New Moon in Capricorn


Welcome to the New Moon in Capricorn, which waned at 1:53 AM EST in the 3rd house with the conjunction to the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Pluto, and a sextile with Mars, and Neptune, the planet of dreams, but we’ll get to that a little later.  First let’s say, this is the 2nd time during the course of our calendar year that the new moon has fallen in the sign of Capricorn, as it did so also early in January.  We may remember the number 13 was prominent in our full moon of this month, and we have had 13 new moons during the course of this calendar year, not uncommon, while only having 12 full moons, so the times of the new moons have been possibly a bit more significant during this past year, having a slightly greater impact.

The Moon representing the female archetype, the emotional nurturer in us all, and those unconscious drives that mysteriously seem to lead us to those things within ourselves that we need to take care of, falls within the sign of Capricorn, the sign of reaping and sowing, obstacles and limitations.  Capricorn is feminine cardinal earth; it is the harvest of Taurus’ basic raw resources combined with Virgo’s nurturing.   Cardinal signs take action charging in to get things done, and seeing as though Capricorn is my ascendant sign, I always feel a great need to fix people around me and help them solve their problems, which sometimes keeps them from helping themselves, which, with Cancer being my sun sign, I typically get emotional attached to what I’m doing. I’m learning to turn that need off.  Earth signs are just what you think, grounded and logical, which makes me a walking contradiction.  However, in the midst of being spiritually faithful, Capricorn is what helps you remember your earthly needs.

The conjunction is when two planets are generally at 0 degrees within each other on the natal chart.  The planets involved determine the meaning and are typically intensely unified in their energies, working together toward a common goal.  The planets involved in this conjunction include the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Pluto.

The Sun represents the male archetype in our personalities, the ego and basic character.  Mercury is our intellect and how we communicate and gather information, and Pluto is the planet of transformation and regeneration. How these planets affect you individually depends upon how this New Moon falls within your chart, but we can gain a sense of what they have to say by the sign and the house they aspect.   Mercury in Capricorn would help us to garner past the bullshit to help us get directly to the nitty gritty of what we’re after, while Pluto in Capricorn would help to bring about changes that we’re due based on prior choices we’ve made, which brings to mind something that I read at where Rabbi Arial made reference to the future not being absolute, but rather inferred the possibility of a change of course determined by our actions/beliefs.  The third house represents communications, but that’s not necessarily what we put forth, but also includes that which we let in and how we process that information.  If the filter changes (Pluto) so does how the information gets interpreted by the spirit and mind.  For instance, it is often said that bible versus are open to interpretation by the person reading, and how that person interprets is often dependent upon what they believe at the time.  Likewise, the same verse can take on a completely different meaning later in that same person’s life, whether or not their belief system has changed… their circumstances, however, have.  Whether or not you believe in angels, demons, for instance, could change depending on where you  are in your life, and your level of knowledge, i.e., my idea of such beings today is quite different than it was 20 years ago, because I’m a different person who has absorbed different information through quite a different filter than when I first heard of such beings.

Specifically, the Moon in Capricorn allows us to manipulate all ideas and put them to good use.  The conjunction with the Sun in Capricorn lends for independent thinking, and clear vision.  Mercury in Capricorn awakens the analytical in our thinking which helps us to absorb information as we study it.

The sextile occurs when planets are at 60 degrees of each other and is considered a beneficial aspect, the planets involved given an extra dose of the helping hand.   Mars is the planet of energy and physical vitality, so if we’re in a course of study, we’ll have the energy to continue when that carbohydrate sleepiness wants to take hold.  Neptune is the planet of dreams, and dream interpretation is also an area of personal significance as the meaning and symbolism in any one person’s dream are processed with the same filters spoken of above, just as the things you see in your every day life spark thoughts or memories based upon things in your past, a song, a movie, even a type of car, has specific meaning to an individual; riding in a bronco along a snowy night elicits fond memories of a childhood crush, and apparently a lasting impression of love.  Pisces represents our belief systems and is ruled by Neptune the ancient god of illusions and mystery.  Mars in Pisces gives us a sense of psychological understanding, and Neptune opens our intuition into all areas of the spirit, occult, religion, and all things mystical.  This New Moon has the potential to bring great revelations about who we are as spirit beings and helps us set the tone for the coming year.

Today in the Hebrew is the Rosh Chodesh, or New Moon/first of the month of Tevet.  In the Torah portion for this day  tells of a Pharoah and his dreams with some significance to the number 7, as in 7 ears of grain, 7 cows, etc.  He called to his necromancers and sages for help in interpreting the dreams, but no one came forth with any answers.  We have often suggested that the only person able to interpret your dreams is you.  In an interview Rabbi Arial, along with his suggestion of keeping a dream diary, he stated that if you are unsure, through things that happen or come up during the course of a day, month, or even a year, the meaning of a dream will eventually come to you.  For those who make a regular habit of keeping the dream diary, you  may be able to more quickly recognize what your unconscious is telling you…in other words, somewhere inside.. you know what the dream means. provides:

“They always feel that Luck is going to betray/fail them. They are waiting for the, “other shoe to drop”, they can’t believe it when things are going great. A pattern emerges whereby Capricorns build something and suddenly lose it all, therefore the need to rebuild from the beginning. This self fulfilling prophecy that something is going to go wrong sets them up for failure and reinforces their belief system that they cannot rely on luck, only on their own hard work, hence their industrious nature.”

Ok so putting myself on the altar, I cannot express how many times I’ve started over for one reason or another.  Despite my knowing that things have always worked out for me.  Remembering the teachings from Shambala, anything that we focus upon for more than 30 seconds, we create in our reality.  Now, I also believe we can shoot that down and return that with a contrasting positive thought, but worry and doubt are the absolute enemies of faith.

The secret of Tevet is, the end is wedged in the beginning as in the final destruction of the temple and what circumstances led to that destruction.  We today live the result of what we created in the past, whether it be good, bad, or both, good from bad, or bad from good; your perspective here!

The hebrew letter associated with the month of Tevet (it’s ruling planet) is the letter Bet, being a letter of blessing.  Bet has a bottom line symbolizing the earth, and an upper line symbolizing the sky with a vertical line that connects them together.  You are that connecting line, that which you bring to the earth and that which you put forth into the aether from the earth/physical.


The letter bet represents the Magi and the 12th path on the kabbalistic tree of life, connecting the sphere of Kether (crown) with Binah (understanding).

The card, the Magician, in the Thoth Tarot represents the very act of creation, consciousness, action and creation.  According to, he’s the symbol for the idea of manifestation, the possibility of making an idea come true.


“The True Self is the meaning of the True Will: know Thyself through Thy Way! Calculate well the Formula of Thy Way! Create freely; absorb joyously; divide intently; consolidate completely. Work thou, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, in and for Eternity.

 Mercurial trump that, in older decks, bears the title Magician or Juggler; it is also a title of the second highest level of spiritual illumination a human soul can attain.

 Mercury is pre-eminently the bearer of the Wand: Energy sent forth. This card therefore represents the Wisdom, the Will, the Word, the Logos by whom the worlds were created….”

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 100). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.













Excerpt from DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 100). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition


The sphere of Kether on the Tree of Life represents the will in its quest for oneness.  The divine name for this sphere is “Ehe-yeh” translates to “I AM,” and infers the infinite, “I will be,” making room for future descriptions of what “I Am” becomes.  The sphere of Binah, understanding, requires the sphere that it sits across from, wisdom.  This sphere imparts the energies required to comprehend ourselves. It highlights the area in your life where you must practice persistence and focus in order to succeed… for the Capricorn, that focus must be on thwarting all negative thoughts that negate the good that Capricorn creates.  The ascendant in our chart hints at our karmic issues in this lifetime, and I must have known that I needed to overcome areas of doubt in order to move forward to the next level… it’s been a lifelong struggle, but it must have taken several lifetimes to get me there. says areas that the 12th path can help you include:


” Dissolving creative blocks

Getting in touch with your true creative ability

Becoming aware of what your own blockages are, and what is needed to overcome them

Learning to identify your emotional “buttons;” getting in touch with your own karmic problems

 Learning to be responsible for everything that you project and create

Learning that understanding frees you from limitation; let go of your fears through understanding

Recognizing that all of your thoughts are things and will manifest; you are a magician already

Recognizing that emotion powers thought

Developing foreknowledge through the activation of the Third Eye

Forgiving yourself, accepting your humanity

Astral projection

Dream enhancement and understanding

Increasing communication with your Guides

Allowing your higher self to manifest its creativity through your lower personality

Being able to clearly recognize cause and effect, by seeing the whole picture

Being able to see truth, and understand that there are no rights or wrongs”


The color is yellow, the musical note is E which translates to MI on the standard scale and to 528 hz on the solfeggio scale.  Totem beings including apes, swallows and the ibis.


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