New Moon in Cancer


Welcome to the New Moon in Cancer, which wanes at 10:31 PM EST on June 23rd, just following the summer solstice.  The Moon, as we know, represents our emotional nature, the feminine side of our personalities, which include our instinct patterns, unconscious drives, and habits; how we respond to stimulus on a reactionary level.  Cancer is all about emotions, so the Moon is at home in Cancer, embracing all things passionate, loving, and intuitive.  The emotional side of ourselves also helps to shape those fears that become so entwined with who we are that it’s often difficult to separate the person from the debilitating inner fears that they carry, including fear of rejection, and some of the phobias that we have.  For instance, I have a fear of closed in places; I can’t say that anything occurred in this lifetime that caused that fear, at least none that I can remember, so where does it come from?

Cancer is feminine cardinal water.  It is the “I feel” of the zodiac.  Cardinal signs take action, and react instinctively more based on who they are over the actual circumstances, so sometimes Cancer can seem to be over-emotional.  Water signs are also emotion and instinct and want to cover all bases, so as a need, Cancer has to have everything in place for it to function, every detail has to be understood, or they’re flying on empty.  Now remember, we said Cancer reacts instinctively over the actual circumstance so the more information they have ahead of time, the more comfortable Cancer is with what’s going on.  Cancer is famous for it’s moods, but that could just be a bad rap because it’s not always only Cancer’s fault… the mood could be brought on by deep contemplation or other sources in the individual natal chart that make Cancer’s energies more prominent.

This New Moon in Cancer brings out our natural abilities to understand and feel the mood and feelings of others, so you may seem a bit more sensitive to your surroundings during this transit, however, use this stronger intuition to muse and inspire those around you to maybe let go of things that keep them rooted in old systems and habits that keep them stagnant.  With 6th house energies, the Moon is all about work and service, but don’t let that point your focus only to your job, because you can “serve” the greater good simply by saving a small bird, or adding flowers and color to your environment that help you have a better outlook, because we hold that improving your outlook improves your overall health, and quality of life.

Aspecting this New Moon is the conjunction with the Sun, and Mercury, the opposition with Saturn, and the sextile with Uranus.

The conjunction is powerfully unified.  While the Moon in Cancer is emotional, and while the Sun is typically the logical side of our personalities, the Sun in Cancer lends for good common sense so that sensitive side of Cancer is able to depend on “feelings.” In other words, your instincts are spot on and you should pay attention and follow them.  Mercury is our intellect and mental activity which also heightens Cancer’s instincts.  Mercury is the communicator and under this transit, feelings and thoughts are high on the list of things to pay attention to.

The opposition creates challenges, and opportunities for growth because  we need to give expression to the planets involved despite their being at odds with each other.  Saturn is the planet of limitations, disciplines and responsibilities which can be the enemy of feelings and intuitions.  It’s like knowing that you have a need for something and it’s amazing, you find just what you’re looking for just at the right time and right price, but you have other obligations that give you pause so you put it off thinking, it will be there later, and in truth, it wont be, because that door was opened at the right time.  I understand our sense of logic and responsibility is often at odds with our faith and instincts, but here’s a teaser… in that same scenario, if you stepped out on faith and got what the universe placed in your path, the universe would have also made that obligation that kept you from getting it, cost you less.  But we have to get to a place in our lives where we learn to balance that out because those little miracles of need and timing don’t happen every day, but when they do, if you ignore it, it’s a long time before it occurs again, like spirits and elementals all got together to do this for you and you didn’t appreciate the effort, so getting them to move for you again will take some doing.  Saturn in Sagittarius is just that bit of distrust, and in the 11th house means it’s gonna take some work to make dreams and ideals into reality.

The sextile is a beneficial transit and Uranus is the planet of change, and ingenuity. Aries is movement and assertiveness giving this sextile with the New Moon the ability to inspire leadership, and a pioneering spirit.

Today in the hebrew is the Rosh Chodesh or New Moon, first of the month of Tammuz. The Torah portion for this date relates Yosef’s dream that he would one day rule over his brothers, and because of their animosity toward him, they sold him into slavery where he was eventually put in a position where they needed him in order to survive.  The north node for today’s chart relates the need for leadership often at the risk of loneliness. Leadership isn’t about ruling over someone, but more of being at service to helping others find their way.  The  Zohar expresses that during the summer months, there is great judgment in the world, and perhaps the need for a leader is to help one navigate through these energies that they are not consumed with negativity.  Also, people born under Cancer’s energies have a tendency to be off-balance as depicted by the crab that walks sideways, which drains them of their energy.  I was just writing about that this morning on why it’s healthier for me to not be involved  in a relationship because I have a tendency to put the needs of the other person and the relationship over my own needs and I get off balance.  Cancer’s energies, to guard against fears, will build a tough shell around for protection, and leadership abilities help to navigate around that as well. Cancer, the crab, has the inherent ability to heal itself from it’s own woes. It’s like Dorothy always having the power to go home, and god always being within so there’s no need to look outside of oneself for that, but we always tend to think that things really can’t be that simple; that there has to be more to the art of healing oneself or the art of becoming enlightened.  I remember someone asking me a while ago about meditation, and I think I told her something like it’s all about going deep within yourself… in organized religion you find people praying to a god that they I guess imagine is this being high up in the sky, you see them looking up with arms stretched up, and the very spirit that they search for was within all along.  This is the power of Tammuz… you need love, you need peace, it’s all about first finding that from within.  I remember a gospel song  that makes a statement that in order to find a friend, one should first show himself friendly, because you draw into your life, that which you are.


The hebrew letter controlling the month of Tammuz is the letter Chet.  The letter chet is the root of the word, chaim, life. provides that there are two levels of life, essential and life to enliven; that God is in the state of essential life and his creative power continually permeating reality, is life to enliven.  So to be at one with God is to possess the state of essential life.  But in our earth based philosophy of god, simplified, you are always in the state of essential life, but to not realize and understand that, is to continually create chaos in your life, because you’re creating your reality without knowing that’s what you are doing.

chariot       The letter Chet is the Chariot card in the Thoth Tarot, trump 7. says the Chariot card stands for combined powers, representing the dynamic principle and the human will to proceed.  The description of the Chariot card by both Aleister Crowley, and Lon Milo Duquette, who made a wonderful attempt at explaining the deeply rooted kabbalistic meaning of the cards, reminds me of the movie, The DaVinci Code, the charioteer who conveys the holy grail, and the concept of two in one, also known as, the “Issue of the Vulture.”  Duquette relates the vulture was sacred to Maat, the goddess of harmony, justice, and balance (and now I’m understanding things a little better for myself with the vultures).  The vulture was said to conceive without mating, therefore the issue of the vulture was the product of an internal marriage, if you will, of two perfectly balanced things. TRINC. Trine/drink. The hebrew letter chet when spelled out in full equals 418, the same number as the magical phrase, abrahadabra which expresses the formula of marriage of the microcosm with the macrocosm, or the aspirant to his or her HGA. Further, the  symbol for the chariot, according to Duquette, represents a technique of tantric yoga in which male and female energies are prepared, balanced and exchanged to create the two in one elixir of life which is then conveyed into a talisman of “unlimited creative potential.”  I was introduced to Maat a long time ago, and it just hit me that she’s been my goddess all along, and I never realized it.

The letter chet and the chariot represent the 18th path on the kabbalistic tree of life connecting Binah (understanding) with Geburah (severity) connecting the upper triad along the left column, even though Tammuz is right column energy, combining giving with receiving.

Binah imparts the energy we need to comprehend ourselves.  Related to Saturn, the planet of limitations and responsibilities.  Binah points us to a structure such as yoga, meditation that help to drive rectification of the soul.

Gevurah (severity) translates to bravery, or valor, and balances the unconditional giving nature of it’s partner on the right column, mercy.  Ruled by Mars, this sphere warns us of dangers, and shows where you possess or need courage.

The 18th path is called The House of Influence.  Sandy says, “by the greatness of whose abundance the influx of good things upon created beings is increased, and from the midst of the investigation the hidden senses are drawn forth which dwell in the shade and which cling to it from the cause of all causes. ”

— Sphere of Binah —

The Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah Elohim

— Sphere of Geburah —

The Divine name is Elohim Gebor

— 18th Path —

The color is red-orange

Symbolic animals are the crab and the turtle.


Chic Cicero writes… and I have to note here that I’m finding that many of the quotes seem to be universal without these people giving proper credit to who actually wrote them, because part of what I said above that I got from Sandy Anastasi was also found word for word in Chic Cicero’s book!

The “House of Influence” is the same as the “House of the Holy Spirit,” which conducts to Binah the maternal sphere of “abundance” through which “the influx of good things upon created beings is increased.” From its station aboye the Abyss, Binah is “hidden” to us, but its unseen influences are “drawn forth” through the Eighteenth Path to Geburah. The “shade” or shadow refers to the wings of the Holy One who protects and shelters us. (“Under the shadow of Thy wings, O Tetragrammaton.”) As one of the three Supernals, the hidden influences “which cling to it” are closely connected to Kether, the “Cause of all causes.”  Seekers on the Eighteenth Path must realize that the outer form of the human being is, in reality, a container (Cheth) for the spirit or divine essence. Since we are the vessels that the divine spirit chooses to inhabit, it is important that we dedicate all aspects of ourselves toward eventual reunification with our eternal source. We must be receptive to the energies of the divine. When this reunion is finally achieved, we will come to realize that there was no true separation in the first place.

musical note d = re = 417 hz on the solfeggio scale

Path of Chet Guided Visualization:







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