Full Moon in Leo


Welcome to the Full Moon in Leo.  The moon representing our emotional nature our inner self our dreams mother instincts and the female archetypes in our personalities in the sign of Leo which is fixed fire and shows where you are creative where you really put your heart into something it is the very source of our willpower and how strong that is or is not based on where Leo falls in your chart.  The Moon in Leo is gregarious and brings out the performer finding any avenue for its creative nature.   With 12th house energies, psychological issues may be at the forefront, so use Leo’s creative nature to lend a someone a different perspective.
With the opposition to the Sun, we are often torn between what is comfortable and supportive and a true need to grow.  It’s necessary to find a balance and give each expression during this transit.
The sun representing our basic character our identity goals in life our ego and the male archetype. Aquarius is the ” I know of the zodiac”.  It is masculine fixed air and pure instinct. Aquarius is all about friendship and typical Aquarians choose those friends based on a  criteria that few of us see or understand. Aquarius softens the ego of the sun and gives our basic character A later image.  The sun in Aquarius is open minded and democratic, progressive, but with this opposition, aside from Leo’s need to take credit for the good that it does, the Sun and the Moon aren’t that far at odds with each other because Aquarius doesn’t care about taking the credit.  With 6th house energies, service to others is a natural exploit of this house.
Jupiter represents a good luck expansion philosophical and spiritual teachings our higher knowledge and successes. Libra is the balance of the zodiac it represents beauty art charm and social graces. Libra energies a pond they planet Jupiter takes that good fortune and puts it where it’s needed as opposed to where it may be just desired.
The sextile with Jupiter, this transit is like a fish in water lending innate social charm.  The Libra Jupiter is like the mirror to everyone, not pointing out faults in others, but being what they need to see in themselves in order to grow.

Satern represents our limitations structures in life tests and hardships self-discipline and patience.  Sagitarius is the sign of wisdom its placement in your chart shows where and how you make sense of things and making sense of Satern’s  sense of limitations means that we understand what those limitations are for in our life, or why we have them.
The trine with Saturn and the Moon creates a heightened sense of responsibility, but beyond being a good example, we’re essentially NOT our brother’s keeper.
Uranus represents change, upsets our ingenuity and uniqueness where we are unconventional and where we stand outside of what is considered to be a societal norms. Aries is cardinal fire and she was where you initiate action forcefully and directly. Uranus in Aries says I am different and I don’t care who knows it.
With the trine between the Moon and Uranus, the influence the energies project breed originality in all that we do, including what we create around us.  In Aries, Uranus is innovative and pioneering lending bold and startling insights into situations where you might have only seen the surface before.
The elemental balance of this Full Moon is fire and this Moon sparks a passion in all that we do, so we need to be careful that what we do is on a positive note and do the right reasons with an inclination to make things swing around some special activity controlled by the Moon herself.
This Full Moon is specially packed with a penumbra eclipse, meaning we will only see a partial.  This along with what astronomers are calling celestial snow during the Friday night/Saturday morning event.  Comet 45P will be visible after sunset… how does all this affect us here on earth?  Well ask any healthcare professional how things change in the hospital/clinic during the full moon.  Eclipses are known to have an effect on the conductivity of the atmosphere, which in turn affects the earth’s magnetic field, according to Heartmath.org (Bown, 1991), which also heighten the occurrence of earthquakes, which as we know, affect the animal kingdom in curious ways… why would we think because we are seemingly intelligent, that we are immune from sensitivities to the atmosphere around us.  https://www.heartmath.org/gci-commentaries/lunar-phases-and-their-effects-on-life-on-earth-and-earth-processes/

We’re also into the year of the fire rooster in the Chinese zodiac, taking over from the monkey.  Roosters are said to be motivated, and responsible, setting the tone for the year towards a greater responsibility to ourselves and that which we create for ourselves, and our community.  The rooster considers all sides to a situation before reaching a conclusion, strongly principled, and diligent.  Mysticmamma says the rooster has the ability to delay self gratification in order to focus upon long term goals, separating the reward from the work required to get things done.


Today in Hebrew is 12th of Shevat. The Torah  portion for the day speaks of the complaints of the children of Israel and God hearing them and feeding them with manna from heaven…a parable that teaches all good things including all that we need or want come from god.

“both the one who gathered much and the one who gathered little: Some gathered [too] much [manna] and some gathered [too] little, but when they came home, they measured with an omer, each one what he had gathered, and they found that the one who had gathered [too] much had not exceeded an omer for each person who was in his tent, and the one who had gathered [too] little did not find less than an omer for each person. This was a great miracle that occurred with it [the manna].”



What’s  interesting about the story and the midrash is that even the one that took too much was shown to actually only have what he needed. But here in the now, things don’t seem quite that balanced and one has to wonder if that is because of how the world currently goes about seeking after the things that we want OR if were going after the wrong things.


The Hebrew letter associated with this Full Moon (Sun in Aquarius) is the letter Tzadi.  The letter begins the word, tzelem, the Divine Image in which God created man.  Coincidently, the Thoth Tarot card associated with the letter tzadi is the Emperor, the ultimate father figure.  We often speak of the great responsibility it is to be created in the image of God’s, how we should be mindful of all that we say and do, think even, because these are the processes by which we create.

“Yes all thine energy to rule thy thought: burn up thy thought as the Phoenix.”  (Understanding Thoth Tarot, Lon Milo Duquette)


The Emperor represents the sign of Aries which is currently where the planet Uranus sits.  Aries is a combination of energy in its most material form with the idea of authority…the theory of government.  The alchemical trump of sulfur, the male fiery energy of the Universe, the Swift creative energy, the initiative of all being.”   Like the rooster, the Emperor is disciplined, keeping the Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun both grounded and humble so that we remember our true focus during this transit.

The Tsadi represents the 28th path on the kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting the sphere of Netzhach (victory) with the sphere of Yesod (foundation).  Netzhach is the sphere of Venus and oversees peace, diplomacy, and relationships.  Yesod exposes your inner reflexes, how you instinctively react to various situations in your life.  If negatively placed in your chart, this Full Moon transit and the Tsadi meditation with this path can help you gain focus and curtail negative emotional reactions.  For more information on the 28th path, please see the following link:


The musical note is A which is LA on the standard scale and 852 hz on the solfeggio scale.




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