Full Moon in Cancer


Welcome to the first Full Moon of 2017 which waxed January 12, 2017 at 6:34 AM EST in the sign of Cancer.  The Moon representing our emotional nature, our inner self, dreams, subconscious, and instincts in the sign of Cancer, feminine cardinal water.  The moon is at home in Cancer.  I was reading that the sign “Cancer” is like “a toddler who grabs onto something and won’t let go,” and boy is that the truth… speaking from personal experience (me).  Cancer is all about emotions and intuitive behavior…she’s receptive, sensitive and imaginative, the nurturing nature the Moon is typically all about.  The Moon in Cancer helps one sense the mood and feelings of others making counseling and nursing highlighted during this moon phase.  With 7th house energies, friends, partners, and relationships are at the forefront and a primary source of strength.

Aspecting this Full Moon including the opposition with the Sun, and Pluto, trine with Mars, square with Jupiter, and Uranus.

Oppositions are exactly what they infer, when planets are at opposite sides of the sky.  They are known to create challenges that, if handled correctly and giving expression to both planets involved, can lead to growth.  The Sun and the Moon opposition always give us a tug of war with our inner self being at odds with how the world tends to see us.  The Sun represents our basic character, conscious personality, who we are at heart, our egocentric selves.  We may wish to seem strong and confident on the outside, and mush on the inside; that’s opposition.  With oppositions, we often find ourselves torn between that which is comfortable and a need to grow and progress.  With Capricorn’s sense of discipline, the Sun gives us a clear vision on what we need to do, happy to manage anything that’s practical, but the emotional Cancer Moon is anything but practical, as she’s going on pure emotion and instinct.   With 1st house energies, the Sun is out front and personable.  But remember to give both the Sun and Moon expression.

The trine represents areas in our lives where we’ve earned good karma.  Mars represents physical  vitality and assertiveness.  Assertiveness doesn’t denote mean or cranky, or necessarily anything negative at all… it’s conscious drive, willpower, and endurance.  But in the way of earning good karma, this trine with Mars gives us the energy to deal with those things that are going on with the people around us… sometimes energy is required just to listen, so since the Moon gives us insight into what’s going on with our friends, Mars gives you the energy to help them if necessary, without losing yourself, especially with Mars in Pisces which lends a true understanding of self sacrifice… do it without expecting anything in return… remember, it’s like good karma in the bank!

The square is generally considered a challenging aspect, however, Jupiter represents good luck and expansion, higher knowledge… so there may be some hesitation here to see where the needs of others should take precedent over what we want.  The willingness to help someone isn’t truly the natural way when survival and self preservation are such strong driving forces.

Uranus represents change and upsets; our drive for freedom, giving us a flair for the unusual, and with Aries energies, a bold sense of “who cares what they think.”

Last but certainly never least is the opposition with Pluto.  Pluto is regeneration, ending for the sake of beginning anew, transformation, and extremes.  Avoid letting those emotions get personal, remember what another person is feeling is from their perspective.  In Capricorn, Pluto easily cuts through red tape, and bullshit and gets to the heart of the matter…no point in beating around the bush… make the point plain and direct.

Now, as of January 7th, we’ve had a rare astrological event in that all planets turned direct, at the same time.  There are different points in life where we get a rare opportunity to fix or rethink something we missed; something we thought we dealt with, that as we know, until we deal with things properly, they will continue to come up again and again in life.  Such a rare event though, one might think that whatever that something was that we missed, was significant enough to make the universe want to stop and give you a chance to catch up… rethink it before you move forward.. remember we’re dealing with the karma of the future. Did the past holiday season make you a little nuts?  Regardless of what your religious practices, there’s been at least one celebration where it’s been more about what’s going on around you over what the focus of the holiday is supposed to be about!

Today in the hebrew calendar is correctly the 14th of Tevet.  The torah portion for the last moon festival dealt with the power of dreams and dream interpretation; still the month of tevet, the torah portion for this Full Moon looks at a different part of Joseph’s life and what he did to take care of his brothers despite how horribly they had treated him.  We know from the New Moon that Capricorn has a tendency to not believe in it’s own good fortune, but instead prefers to work for what it has, not necessarily sensing all the while, that the two are actually working together, i.e., I believe that in doing this.. this will be good… because you can’t believe in something and not walk in that belief… just as the parable of the fish.. if they never actually physically reached in the bag to get the fish out.. .how would they ever have known the fish were there.

So… what did we miss?  Well, I’m reminded that we’re just coming out of the season of so called “brotherly love,” and “good will towards men,” and… wait, why is there just a “season?”  Why is that not something we carry with us every day of the year?  Now… take a walk with me for a minute… in our household, despite everything, despite my pagan beliefs, we’ve always (with the exception of one year) done a christmas tree… that’s what I grew up with and I see no real need to change that because the lights of the holiday season were always particularly important to me; had nothing to do with the tree, the lights always made me feel good.  Over the course of the years, because of who I am, I have a tendency to get attached to the tree because it’s a part of the warm fuzzies.  A lot of love goes into decorating the tree as the kids gather to put the bulbs on, not conscious of the energy that they add to the tree, and when she’s lit, she shines with that loving innocent essence.  She Stays! Try taking the tree out of here… just try!!!!  Why this short walk into the psychosis that is me you ask?  To illustrate doing whatever you need to in order to continue that sense of “good will,” in your life, if you had it at all, and if you didn’t perhaps THAT’s the reason you need to take a look back at what was missed in the past year.  It’s not about any religion or belief system, because as we know, in all things, you do get back that which you put out there; it’s banking karma!


The hebrew letter associated with this Cancer Full Moon is the letter Ayin, as the letter that created the ruling planet for the month of Tevet. The letter ayin is the eye, as in the “Eyes of God,” and divine providence.  If there was someone from your life that has gone on to the summerland, that if you knew they were watching you always, would have a profound effect on your actions?  One might reason that is one’s conscious that helps one walk a certain path, while another might reason that is simply a fear of consequence which doesn’t make a measure of good at all.  So one might say, then, that doing something for the sake of banking good karma, isn’t doing good for it’s own sake at all, but still selfish and vain.

devil       The letter Ayin represents the Devil in the Thoth Tarot, and the 26th Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting Tiphareth (6 beauty) with Hod (8 glory).

Tiphareth is the sphere of the Sun and describes the area in life where you can express your highest good.  The sphere of Hod enables us to absorb messages, signs and synchronicities.



“With thy right Eye create all for thyself, and With the left accept all that be created Otherwise! 130”  DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 137). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.


In this case, be it for purely unselfish reasons or otherwise, good is still good, yes there’s a measure of it, but don’t get caught up in questioning your motives to the point that you sit and do nothing.


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