Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius 2017

Welcome to the New Moon in Aquarius that waxed at 2:11 PM EST.  The Moon representing our emotional nature, our inner selves represented by dreams, subconscious, innermost fears, and desires in the sign of Aquarius, which is masculine, fixed air.  Fixed signs are stable, fixed in position, and air signs are communicators, always needing more information on why, how to make things better.  The Moon in Aquarius is inspiring to go beyond what is thought of as traditional or conventional. Aquarius is free thinking, eccentric, and original.  The glyph for Aquarius is the water bearer, symbolically and eternally giving life and spiritual food to the world, because with Aquarius, humanity is the family.  The water in the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh new start – open ended spiritual energy.  With 3rd house energies, communication is key.

Transits to this Full Moon include the opposition to the Sun, and Mars, the trine with Jupiter.  The elemental balance is predominantly fire which adds a great deal of passion and intensity, the modal and house  balance is both cadent which influences the thoughts we have before we act, and the polarity is positive.  The Lilly strength shines it’s light on the planet Mercury as being the leading planet in the chart which is the planet of intellect and mental activity.  We’re learning that thoughts are living, breathing things, and we’re learning that thought together with action is the ultimate formula for the creative process, but thoughts in and of themselves is energy notwithstanding materialization.  If I think and act on a thought that’s one thing, but if I simply think does that mean that what I think about just goes nowhere?  No, not at all. 

Cafeastrology says that Moon in Aquarius people are extremely observant and are lifetime students of human nature, in that they love to analyze why people do what they do, striving to understand.  At the Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are at opposite sides of the chart both demanding their individual expression, so we can easily feel caught up in the middle of two masters.  The Sun, representing our outward selves, the person we show to the world in the sign of Leo, strong, courageous, and self assured.   Where the Leo Sun is direct, strong and dogmatic, the Aquarius Moon is thoughtful, probably indirect because it’s still busy thinking and putting things together, and is anything but dogmatic because while Aquarius is also fixed, Aquarius is fixed in standing against what’s traditional.

The Aquarius Moon, however, use the Leo Sun’s outgoing and generosity for assistance in it’s overall thoughtfulness.  While the Aquarius Moon studies the people around, the Leo Sun, with 9th house energies, is direct and candid and goes on what’s in front of them.

With the opposition with Mars, the planet of aggression and energy, especially with Leo energies, Mars tries to push the contemplative Moon to move quicker, decide faster, and Aquarius cannot be rushed.

Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion, spiritual teachings, and higher knowledge. and in Libra offers a hint of balance, and support to the Aquarius Moon’s way of figuring things out.  Mercury’s intellect and mental activity helps the Aquarius Moon see things clearly and if we can balance the energies of the Moon and the Sun, if we can avoid the negative traits of both, the Leo Sun, because of Leo’s ability to draw light to see things that others typically cannot, as we pointed out at the New Moon festival, this Aquarius Moon can open your clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

Today in the Hebrew is the 16th of the month of Av.  Av in Hebrew means father.  In tradition, the month of Av is the month of the birth of the messiah.  We may remember from the New Moon that the power of Leo is contained in the sphere of Chesed, and that the numerical value of the letters for Leo (216) are the same as the word for judgment, indicating the month of Av to have great power over light and judgment together, which one can use for spiritual discernment, having the capacity to see the truth in things around you.

In the Torah portion for this week, there is the teaching to give thanks for what we eat and drink; that in the blessings that we give, we also receive in turn, nourishment to continue, and not just nourishment for ourselves, but for others, as well.  It brought to mind how the natives of this land give thanks to the animal that gave it’s life to provide food for the family, and yet we have a tendency to just eat with no regard.  I know a lot of people think that Ted Nugent is a nut, but he lives off of the land, and he says that his doctors claim he has the body and system of a much younger person.  Having eaten a turkey raised naturally and compared that with store bought turkeys, there is no comparison… having eaten store bought hamburgers, fast food hamburgers and compared that with a grain fed hamburger from the amish farm, and there is absolutely no comparison… store bought eggs versus fresh eggs?  Now we think about the giving thanks part of it – and not even that, considering what we think about the food we eat and it’s affect upon our bodies… one might say if we care about our bodies we should care about what we put into them, others might say that it’s the thought/the intention that matters most because we know that if I think I shouldn’t eat that piece of cake because it’s gonna make me fat, I’ve likely assured myself of gaining weight.. so we’re back to the effects of our thoughts….

In the shabot blessings over the wine and the bread…

Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech Haolam, borei p’ri hagafen.

 Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech haolam, Hamotzi lechem min haaretz.

god is thanked for providing the wine (drink) and the bread (meat), and I remember as a kid, we used to sit and offer thanks for the meal when we all sat down to dinner.  Metaphysically and spiritually speaking, it’s not that I imagine some god somewhere wanting you to be thankful for the food, or for what you have, but there’s only positivity in taking a moment to appreciate, and to properly direct the fuel that you’re taking in.  I remember from a class that Shambala taught on the meditative chanting, we had our glasses of water with us and as we would take a sip, we would tell ourselves that we were drinking life to ourselves… just as a toast, LeChaim! Since we know that energy affects our food, we know that placing vegetables in boiling water changes the consistency, we know that placing food in the microwave changes the properties, why don’t we consider the vibration of the sounds of our voices or the energy of our thoughts over our food doing the same thing, but for the better.  What if, instead of thinking that piece of cake is going to make me fat, I acknowledge all of the good things that are in that cake and how my body can use that for proper fuel, and discard what I don’t want, can we make a positive change on our health?   Let’s use the Aquarius Moon’s ability to observe and reason out the good there can be found in being thankful.

5 rituals        And for confirmation, on Facebook this morning, The Smart Witch page posted this photo of 5 rituals under 5 minutes which included “blessing your morning coffee or tea with vibes of productivity and creativity.”

At the Full Moon we turn our focus to the letter that created the ruling planet, in this case the Sun and the letter Kaf.  khaf

“The two letters of the full spelling of the kaf, are the initial letters of the two Hebrew words: koach (“potential”) and poel (“actual”). Thus, the kaf hints at the power latent within the spiritual realm of the potential to fully manifest itself in the physical realm of the actual. God must create the world continuously; otherwise Creation would instantaneously vanish. His potential is therefore actualized at each moment. ”


We can use our imaginations to decide what to do with that.  J The letter Kaf represents the palm of the hand, the power that gives and receives. With the hands we use to prepare the foods and drinks we consume, we can imagine infusing those foods and beverages with blessings of love, blessings of health, etc.

The letter Kaf is the Wheel of Fortune in the Thoth Tarot.  Crowley said the card represents the Universe in it’s aspect as a continual change of state, and that change is stability and with stability comes order.  Above the abyss all opposites are reconciled.  It is below in the physical state of manifestation where opposites and polarity can become off balance. The churning wheel that keeps things going, giving and receiving, action and result, cause and effect… I’ll say that again, The churning wheel that keeps things going, giving and receiving, action and result, cause and effect…for example, to get off of the wheel of bad fortune, you have to change your what?

The letter Kaf and the Wheel of Fortune card are found and represent the 21st path in the kabbalistic tree of life, connecting Chesed (mercy 4) with Netzhach (victory 7) on the Pillar of Mercy.  Chesed embodies unconditional love which includes the ability to forgive in service to mankind and which in turn becomes service to your own spirit. Netzhach is the sphere of repetition, if you impart the wisdom that chesed draws from Chokmah and use that wisely in service to your fellow man, Netzhach becomes victory and where you reap the benefit of your sacrifice, and since Netzhach is the sphere of repetition, has the power to keep the wheel working in your favor.

— Sphere of Chesed —

The Hebrew Divine Name is El,

— Sphere of Netzach —

The Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah Tzabaoth,

— 21st Path —

The 21st Path is called the Intelligence of Conciliation because it receives the divine influence, which flows into it from its benediction upon all and each existence.

The color is violet.

The musical note is b-flat or a-sharp.

Symbols are the fist, symbolizing he who grasps comprehension, or the circle; also, the wheel of karma, symbol of life, birth, death and rebirth.




Areas the 21st Path will help you:

Unconditionality and acceptance

Calmness and peacefulness; being centered

Getting “out of the rut by breaking old patterns

Cleansing your spirit

Being able to make new beginnings in your life

Understanding that what keeps you in a pattern is the security of knowing the pattern

small and the small in the large

Trusting in your “higher” self

Developing the instinctive and intuitive mind

Releasing your energy blocks

Seeing and understanding the interconnectedness of all things – including what we believe about what we consume and how that affects us physically

Gaining mental clarity

Channeling, especially clairaudience and automatic writing

Dreaming and dream interpretation

Increasing creativity and artistic ability


servants of the light say the musical note is B flat, which equals si in the standard scale and 963 hz on the solfeggio scale.  the 963 Hz is suggested to work on the pineal gland also associated with the 3rd eye, which some metaphysics suggest links our physical with the spiritual, and is “considered the highest source of ethereal energy“.  http://www.crystalinks.com

For any newcomers – we’ve moved into doing a guided meditation on the tree of life path associated with the energies of the day.  The guided meditation is taken from Chic Cicero’s Book Scrying on the Tree of Life with the corresponding solfeggio frequency tuning into the background.  If you are not prepared or feel that you are not ready for the work as yet, please feel free to listen to the corresponding solfeggio frequency in it’s place and stead ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBcKoNCHRh8 )

The links to the meditation are as follows:


Meditation Preparation:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ay-QXTp36kalVMcW54TER5R3c


Guided Meditation:



Meditation Closing:




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