Full Moon in Libra


Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra which waxed at 2:05 AM EST in the 9th house, the house of philosophy, and higher education, our ability to grasp general principles; the principles we were raised with, or lack thereof.  The Moon, representing our emotional natures, the feminine aspect of our personalities, instincts, habit patterns, and unconscious drives; those things that we do without necessarily knowing why we do them, in the sign of Libra.  Libra is masculine, cardinal air.  It is the “I balance” of the zodiac seeking harmony perhaps where there is none, and even though Libra is seen as being diplomatic and gentle in nature, the Libra Moon will instinctively and habitually, and naggingly point out where balance is lacking until it’s achieved.  If during this transit, something is bothering you and you don’t quite know why, check where this Libra Moon has fallen in your chart, chances are, you’ll find your reason there.  Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty and keeping in mind that doesn’t always mean that everything is perfume and roses… striving to that level of contentment sometimes takes great pains.  One might see where the Libra Moon in the 9th house might cause some issues as to the aspect of higher learning – don’t directly criticize someone that doesn’t see things the same way you do, keeping in mind we are all on our own paths.

Aspects to this Full Moon include the opposition with the Sun, conjunction with Jupiter, Opposition with Uranus, and the square with Pluto.

Typical with the Sun/Moon opposition, we find ourselves torn between our comfort and a need to grow and progress.  The Sun, representing our egoic selves, our outward appearance and personality and the masculine part of our natures in direct and ever ready for conflict Aries pushing the  Sun to just go for it and ask questions later which really goes against all things that Libra stands for until you get into the situation where the Libra Moon isn’t satisfied with how things are and then this Aries Sun can push things beyond reasonable limits, making you impulsive and sometimes rash in your actions.  With 3rd house energies, this means communicative, and talkative and does Aries ever shut up?  Probably not until it’s point is made.

The conjunction tends to be intense and unified depending on the planets involved.  Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion and in our individual charts, lends us the ability to grasp principles.  The Moon/Jupiter conjunction provides a sense of ingenuity and trust helping the positive aspects of Libra to not look too deeply at things that may only be slightly off balance – don’t pick the scab if it’s healing, so to speak.  So we can see where the conflict between the Sun and the Moon may have it’s issues.  Jupiter’s only conflict with this transit is it’s 9th house energies that may make it’s need to get to the heart of the truth so our only hope of this transit being of much help is where it falls in your individual chart being the deciding factor in how this will affect you.  Weighing the difference between knowing or keeping things tidy may be your own decision to make.

Oppositions create challenges, but opportunities for growth and change.  Uranus represents change and upsets, our drive for originality and freedom; known as the rebel planet and pushes us to go against the norm just because it’s the norm.  With the opposition to the Moon, Uranus has little use for what’s traditional.  Standing with the Sun in Aries, Uranus can be bold with startling new insights. As a side note, beware of impulse purchases with this transit.  With 3rd house energies, Uranus’ style of communication is research and study so the Sun will have justification when it speaks out, so when things get going, it will probably turn out for our own good, just as things typically do for Libra.

Then there’s the challenging square with Pluto, the planet of transformation and extremes. Pluto square with the Moon tends to want to hide emotions and resents any attempt to probe them… don’t probe me but let me probe you is Pluto’s idea, but  in Capricorn, it’s going about it practically finding unique ways to cut through red tape, and organizing the facts it finds in it’s inquiries.  With first house energies, Pluto is anything but tactful which is going to rub the Libra Moon the wrong way.

The glyph for Libra is the scales and it’s interesting to make note that the elemental, polar and house elemental balances are all equal with the elemental balance 3-3 fire/earth, house elements 3-3 fire and water, and polarity between feminine and masculine is equal 5-5.  Overall, we can expect some conflicts and may feel pulled in different directions or have difficulty in making up our minds on any one given issue; successfully getting through this unscathed  depends on aligning yourself with the right energies for you, and you can walk through the fire.

Today in the Hebrew calendar is the 16th day of the month of Nissan, the month of Pesach.  The torah portion for this day, according to Chabad.org speaks of the instruction to take hyssop and immerse it in the blood collected from the sacrificed lamb, and to mark the lintel and doorpost in order that the angel of death would “passover” the marked houses.  Hyssop is a aromatic plant in the mint family often used in herbal medicine, and in ancient writings was used for sprinkling in ancient rites of purification, as in perhaps the waters of the mikvah.  We cleanse ourselves before performing ritual to also purify the body and begins the visualization for the intent of the ritual.  Ravenandcrone.com says hyssop is a power herb for protection. Google hyssop ritual bath and you get over a million results.  At the last moon festival, we talked about intent and sacrifice, but what comes to mind here is preparation for what’s coming…The children of israel knew the prophesy that G-d would deliver them from bondage, although they may not have known how that was going to occur…they were given instructions on what to do in preparation and protection from each plague that was foretold.  Union with the Holy Guardian Angel, the great work in Kabbalah serves to heighten certain psychic powers, as if walking in constant contact with your spirit guides.  We know of individuals that are able to foretell the future, some consider it a burden and some a gift… a gift that would likely place one in a constant position to be of help to someone else, exactly the same thing as the pluto/moon energies for this full moon pulling one in different directions, and the choice to align with the “right” energies makes for a powerful crossroad, weighing the situations, if you will, as if your very life depended on it… and it may.  We’ve all had those instances where we had a decision to make and you knew the minute you made the wrong choice, and your heart sank because now you were stuck with it.  It didn’t kill you, obviously, but oh what we picked up along the way that we could have avoided.

I watched a teaching video at Chabad.org

Midrash – Rabbi Eliezer says world created in autumn in month of Tishrei and Rabbi Yehoshua says world was created in spring in month of Nissan, hence the theory of two creations. Creation fixed in month of tishrei… new year in Tishrei and first month counted in Nissan – debate one of focus –

In a video teaching I found at Chabad.org (see link below) the speaker brought up a midrash between Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua on the difference between the Hebrew new year being in the fall, however the first month is considered to be in the spring at Pesach.  One Rabbi therefore opined that the world was created in the autumn month of Tishrei and the other opined that the world was created in the spring in the month of Nissan, hence the theory of two creations. The debate is one of focus … in the creation we have light (the idea of what is to be created) the water (tangible) and the firmament (the idea materialized).  The two kinds of creation balance each other out.   She states, our life is about balancing the manifestation with the spiritual, life and thought.  Then she went on to talk about a second midrash on whether the earth or the heavens were created first and as I was listening

I make the connection to the paths on the tree of life, either ascent or descent,  ascent from malkuth to kether or descent from kether to malkuth.  the path of the return is the most difficult… once we descend into the material and make that our life, it’s more difficult to return to things of our higher nature.

in the month of Nissan, we have the ability to connect to our higher consciousness.  manifest in tishrei –


Today we turn our focus to the hebrew letter that created the ruling planet for the month of Nissan, Mars, and the letter Dalet, called the door.  Inner.org states:


“In the Zohar, dalet is read as “that has nothing [d’leit] of her own.”  This expresses the property of the lowest of the Divine Emanations, the sefirah of malkuth, “kingdom,” which has no light other than that which it receives from the higher sefirot.”

When we consider our path of ascent or descent in connection with the above discussion of what came first the heavens or earth, i.e., thought or manifestation, it seems simply common sense that it had to be thought, right?  But in terms of considering the state of the human soul, one might reason that it had to be easier to come to earth from heaven, than to go back, also  inferring that the path of return is the more difficult.  That isn’t suggesting that it’s easier to die and begin over, as it is harder to make this physical existence count enough that coming back isn’t necessary; that our soul/spirit works out all that it requires or all that it is supposed to, completes it’s ultimate goal and finishes or graduates to the next step, whatever that turns out to be.

The door to the divine or to whatever is divine could infer many different things, and the first thing that comes to mind to you when you consider, is for you personally, because “divinity,” is not an absolute but a relative state.

“In regard to an arrogant person God says: “I and he cannot dwell together.” [just as many in the christian faith say darkness and light cannot dwell together, in justification for removing themselves from anyone that doesn’t believe as they do] The door to God’s house allows for the humble of spirit to enter. The door itself, the dalet, is the property of humility and lowliness, as explained above. The dalet is also the initial letter of the word dirah, “dwelling place,” as in the phrase “[God’s] dwelling place below.” Thus the full meaning of the dalet is the door through which the humble enter into the realization of God’s dwelling place below.”



Solve et coagula, according to Lon Milo Duquette’s exploratory book on the Thoth Tarot, is “a story of a marriage and pregnancy,” the marriage being the ultimate union of the spirit with the HGA, and the pregnancy, the fruit off that union. In the “Lovers,” or Twins card.  The marriage union takes place in the mystical garden of eden.  We find…


“According to the Kabbalistic interpretation of the Biblical myth, at the conclusion of the act of Creation there was a pure state, denoted by Eden, where the primordial Adam-and-Eve-conjoined existed in a state of divine perfection. There are various esoteric interpretations of what the Fall represents, but all agree that after the Fall Eden became inaccessible and Adam and Eve were separated and took on bodies of flesh here in the material world. This theme of separation from God and exile in a world of matter (and by extension, limitation, finiteness, pain, suffering, death – manifestations of the rigours or evil inherent in God) precedes Kabbalah and can be found in the Gnostic legend of Sophia exiled in matter. This idea of separation or exile from divinity mirrors very closely the use of the Abyss on the modern Tree to divide the sephiroth representing a human being from the sephiroth representing God.” https://hermetic.com/caduceus/qabalah/046_kab

One might infer that the concept of god is primarily an earthly concept because here in our physical existence, it’s something that many unilluminated beings require, however in higher states there is only limitless light and divinity, no need for a god separate and apart from oneself because you have attained that status yourself.

The dalet represents the Empress in the Thoth Tarot and the 14th path, linking the sphere of Chokmah (wisdom) to Binah (understanding) in the quadrant of the tree of life that is above the abyss.

“This is the harmony of the universe, that love unites the will to create with the understanding if that creation; understand thou thine own will.”

The Empress represents the alchemical element of salt, and salt is the “matter which must be energized by sulfur to maintain the whirling equilibrium of the universe.”  Sulfur is, of course, represented by the Emperor. Additionally, the sphere of Chokmah on the 14th path represents the supernal father, while the sphere of Binah represents the supernal mother.

The sphere of Chokmah represents reflection, meditation, intuition, and insights and points not to any one particular planet in our chart, but the entire wheel.  Binah, represented by saturn in your chart, highlights the area of life in which you must practice persistence and focus, and helps us in understanding of our tikkun, fixing of the soul.

According to the Sandyanastasi system, areas the 14th path can assist you include:

  • increasing sensory perception and sensation
  • meditation
  • cleansing and clearing blockages
  • union of male and female within you
  • enhancement of creativity and wisdom
  • rebirth- the third initiation on the Tree.
  • and here’s one that definitely requires further study… cosmic orgasm

… and I found this article on the web from the Huffington Post, as well as an article by Barry Carter on the ORMUS and Cosmic Orgasm



The color for this path is emerald, totems include the sparrow, dove, and swan… and while we’re talking about birds, I just wanted to share that I had another visit from the vultures after doing their morning sun, like the angels from the movie, City of Angels, and while I know that my mystical totem is a dragon, my earthly totem absolutely is a raptor.  Mystical beings are Aphrodite and Freya.  Musical note is F which is FA and translates to 639 hz on the solfeggio scale.

To experience the path, perform a meditation while tuning into the solfeggio frequency and focusing upon the corresponding tarot card.  The symbolism of the card speaks a language to our individual sub-conscious to help awaken the energies of the parthworking within you.  For the meditation, visualize yourself within an egg the color for the path and retain awareness of that egg throughout the meditation knowing that you are safe within that egg.  Look at the trump card and be led as to where your focus goes… each time you see this card, you may get a different feel for it so don’t push yourself, just go where your eyes wish, then bring to mind the hebrew letter for the path which is the key to opening the path and allow your mind to take in the images on the card making note of thoughts that are provoked; allowing your mind to flow along the chain of ideas that are awakened…this is how the pathworking will inspire you.


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