNA and the kundalini energy in the body… one begins to see that “knowledge” is a very relative term!


Frances Crick who co-discovered  DNA says heliocomex for all humans rotates in the same direction, but had it been created here on earth it would have a 50-50 split on the direction of its rotation.  5% of our DNA is used for reproduction, but the rest is considered junk DNA, because science currently doesn’t know what the remainder is used for… that’s 95% of our DNA remaining a mystery!

So lets for a moment consider religion’s concept of God… a celestial being that has time to intercede on behalf of every human being that believes in him/her.  Would it not make more sense for such a being to empower you to manage such things on your own? tells us The month of Tishri is a gauge to a higher dimension, to the universal storage of life energy open to us and allows us to draw blessings and abundance so we can re-create and re design ourselves from the beginning once more.
The letter lamed is associated with the Adjustment card in the Thoth tarot, formerly known as “Justice” in other decks. says the adjustment card is a symbol for the balance of contrast, complementing one another, and also building up room and time.


The adjustment card and the letter lamed are associated with the 22nd path on the kabbalistic tree of life connecting the sphere of tiphareth (6 beauty) with the sphere of gevurah (5 judgment).

Balance against each thought its exact opposite for the marriage of these is the annihilation of Illusion,” Crowley said,  “ nature is not the grocer weighing out a pound of sugar; it is the compensation of complicated rhythms.” Lon Milo Duquette noted that Crowley called The Adjustment card the feminine complement of the Fool. The combined Hebrew letters of these cards represent the aleph and lamed which spell “AL” the root word for god or backwards is LA for not.  “In the western Zen of Thelema, “ god- not-god” is an important concept.  God in Thelema is not the morbid Christian God as they say, which according to the so-called holy scriptures is a word translated in the theme of what someone wanted it to be and as such, mankind is always held to a standard that he cannot attain. Because he is held to a standard that he cannot attain, he is always, according to Christianity, guilty and in need of some higher entity to save him from himself. The contrasting concept is that man, especially when you take into account who the gods of creation are really reported to be, and God are one, God is within man and man within god, the end wedged in the beginning, and therefore we are held responsible for ourselves which is the idea behind the scales of balance cause and effect.

I watched one of my favorite movies the other day “The Craft,”  and at one part, the group of four girls had invoked the spirit, afterwhich had evolved from the meek,  and oppressed females that they started out to be in the movie to become much more extroverted, and aggressive. Karma teaches us that we get back that which we put out into the universe, and although they had good reason for the spells they cast against the people who had done them wrong, they were in fact, becoming that which they hated. We typically live lives as if we believe there are no consequences for our actions. Organized religion is in part responsible for that concept in teaching that, all that is necessary is to ask for forgiveness for the wrongs that one commits against other whether or not your heart changes.  We often find that what the person is actually sorry for is that they got caught. If mankind does not appreciate his own divinity he will never take full responsibility for his own actions.

Being the essence and energy of a God should never go to one’s head unless you look around your world and your world is perfect by nature. So far it is anything but because of the way mankind has typically treated the animals that we were entrusted  to care for as well as of the earth around us and what we have eventually done to her,  not to mention each other!


Answering the question of who you truly are is a great weight off of one’s shoulders. It is the answer to the question that many of us ask ourselves, why are we here, what is our purpose. To know that is to finally be at peace with who you truly are, and finding that is finding your balance; the balance between what you desire in your physical life, what you desire in your spiritual life, and having those things be aligned into one purpose that is true to your being.
We look at all the things that stress does to the body, disease, aches and pains, discord in relationships just to name a few. When you have managed to answer your own question as to why you’re here, and what you should be doing, you find yourself going about the business of taking care of those things, and in doing so, find a  sense of peace in being who you are.  That is the true meaning of riches in glory.

Blessed Be.


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