Full Moon in Aries


Before we get into the energies, we begin by providing a link to a youtube video on the Kabbalistic Cross Ritual coupled with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, as a short meditative aid to help get one in the right frame of mind and spirit to ingest the essence of this writing.


Aside from a simple correction… at the north corner where he vibrates, “ag-lah,” I would provide that is an abbreviation for “atah gevurah le olam adonah,” which I believe should be vibrated out in full as opposed to using the abbreviated form.   For my Second Life friends… there is a platform above the Moon Isles with the pentagrams and archangels formed to assist in the visualization.

Now we welcome the Full Moon in Aries… The Moon, representing our emotional natures, the female archetype in us all, our inner self, dreams, the side of ourselves we typically keep hidden to protect what society has told us are our weaknesses.  The Moon is our instincts that we’re told not to trust, our habit patterns, and unconscious drives. The sign of Aries is masculine, cardinal fire, the masculine nature that goes against all things emotional, but with the Aries Moon, emotions can run hot and often without reason because cardinal fire just acts without thinking, asking questions later so we have to be careful to guard against flying off the handle without the entire story, covering all sides and corners.  Ruled by Mars, the ancient god of War, Aries is aggressive, and thrives on conflict believing not to act lacks courage and passion. Aries can be impulsive and seem fierce or harsh, promoting independence.  With 10th house energies, the Moon shows us great understanding into the community around us egging us on to act for the greater good… we should keep our eye on local news stories during this time being careful to remember that the headline is never the entire story.

At the full moon, the sun and the moon are opposite.  Oppositions create challenges that give us growth and change, if we honor both planets and what they’re telling us, seeing the ying and the yang of every situation before we act, which in and of itself can be a challenge for the Aries Moon.  The Sun is our basic character, our ego and identity, the side of ourselves we show to the world because it typically best fits in with society, despite what our true feelings are.  Libra is masculine cardinal air, taking action but more influenced by social graces, so it is more diplomatic at how it goes about seeking change than the Aries Moon.  Where Aries is the drive, Libra is the diplomacy to get others to join into the cause as Libra lends the ability to see how things relate.  With 4th house energies, things closer to home and family are at the forefront, so finding a balance between what we perceive is needed for the whole versus what is needed for those closer to us can be the challenge.

With politics looming over us all is the perfect example of challenges in creating balance between two opposing forces.

Mercury joins in the opposition with the Sun representing our intellect and ability to effectively communicate our will… our perception and sense of reason also influenced by socially graceful Libra.  The problem comes in with the opposition with the Moon, we may find ourselves not even recognizing our own feelings, but like the Sun, Mercury’s priority becomes home and family.

The conjunction is considered intense and unified.  Planet Uranus represents change, upsets.. it affects our sense of originality and drive for freedom and independence.  If Mercury and the Sun are most concerned with family and home, Uranus/Moon conjunction gives you a sense of originality, shaking things up… so if you’ve ever hesitated to try new things with your mate… good time to get things going.  Uranus in Aries is innovative, lending bold new ideas that can shake up traditions and Aries doesn’t stop to think what the other person is gonna think about it.  With 10th house energies, Uranus can shake up things on the job front as well.

The square is generally seen as an aspect of frustration and challenge.  The planet Pluto.. and yes… as far as we are concerned, she’s still a full planet simply by virtue of the fact that she has a powerful influence in our charts.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and extremes.  She influences sex, and regeneration.  Pluto in your chart shows where you take an all or nothing attitude.   The Moon/Pluto square causes inner conflict because the Aries Moon jumps right in while the Pluto in Capricorn tends to keep feelings bottled up as it analyzes and compartmentalizes our psyche.  WIth 6th house energies, Pluto has the potential to make radical changes.

While the Moon concerns itself with the world, the other planets aspecting this Full Moon seem to be more concerned with home and family, raising the question that often comes up in life, what is more important?  That has to be a personal question, just as the personal analysis that one takes during the month of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Rosh Hashanah was, according to the Torah instructions, on the first day (the new moon) of the 7th month.  The day of atonement, or Yom Kippur, on the 10th day, and then on the 15th day, begins the feast of tabernacles.  Since the New Moon was on September 30th, today would be the 17th day of the month of Tishrei.  The month of Tishrei, as instructed in Leviticus is the month of self examination, renewal, and celebration.  According to Torah, it marks the anniversary of the creation of man, and the recreation of man after mankind’s deliverance from bondage.  The New Moon marked a time of beginning life anew as the divine in us all is released from the shakels that have kept it hidden, and the Full Moon marks the celebration of joining our brothers in mutual respect of the God in us all… “God is revealed.”

True to the overall theme of this Full Moon’s energies, I’m probably going to take the unpopular position and raise a few eyebrows, possibly loosing a few friends along the way, but we all have our roles to play…



Cops Walk Out of WNBA Game Over Players Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirts


There is certainly nothing wrong with taking a position, or civil protest against what you perceive as a wrong committed against one group or another. But here’s something we, as a people have to grasp… it’s not just that one group of lives matter over another, it’s simply is that ALL OF LIFE MATTERS… not just all lives as in humans only:


Where was your sense of outrage over atrocities that have occurred against countless species of animals who have suffered at the hands of humans?


Where was your outrage over dog fights that caused an entire breed of dog to be branded as dangerous at the hands of humans?


Where was your sense of outrage over the elephants and rhinos that were slaughtered simply for a part of their body that was carved and sold as trinkets?


Where is your sense of outrage over seals being clubbed to death?


Where is your sense of outrage over ANY animal living in a cage anywhere?


Where is your outrage over what this Country did to the natives of this land that were here before AND what continues to happen to them and the land they consider sacred?


And where is your sense of outrage when it’s your muslim brothers targeted, and profiled as you believe we are?


What the hell do we care about?  From what you see across social media, it’s not much beyond ourselves.  We look at the past of race relations in this Country and the civil rights movement, and all of the people that put their lives on the line for equality… oh we protested the death of Martin Luther King Jr., we even for protested Malcolm X  and we’ve rioted over the wrongs we perceive that have continued since, and then we go back home, shut our doors, pick up the game controller and go back to status quo, caring about little or nothing because it doesn’t personally affect us.  What happened to the Black Panther Party… we happened… our complacency and our neglect and yet we have the nerve to put on a black lives matter t-shirt and call ourselves standing for something.  The Day of Atonement has passed, year after year, and yet we haven’t changed! It’s not enough to just sit and complain about what’s wrong with the world, you have to actually take steps to change that which you see is wrong.. you can’t do that sitting on your ass, and a protest, whether peaceful or riotious, isn’t the answer either.  We persist in pointing the finger, but it’s never occurred to us that the problem has anything to do with us, or that we do anything wrong, it’s always whats been done to us… ENOUGH.  We are too often our own worst enemy, putting too much of our energies into quick fixes that never last but a moment, and certainly not enough energy understanding and learning how to use the power we already possess.


The month of Tishrei is controlled by the planet Venus which was created with the hebrew letter Pe.  The Zohar teaches that the letter Pe has two faces; on one hand the planet venus is the planet of love, beauty and pleasure but on the outside of the letter, pe looks like a snake hiding it’s head and poison. We are either connecting to the power of the light within us or we are subject to the poison of complacency; reminding us of the vows that many of us make to ourselves, family, or community at each new year, whether your new year is Rosh Hashanah, or the gregorian new year in January, and then break those vows.

Inner.org provides:

The mouth, the letter pei, follows the eye, the letter ayin. The five kindnesses and five mights of the right and left eyes discussed in the letter ayin are in fact the dual manifestations of the sefirah of da’at, knowledge, as taught in Kabbalah. Da’at is the power of union and communication. Providence is the power of da’at as revealed by the eyes. The power of da’at as revealed by the mouth – speech – is the more explicit form of contact and communication between individuals. Just as in the verse: “and Adam knew his wife Eve,” “knew,” the power of da’at, refers to the physical union of man and wife, so is “speech” idiomatically used by our Sages to refer to such union. So are we taught in the Zohar: “[the power of] da’at is concealed in the mouth.”


So little is understood about the power of the spoken word, the things that we unknowingly ask for by what we say, and the intent of heart when they are said.  Think back, just as far as conversations you’ve had this past week…did you speak life or death, because there is no middle.

The letter Pe connects us to the Tower card in the Thoth Tarot.


“Break down the fortress of thine Individual Self, that thy Truth may spring free from the ruins! ”  DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 140). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

“Have you ever watched the phases of a large construction project? In the first phase, the land is cleared by smoke-belching bulldozers. Trees are ruthlessly ripped from their roots. Grass and vegetation is plowed under and raked away, then cut up or burned. It is a scene of utter destruction and desolation. If you were to take a photograph of the site at the end of phase one, you would have a picture of a catastrophe. However, in a year or two, the picture changes. Construction has taken place, and now there stands a magnificent building, landscaped with grass and trees and flowers, and perhaps a beautiful little waterfall and lake with a swan or two.”DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 140). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

The destruction of illusion; the illusion that we are good people, when in fact for some, we are only as good as others see, for some – only good in public… I saw a billboard or a sign on something that said something to the effect of that thing about loving thy neighbor… I meant that signed God.  For many of us, our love is conditional, dependant upon someone doing what we want, thinking how we think… and we withhold the greatest part of ourselves out of selfishness and fear.

I watched a video through a link I found on Facebook where they released 14 wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and they are amazed at how the eco-system has changed.  Where they thought the wolves would kill, it turns out, what they did brought much life back into the park in ways they never would have imagined.  That is the power of the Tower card, a complete overhaul of the senses… the end of feeling sorry for ourselves or the end of seeing ourselves as victims awaiting the slaughter… we are the essence and energy of GODS (no matter what that means to you, irrespective of what G-d is in your world)… how dare we take that lightly!

The letter Pe and the Tower represent the 27th path connecting the sphere of Hod (glory) to Netzhach (victory), spheres 8 and 7 respectively, and connecting right and left column energies.

The sphere of Hod  means reverberation and enables communication, i.e., the absorption of messages, signs and synchronicities that we encounter so that we can understand and transmit new ideas to others.  The sphere of Netzhach generates the mechanism of repetition and reproduction.  [read that again!!!]  Now imagine the possibilities.

I read the following statement from Mysticmamma.com:

“The most effective Aries people I’ve known are people of action. They are not saints – they have tempers, and don’t always exercise the best judgment; but neither do they blame the world for their problems, or meekly accept their helplessness at the hands of fate.”


We are in charge of our own personal space…anything that doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm has no business existing in our physical realm, and the only way it does is we open ourselves up to allow for it.




The musical note for the 27th path is C which translates to DO which is 396 hz on the solfeggio scale..

Enjoy a meditation on the corresponding frequencies:


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