Full Moon in Aries (2017)

Full Moon Aries

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aries which waxed at 2:40 PM EST.  The Moon representing our emotional nature, inner selves, instincts, and unconscious drives, in the sign of Aries, masculine cardinal fire.  Aries is the “I AM” of the zodiac and shows where we initiate action, forcefully and directly; ruled by Mars, the Ancient God of War.  Aries is typically thought of as aggression, and conflict which may seem to some as being negative attributes, but in some situations, those qualities are needed to protect us, keep us going I the right direction, or even to force an issue that our Libra and Pisces energy keeps putting off.  Aries is symbolized by the Ram which has come to represent male fertility, aggression, and courage.

With the Full Moon in Aries, and what a lovely harvest moon it is.  Traveling west on the road this morning, she was bright and full and almost looked as it she was sitting right at the edge of the earth, lighting the way along the road. With Aries, it seems as though nothing happens quite quickly enough, as the energy of Aries lends a certain impatience, which helps to add to the need for direct confrontation, taking issues head on so that they aren’t allowed to fester and become diseased.  Rams butt heads, and Aries typically takes the same life approach… don’t dilly dally around.  With 3rd house energies, this Full Moon highlights communication, so don’t be afraid to be clear about what your needs are.

Transiting this Full Moon is the opposition with the Sun, and Mercury, the trine with Saturn, and the square with Pluto.

Oppositions create challenges as both planets try to have equal expression.  The Sun, by contrast to the Moon, represents our outer being, the person we show to the world, our basic character, and personality in the sign of Libra, responsible, and balanced, Libra, also masculine, but balances charm, and social graces, opposite Aries’ directness, Libra is the proverbial diplomatic energy, finding softer ways to get the point across.  It is the “getting more bees with honey, approach.  The Sun in Libra is concerned with being responsible, putting ourselves in others’ shoes, rather than seeing just our own needs and desires.  With 9th house energies highlighting philosophy and spirituality, so we look at how we fit in, how we define ourselves within the greater whole.

Mercury represents our intellect, our ability to think, communicate, and gather information.  Mercury sits with the Sun in Libra, so our outer selves take on the air of the diplomat while our emotions can take a back seat to what’s going on around us, were it not for the Moon being in Aries, and Mercury points it’s intellectual finger right at the heart of our belief systems in the 9th house.

The energies of this Full Moon could bring about that inner conflict that makes many question where they are in life.  We often like the way things are, and change can be upsetting.

Saturn represents limitations, responsibilities, and structures, as well as our ambitions and sense of determination.  With the trine to the Moon we can manage any situation that we become involved with, but careful not to get too frugal. Don’t get locked into long terms philosophies, because we must continue to grow and that means our philosophy must flow with us.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, and where Pluto is, you can expect upheavals to take place.  With the square to the Moon, there’s a bit of tension between those strong passionate emotions, and Pluto’s extreme practicality in  Capricorn.  Pluto wants to cut through all the BS and get to the heart of the issue. With first house energies, Pluto is out front and candid.

The jones typing indicates this as a locomotive chart, indicating dynamic and practical capacity, characterized by the leading planet which in this case is Mars.  Mars in Virgo has an innate urge to save, and conserve while paying great attention to the details, because learning to read between the lines and watch for hidden clues can be life saving.  With 8th house energies, Mars is determined to reduce everything to the barest essentials.

Today marks the Harvest Moon which traditionally occurs in September.  There’s a lot of hubbub on the internet about this, and it tickles me almost as much as the Hebrew calendar that sets a holiday on a specific date when nature is truly what determines it and there’s no scheduling nature!   I guess it became a matter of inconvenience to have someone sitting in the fields watching for the first sign of growth, or the first sign that the crops were ready to be harvested.  How many of us with the signs of spring being early this year, saw flowers well before they were expected, and how many saw the change of the trees beginning much earlier than usual, causing some to speculate on an early winter? But wait, Mother Nature had something else in mind when she brought summer back at the end of September.

Today in the Hebrew is the 16th day of Tishrei, and the first full day of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. At Sukkot, the people are instructed to leave their regular dwelling places, and construct temporary dwellings within which to reside as a reminder that we are not of this earth, but dwell here temporarily, in each existence, for a specific purpose, that is spiritual, and not of this world.  The teaching is that, all things in the material world are temporary and their importance is truly only related to how we use them toward our purpose; for too often, we get stuck in the lie that they matter. I bought a bed some many years ago with 4 huge posts and big wooden headboard and footboard, and that bed has traveled with me from place to place to place… I loved that bed, and just like the commercial where the girl says she loved her car, Brad, and how much they had been through together, something happens and the bed gets totaled; when I was off my foot for those 3 months, my dogs didn’t get exercised much, they got bored, and either one or both of them, shredded my bed.  I got many a good night sleep on that bed, but where I lay my head, is not necessarily my home, just as this earth is not my home – it is as temporary as the many places I’ve lived turned out to be.

So we’re reminded each year, just in time to head towards All Hallows Eve and Samhein, that our true dwelling is spirit that enlivens the body we currently possess.


The hebrew letter which controls the month of Tishrei is the letter Lamed, the structure of which connects  us to the upper spiritual world, being the only hebrew letter that goes above the line, drawing knowledge and wisdom from the source.

The letter lamed connects us to the Justice or Adjustment card in the Thoth Tarot, and the 22nd Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting Tiphareth (beauty) with Gevurah (severity).  Tiphareth is located in the center of the tree, having a connection to the material world in Malkuth through Yesod, as well as a connection to the crown in Kether through Daath which is knowledge. Gevurah is left column energy located on the pillar of severity.


Kabbalah says the sphere of Gevurah resonates with bravery, and heroism, often through severity because people that are pushed seemingly well beyond their limit typically come through with extra-ordinary strength and valor, the purpose of such severity is the test of endurance.  It is the story of Job and how he was tested losing all that he held dear, to see if he would curse god.  Gevurah is related to the planet Mars, the leading planet in today’s chart, and highlights the area of our lives where we possess great courage, or where we fight for the underdog.

The sphere of Tiphareth is known as beauty, and is associated with the higher self.  It is related to the Sun in your chart and shows where you express your  highest good.  Tiphereth teaches that god’s presence is felt most profoundly when we balance giving with receiving, masculine and feminine, judgment with forgiveness.

Balance against each thought its exact Opposite! For the Marriage if these is the Annihilation if Illusion.”

Nature is not the grocer weighing out a pound of sugar; it is the compensation of complicated rhythms.” [ Crowley to Harris, December 19, 1939 – Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo Duquette].

— Sphere of Geburah —

The Sphere of destination is Geburah, the Radical Intelligence. The Hebrew Divine Name is Elohim Gebor, the Mighty God.

The color is red.

— Sphere of Tiphareth —

The Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.

The color is YELLOW

The 22nd Path is called the Faithful Intelligence, so called because by it spiritual virtues are increased and all dwellers on earth are nearly under its shadow.

The Esoteric Title is the “Daughter of the Lords of Truth; the Ruler of the Balance.

The color is either emerald green or blue.


The musical note is “F#.” – fa which translates to 639 hz on the solfeggio scale

Areas the 22nd Path will help you:

Turning away from brutality, death, lack of sensitivity, and the glorification of war

Dealing with feelings of abandonment

Dealing with feelings of frustration

Overcoming disorientation and a tendency to stray from your chosen path

Overcoming your insecurities

Realizing that letting go of your emotional ties results in a feeling of relief and overall purging

Opening the Heart Center

Understanding that your own thoughts, actions and reactions set in motion the external forces which act upon you to bring change

The ability to deal with loud and obnoxious people

Understanding that strife and peace are two halves of a single whole

The ability to see a “cause” for what it is, and know whether you want to be a part of it

Understanding that life is a “double-edged” sword, and how you live it is a test of your balance; the trials you experience throughout life force you to continually make adjustments until you have attained balance

Cutting away useless parts of your Self

Understanding that there is a reason for everything

Insulation from life is equally as futile as total immersion in emotional strife

“I’m O.K.” – gaining feelings of acknowledgement from a “higher source”

Knowing that it’s O.K. to “do it your own way”

Understanding that every action attracts its equal and opposite reaction

Recognizing that when truth is spoken, there is no need for war

Increasing your energy

Improving your organizational ability

Learning to let go of your own “expectations” of yourself and others

Helping to understand and resolve issues involving legality and fairness

Resolving karma – good and bad

Letting go of your regrets

Understanding what you need to gain or eliminate in order to achieve balance within yourself

Chic and Tabatha Cicero write:

The Twenty-second Path is the Faithful Intelligence, and it is so called because by it spiritual virtues are increased, and all dwellers on earth are nearly under its shadow.

 The “Faithful Intelligence” relates this path to the concept of amen or “faith.” Amen also has the additional meanings of “so mote it be,” “loyalty,” and “steadfastness.” Those who remain faithful or loyal to the will of the Eternal, benefit from this allegiance by receiving an increase in “spiritual virtues.” They also receive divine protection by dwelling under the “shadow” of the Eternal. The Faithful Intelligence increases and dispenses the energies of the divine life-force in an equilibrated and just manner.

 The Hebrew letter Lamed means “ox goad,” a tool used to guide an ox in the proper direction and out of harm’s way. By analogy, the divine life-force uses the energies of the Twenty-second Path to guide us and teach us what we are to learn on our quest. Sometimes the lessons students must learn are harsh but necessary. The Sword of Justice always keeps us on the right path, ever moving forward in our spiritual progression. This path, leading from the sphere of perfect equilibrium (Tiphareth) to that of severity (Geburah), maintains the balance of the entire Tree of Life. The challenge for students traveling this route is to educate themselves through the inner knowledge gained through meditative practice. They must put that knowledge to use and maintain their own sense of balance through the perpetual correction and regulation of thoughts and deeds. Prodded on toward the correct path by karma, the student must make an effort to retrain his thoughts and calibrate his actions to better reflect the grace and equilibrium of the divine.”  [Scrying on the Tree of Life by Chic Cicero Sandra Tabatha Cicero]


For any newcomers – we’ve moved into doing a guided meditation on the tree of life path associated with the energies of the day.  The guided meditation is taken from Chic & Tabatha Cicero’s Book Scrying on the Tree of Life with the corresponding solfeggio frequency tuning into the background.   If you don’t wish to participate in the guided meditation, that’s ok, I welcome you to sit back and listen to music I might suggest pulling up this Youtube stream with the solfeggio frequency itself.

Path emblem: A white feather

weighing the soul



Guided Visualization into Path of Lamed


Meditation closing:






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