New Moon in Virgo


         Welcome to the New Moon in Virgo.  The Moon representing the female archetype, the mother aspect of our personalities, nurturer, instincts, habit patterns, and unconscious drives in the sign of Virgo, feminine mutable earth, the “I analyze,” of the zodiac.  Ruled by the ancient god of communication, Mercury rules commerce, intelligence, and reason. Virgo’s naiveté  and shyness is often associated with virginal.  The Moon in Virgo is caring of others.  The mutable earthiness of Virgo doesn’t get carried away with emotions, and brings a sense of balance to the emotional Moon.


The Virgo Moon is concerned and  caring about the needs of others and with 2nd house energies, she looks at all the things that come easy to us, the support that we need when we need it and in turn we can be that support for those around us.

The trine in Mercury shines its light on our sense of the traditional, the younger being able to glean from your wisdom. In Capricorn Mercury gives us a clear analytical mind able to grasp ideas and put them to work so that others can understand as well. With 5th house energies we have a tendency toward a flair for the dramatic, use it to your benefit as sometimes that’s what people respond to….the drama queen with a story to tell.

With the conjunction with Jupiter, we find popularity with the people around us. A person born under this chart would be a natural leader, charismatic and genuine.

           The trine occurs when planets are at 120 degrees from each other and is considered an area of ease, comfort, and good fortune.  Mercury represents our intellect, our ability to think, communicate, and gather information.  Mercury’s purpose in our chart is to create a balance between duality and ethereal.  Capricorn is the sign of sowing and reaping, so in helping us create that balance, Mercury reminds us through communication of how the universe works.

        The conjunction occurs when planets are on the same degree, the transit tends to be intensely unified.   Jupiter represents good luck, and expansion.  Virgo is the sign of communication, and innocence..  Virgo figures things out through reasoning, and analytical thinking.  With 2nd house energies, the Moon and Jupiter’s focus becomes concerned with the value we place on things, situations, people, including our own self image. This New Moon is jam packed with energies that point to working with people, helping others, even somehow being unable to avoid it because the need is right in your face.

        The square occurs when planets are at 90 degrees apart and is typically thought to create challenges.  Saturn represents limitations, that structure we often need when we go off willy nilly following that dream or that drive to do.  If everything came easy, no one would learn, and no one would grow.  Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom… Saturn’s limitations, together with Sagittarius’ wisdom is a prescription for tempering caution. Look beneath the surface at the problems that come up, as there are too often deeper causes than what meets the eye.  Take your time and absorb the energies going on around you so you have a full sense of the bigger picture.

        Finally, is the trine with Pluto.  Pluto is the planet of transformation, and regeneration, the planet of extremes.  In the sign of Capricorn, the sign of the harvest, we’re again cautioned to step carefully because the work that we do during these energies will have a lasting effect upon those we hope to help.  With 5th house energies, Pluto is extremely sensitive and creative in it’s approach.   


I’m reminded of stories and traditions passed down from generation to generation in some cultures, especially those cultures that have a great respect for nature, because whether we appreciate it or not, it is nature that either supports man’s existence here on earth or not. I’ve been watching a lot of Weather Gone Viral over the past month and despite our technology that lends us great assistance in so many areas of life, there is nothing that can help us in the midst of a category 5 tornado, or hurricane. So whether we want to admit it or not, nature still has us all over a barrel, and the only thing we really can do in those extreme situations is sit back and acknowledge her awesome power. But moreover, one thing we can do is to teach the youth to respect her and all of the life she supports. In an episode of “Taboo,” there was some controversy over this village hunting a certain breed of whale, which they use for food throughout the year. Many animal rights activists complain that the tradition is inhumane, but the people honor the whales that they hunt and the food is freely given to all those who need it.  By contrast is the food industry here in the West, for those who eat meat, fish, etc., and give not a second thought to the creature that gave it’s life so one could eat, not to mention the number of hungry peoples here and what we subject them to simply for them to have even the necessities to survive. Many of us take it all for granted.


Today in the Hebrew calendar is the Rosh Chodesh, or New Moon of the month of Shevat, also known as Aquarius, even though the Moon has not moved into the sign of Aquarius.  The torah portion for the month  of Shevat tells of the story of Jacob(the heel) who wrestled with an angel until the angel blessed him thus changing his name from Jacob to Israel (my head), indicating the ability of Aquarius to transcend above boundaries and overcome limits.  Part of the ability of Aquarius is connected to it not being so tightly connected to material things.

    If the Moon in Virgo is caring of others, and the planets that aspect this New Moon are, in each their own way, supportive of lending that helping hand of transformation, perhaps we should take a long look at what that means.  I’ve been looking a great deal lately on symbiotic relationships, how I, one person, relate to the world around me, not just the people, although that is a huge part of my world.  We teach children to be respectful of life, not by telling them, but by example in what you do.  When we look at the things that we believe are currently wrong with the world of people, the younger generation, which is at the forefront of this New Moon, somewhere we failed to teach them even a general respect for life, maybe because we’ve taught them or  rather, allowed them a preference for things… they know computers, cell phones, facebook, snapchat, selfies, twitter, etc., and although some of those are seemingly communication applications, we’re doing very little communicating.  I notice, when I log onto Facebook, there is more memes in today’s world substituting for what any one individual has to say, so we’re not even expressing ourselves, someone is doing the writing for us and we’re just sharing it, noting our agreement.  When I first joined Facebook, it was to connect with friends, and family, but that’s not how it’s been.   How much of what we do share, in the greater scheme of things, is really important, and what is it important to?

    So in the age of technology, how does man fare in his relationship to the world around him, including the people, animal kingdom, and the earth and ethereal… does he help or harm?  

    One of my favorite things to do when a certain granddaughter was little, was to feed the ducks at the park; we would go to the store and buy a bag of popcorn, and go sit at Belle Isle, and feed the ducks…such a simple thing, but in relation to supporting the eco-system, I never really thought then how important such a simple act could be.  

  The life that each of us create begins in the imagination, which by the way many millennials seem to lack much in the way of imagination, add the will to that imagination and the creation process is underway. Life exudes forth from us, therefore the success of those symbiotic relationships depends upon what we are doing with our creativeness. In many cultures, the elders of the tribe pass on the history and traditions of the people. The question becomes what have we, as a nation, passed down to the people who presumably will take over, and what will they do with the traditions and information that we’ve given them, if anything?  

  Because the sun has not quite moved into the energies of Aquarius, we utilize the energies of the Hebrew letter that created the ruling planet, Saturn, and the letter beit. The letter beit is associated with the 12tn path on the tree of life connecting Kether the crown with Binah, understanding and the Magus in the Thoth Tarot.


“The true self is the meaning of the true will: know thyself through thy way! Calculate well the formula of thy way! “


Calculate well… thy way,”  because your way affects all around you.  Now we may remember we just experienced the 12th path during the previous new moon, but here the card, and the path take on a different meaning. If our youth learn values by way of what they experience through us, then we should be mindful, should we not, of what we place importance upon.   

Kether, or the Crown symbolizes the will of God, it is the will for oneness.  “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  Not only is that the concern, but what is my relationship to all?  If you are the wings of the butterfly, what part of you reaches the ends of the earth?  It is said that we do not have the capacity to comprehend the infinite magnitude of Kether, as we may never see the result of all of our actions, but have a general appreciation that everything we do has an effect, not just upon generations that follow our individual blood-line, but can affect an entire universe, and we should be mindful of the possibilities.  

The sphere of Binah (understanding) is the sphere of Aquarius and Saturn, and shows areas in your life where you must practice persistence and focus in order to succeed and grow.  The sphere of Binah, and Saturn assist us in our Tikkun (fixing our soul).  Remember from the past new moon, the Magus is, according to Aleister Crowley’s writing, the second highest level of spiritual illumination.  Considering the great responsibility of teaching, and setting example for those who are younger, not to be idolized or worshipped, but because of the great enlightenment that you CAN pass along.  If I am in balance, then all around me, young and old, animal, plant, and spirit, are touched by that which I am.  




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