New Moon in Taurus


Welcome to the New Moon in Taurus which waned at 8:16 AM EST.  The Moon, representing our emotional nature, inner self, dreams, instincts, habit patterns, determining our overall emotional stability in the sign of Taurus, feminine fixed earth, with emphasis on fixed. Taurus is the “I have” of the zodiac centered around everything being “just so,” in its’ place, perfectly manicured and pleasing to the eye. Ruled by Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, and pleasure, the Moon in Taurus is strong and stable, drawing the perfect environment for growth…”think of a need and its’ there” energy.  Since we’re entering the better part of the spring season, the Taurus Moon energy sparks spring cleaning and decorating, planning and planting for the burst of colors throughout the summer.  With 12th house energies, the Moon focuses on our emotional well being.  My mother was a true Taurian, and I when I lived at home, I stressed over things being just right because when mom came home, it needed to be in order.  Now I use that Taurian energy like my mother, but making things pretty, planting flowers, trimming the yard, is the therapy that brings the calmness, that I guess she had when things were done… for me, it’s all in the doing, and then sit back and enjoy the result.

Aspecting this New Moon is the conjunction with the Sun, and the trine with Saturn.  The fire/earth elemental balance suggests putting some needed energy into your immediate surroundings, the modal balance suggests putting some thought and discussion in planning what you’re doing, and the house element suggests an emotional attachment to it with the bucket type of chart we have an inclination for things to center around whatever this special activity is for you, so put your all into it.

The conjunction occurs when planets are at the same degree or very close to each other, making the energies intensely unified.  Taurus being very earthy, if this New Moon positively affects your chart, your emotions are stable and in line with your ego lending for great internal strength, and a sense of independence.

The trine offers an area of ease, and comfort.  Saturn represents limitations, work, and responsibility, and the trine with this New Moon lends us the energy to not go overboard, but instills a sense of greater good for the work the Moon/Sun has us doing.  Sagittarius adds a sense of wisdom to Saturn and helps us make sense of things.  Saturn makes us stop and think things through, and with 7th house energies, it’s all about relationships, not necessarily with people – because we also have a relationship with all of life around us… time to put our some bird seeds, get those feeders cleaned and up and running.

Today in the hebrew is Rosh Chodesh, or New Moon for the month of Iyar.  In the Torah portion for this new moon, Zerubabel and the high priest began construction of the second temple, and the Levites joined in adding song and music. That may sound a little silly until you think of how well spring cleaning can go when you’re listening to your favorite playlist.  Then consider the music that mother earth and all of nature gives us, the bird song, the sound of a good rain, a gentle wind, and if you’re lucky… really lucky…the mating call of frogs in the pool!

According to Kabbalah, Avraham, the patriarch and the book of formation, the ruling force in the spring is the element of fire, creation at the height of it’s inner working as the earth comes alive again after the deep sleep of winter.  The earth is at it’s busiest.  Fire signs represent the desire to receive as the earth opens it’s arms for the warmth of the sun to add it’s energy to the cycle of life, telling the flowers when to open their buds, the scavengers are back from their winter visit and busy cleaning up those that did not survive the long cold, because Taurus demands that all things be back in order again.

The name Iyar comes from the root word meaning light, the hebrew name for the ruling planet, Venus, “Noga,” also means light.  Taurus is left column energy and has the strongest ability to draw light giving an immense amount of energy to accomplish what one sets their minds to doing, but on the negative side, can make one restless if you don’t have a goal in mind, what I call the “entertain me,” stage some children go through when they get bored.

“The wisdom of Kabbalah, teaches that the light for the whole year is being generated in the spring. The connection to Taureans, is since they have this huge ability to draw light, many of them live under the illusion that everything is great. This allows the Taurean to achieve high levels of spiritual perception, wisdom and energy. It gives them the feeling that everything is already great and it’s just going to get better. This is why Taureans are optimistic, in a good mood and have a great outlook on life. They do not look for trouble and prefer to seek out environments that are comfortable, safe and pleasant. They don’t like to make waves and get involved with problems. Taureans create their world to reflect their desire for stability and consistency, and because of this, they are usually known as loyal, stable, patient, tolerant and friendly. They don’t like to be critical and they usually look good.” notes that the name “Iyar” is an acronym of the verse, “Ani Hashem Rofecha,” from Exodus 15:26 meaning, “I am G-d your healer.”   Now, I was reading in Chic Cicero’s writing on “Skrying the Tree of Life,”  on the process of making magical statements or mantras.  Since biblical hebrew is most closely related with Kabbalah, taking the first letters of the words associated in the above phrase, ani (aleph), YHVH (yud), rofecha (reish), you get AYR, or Iyar.  The numerical value is 1 + 10 + 200 = 211.  Taking words with the same value gives clues to the deeper meaning; words such as gabar (prevail) gibbowr (mighty) debar (speak) hadar (glory).

The Hebrew letter associated with the month of Iyar is the letter Vav.  The letter Vav represents the 16th Path on the tree of life and the Hierophant card in the Thoth Tarot.  The Hierophant is the ultimate spiritual mentor, he who is in a constant quest for knowledge and enlightenment. Moshik-Hebrew-Typeface-Vav



“Offer thyself Virgin to the Knowledge and Conversation of thine Holy Guardian Angel! All else is a snare. Be thou athlete with the eight limbs of Yoga; for without these thou are not disciplined for any fight. 59

  The symbolism of the snake and dove refers to this verse of The Book of the Law— chap. I, verse 57; “there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. 63″


          The symbolism of the gentleness of the dove versus the supposed traditional adversarial image of the snake hints that we get caught up in things being good or bad, forgetting that all things are relative, and all is love – to see it otherwise is vanity.


“All this New Aeon imagery is wonderful, but what we should keep foremost in our minds is the fact that the Hierophant, is the Vau of YHVH. He is the six of the divine macrocosmic consciousness to whom we must “nail” the five of our earthly microcosmic consciousness. He is the Prince Charming in the cosmic fairytale— our Holy Guardian Angel. The initiatory level characterized by the knowledge and conversation with the H.G.A is illustrated on this card by the union of the pentagram and hexagram.”

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 111). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.


And since we’re on the subject of spring cleaning, perhaps it’s also an opportune time to let go of things that no longer serve your higher self; not material things, but letting go of resentments and ill feelings, and since Taurus is earthy, getting back to basics in seeing the good in it all.

“The Zodiac sign of Iyar is “Shor” (Taurus – ox). The Shor (the left face of the Divine Chariot) represents the spiritual origin of the “animal soul” of man. This month is the time to rectify, refine and elevate the innate character traits of our “animal soul”.

According to the book of Yetzirah, the body part connected with Iyar is the right kidney. The kidneys represent inner advice and conscience. It is a time for inner introspection for the sake of self-improvement.”

The 16th Path on the Tree of Life connects the spheres of Chokmah (wisdom) with the sphere of Chesed (mercy) drawing light from the upper triad  along the right column down to the mercy seat of Chesed.

Chokmah represents wisdom, reflection, meditation, intuition, and insights.  It is the sphere of the tetragrammaton.  The sphere of chesed represents the most accepting and forgiving energy on the tree, represented by Jupiter and marks the area in our life where we are likely to enjoy benevolence and boundless opportunities.

According to, areas the 16th path can help you include:

  • Accessing the universal mind;
  • increased creativity and sex drive;
  • regaining past life memories;
  • inner peace;
  • medium;
  • meeting teachers and spiritual guides;
  • development of the third eye.

Look to where this New Moon falls within your chart for greater insight into how this New Moon affects you and how you may best experience and utilize the energies of the new moon and the 16th path.  Blessed Be.

color is red orange

musical note C

living creatures dove


Direction :  Joining :  Meditation :  Genesis :  South-East Chokmah & Chesed To improve intuition. Contact with Inner Plane Teachers “Elohim divided the light from the darkness.” 1:4 Class of letter :  Pronunciation :  Transliteration :  Gematria :  An Elemental vahv V,W,U 6
Planetary/Zodiacal :  Venus  Taurus Elemental :  Earth
Pitch :  C sharp / D flat Qualities: Sense/Function :  Hearing/
Consciousness :  Intuition, Revelation Symbols :  Crown, Pentagram, The Grail
The GODS : 
Egyptian :  Asar, Ameshet, Apis Celtic :  Danu Mayan :  Alaghom Naom
Greek :  Hera Norse :  Frigg Aztec :  Cihuacoatl
Roman :  Venus Hindu :  Bharat Mata Assyrian :  Ishtar
Animal :  Plant :  Stone :  Bull (cherub) Mallow Topaz Weapon :  Incense :  The Work :  The Labor of Preparation  Storax Secret Physical Strength

To experience the path, perform a meditation while tuning into the solfeggio frequency and focusing upon the corresponding tarot card. The symbolism of the card speaks a language to our individual sub-conscious to help awaken the energies of the parthworking within you. For the meditation, visualize yourself within an egg the color for the path and retain awareness of that egg throughout the meditation knowing that you are safe within that egg. Look at the trump card and be led as to where your focus goes… each time you see this card, you may get a different feel for it so don’t push yourself, just go where your eyes wish, then bring to mind the hebrew letter for the path which is the key to opening the path and allow your mind to take in the images on the card making note of thoughts that are provoked; allowing your mind to flow along the chain of ideas that are awakened…this is how the pathworking will inspire you.



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