Full Moon in Taurus

full moon taurus

Welcome to the Full Moon in Taurus which waxed at 1:23 AM EST.  If you ever wonder if the planets really have any effect on life here on earth, ask any person working in the ER how things are different in the emergency room on during a full moon, or research changes in weather patterns and cycles of the oceans.  The Moon is connected to our emotions, the feminine nurturer in our nature, including our instincts, habit patterns, and unconscious drives.  Taurus is also typically feminine in nature and it is fixed earth – if I can’t see it before my eyes it must not exist type of nature.  Taurus represents stability because it is so fixed in it’s nature that you can practically set your clock on how Taurus will be in any given situation.  Ruled by the Roman Goddess of beauty, Venus, Taurus likes things the way she likes them PERIOD.  Because the energy is stabilizing, you have the potential to draw things to you that are needed.  With 9th house energies, truth and honesty are important.

Aspecting this Full Moon is the opposition to the Sun, and Jupiter, the sextile with Neptune, and the trine with Pluto.

Oppositions create challenges and opportunities for growth and change, as long as the planets involved have equal expression.  The Sun highlights our basic character, who and what you are at heart, as well as the masculine nature of our personalities.  Typically, the logical self often contradicts the emotional self, but because Taurus is so stabilizing to the Moon’s energies, the challenge isn’t one of controlling the emotions, but with Scorpio’s energies, the challenge becomes controlling what is desired, the “I need,” and the “I wants,” can get out of hand.  What happens when we put desire with the need for perfection; we can set the standard at impossible heights if we don’t have proper direction and support of how to get there.

Jupiter is the planet of good luck, expansion, ideals and spiritual teachings, higher knowledge.  This opposition can be the one with the issues, if the Taurus Moon is so fixed on where she is and Jupiter in Scorpio wants to fly and experience the new.

The sextile is considered a beneficial aspect and the planet Neptune is the planet of idealism, dreams, and intuitions, and highlights how we view and nurture our spirituality and our inner selves.  The Pisces Neptune helps the Taurus Moon open herself to new experiences that can broaden her fixed opinions about who she is.   With 7th house energies, Neptune will walk away from people rather than allow their undue or uninvited influence; let me figure things out for myself.

The trines in our charts indicate where we’ve earned good karma, and is considered an aspect of ease and comfort.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and all things extreme.  Pluto is the planet that forces changes we are slow to make because we get stagnant.  The trine with the Taurus Moon allows for a natural psychological ability and opens a source in us that can draw people to us that have a need we can somehow fulfill.   Because the Taurus Moon insists on truth and honesty, the Capricorn Pluto helps us discern what’s really needed and what’s bullshit to throw us off course; you know how some will attempt to take your time with frivolous issues they really don’t need help with – they just want attention… Pluto says move on silly wabbit – tricks are for kids!

Today in the hebrew is the 17th day of Cheshvan.  The Torah portion for today involves an oath to tell the truth in repayment for a kindness shown… one does something for someone and in turn they swear to honor that kindness by being straightforward – don’t blow smoke up my skirt and tell me the truth, even if it’s painful.  Cheshvan is Scorpio, and anyone that has a friend who is a Scorpio knows, they are typically loyal to a fault, but if you cross them, it’s cold shoulder, with emphasis on COLD.  Kabbalah says that Cheshvan/Scorpio, because of it’s intensity, once there is a focus, Scorpio goes all the way with it, and if the focus becomes darkness, there becomes no room for light.  As we go into the so called days of darkness, when we have more dark than light, we have to be mindful to take the light with us.  Yes, the darkness in each of us is often for our own protection, and good, but if that becomes all that we focus upon, it can be difficult to find our way out – we have to maintain our balance. I remember in the movie, “Legend,” the character of Lilly became seduced by the pretty dark gown, as if being hypnotized by it’s shining beauty and she lost the will to fight it taking over, or perhaps she always lacked the strength to resist which was why she met Jack in the first place, because he was light.

The Zohar speaks of a parable where the upper worlds only have room for those who manage to turn darkness into light; that we learn to use the darkness in us for it’s purpose in our journey.  Since this Moon is a bit of a truth seeker, let’s use the power of the “white lie” as our example – because on it’s surface, it’s still a lie, an untruth, but behind that, is generally it’s purpose in one of protecting one’s feelings.  But if that tiny little untruth gets out of hand, then it graduates to that darkness taking over a bit more than you originally intended.


The Hebrew letter creating the month of Scorpio or Cheshvan is the letter Nun.  The word nun means to continue, offspring, and heir. The ancient pictograph of the nun is a picture of a seed sprout, “representing the idea of continuing to a new generation.”  But to continue, we must first complete the goal we set for this life… and our success or lack thereof, will determine how that offspring, or next life, is formed including what karma we take with us.  In Aramaic, however, the word nun means fish.  Inner.org states that souls are divided into two general categories symbolized by fish and land animals; the leviathan and the behemot and correspond to two innate tendencies and attractions of the soul to either the concealed and secret, or revealed and legal dimensions of Torah. In gematria, leviathan equals malkuth.  In the world of divine emanation, malkuth is represented by the sea whose tides are controlled by the power of the Moon.  Nun is the 14th letter of the alef-beit which equals David, the favored chosen King whose bloodline was said to include the Messiah,  taking us back to the symbol of the fish, and the offspring, the meek (those with love and light), who are said to inherit the earth.

We talked some time ago about this study that said for every given situation, because of how you have made decisions in the past, including your thought processes in how you arrive at those decision, how you will react in the future to anything can be pre-determined. Now if you have a tendency to always do the right thing, that’s great, but if your past choices have gotten you into trouble, as mine have, even though I learned great lessons for that trouble, should I continue to process situations the same way, or should I have learned different methodology in making choices?  Which side of myself is more prevalent in making those choices?  Do I stay in balance?  Do I properly utilize both of my polarities in my choices?

The letter nun represents the 24th path on the Kabbalistic tree of life connecting Tiphareth (beauty – 6) with Netzhach (glory -7), and the Death card in the Thoth Tarot.  “The Universe is change; every change is the effect of an act of Love; all acts of love contain pure joy.  Die Daily!”  [Book of Thoth].


“In alchemy, this card explains the idea of putrefaction, the technical name given by its adepts to the series of chemical changes which develops the final form of life from the original latent seed in the Orphic egg. “[Book of Thoth]


The perfect simple example could be shown by watching anything organic, fruit, meat, fish, etc., rotting until it is no longer recognizable as what it was before, and out of which comes life.  I remember this experiment we did in science in elementary school where we took a banana and put it inside a sealed jar, and despite nothing being able to get inside that jar, the banana became infested with maggots.  The question we were to solve was did the banana already contain the seed that gave life to the maggots?  Some point that was well beyond our age at that time that I’ve come to understand, is that like attracts like, and within that jar was even if only microscopic, material that attracted to itself what it needed to complete itself.  Now think about that for a minute considering the context of the energies of this Full Moon….we have the power to attract what we need to be what we are to be, based upon what choice?   And based upon who each of us are, at this particular moment in our lifetime, we attract to us exactly what is our focus, because the universe assumes that is your desire, so if your process of decision making or creating of your reality is somehow unbalanced, we will continue to exhibit and manifest that in our lives.

The 24th Path is known as the Imaginative Intelligence, so-called because it gives a likeness to all the similitudes, which are created in like manner similar to its harmonious elegances

— Sphere of Netzach —

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Tzabaoth.

The number is 7.

The color is green.

— Sphere of Tiphareth —

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.

The number is 6.

The color is yellow.

Areas the 24th Path will help you:

Feeling that you are a part of everything, and that everything is a part of you.


Increased interest and awareness of plants, nature, gardening, and nurturing the environment.

Increasing the sensitivity of all of your physical senses.

Increasing sensitivity of the psychic senses that correspond to the physical five senses.

Recognition that momentary desires are only diversions.

“Surrendering” to a “calling.”

Facing and passing through your own death wish.

Letting go of the mind.

Resurrection. (Insight into the interplay of life and death.)

Knowledge of the power within you, and that it is appropriate for whatever you have to do.

Intensification of your energy and creativity.

Intensification of receptivity.

Learning to yield to the cycles of life and death, and utilizing this understanding to determine your direction.

Accepting your feminine side.

In letting go you get a surge of energy. (Spiritual Orgasm).

Understanding that love is a need to give of your Self.

Understanding that the “urge to merge” or find a “soul mate” and be absorbed into that mate is an urge to return to the soul.

Letting go of physicality.

Astral travel.

Overcoming your fear of death.

Confronting your fears and conquering them.

Assimilating grief.

Insight into solving your own inner conflict.

Understanding and insight into other’s inner conflicts.

The arousal of kundalini energy through sex.

Being able to deal with whatever comes out of your unconscious mind.



The color is greenish-blue.

The musical note is “G.” which translates to Sol on the standard scale and 741 hz on the solfeggio scale.


The Twenty-fourth Path is the Imaginative Intelligence, and it is so  called because it gives a likeness to all the similitudes which are created  in like manner similar to its harmonious elegancies.  The Hebrew word dimyoni, “imaginative,” is closely related to the  word dimyon, which means “semblance, likeness.” This passage  indicates that by uniting opposites, a greater wholeness is achieved.  A fresh synthesis arises that creates new versions of itself, all of  which have a similarity or semblance to the “harmonious elegancies”  of the divine life-force. “For the outward form always follows  the Hidden Law, thus from Chaos is produced Harmony, just as a  beautiful flower is produced from decaying matter.”9 The “Imaginative  Intelligence” constantly creates new images that we may use  to aid us in our spiritual quest, just as humanity itself was created  in the “image” of the divine.  The Hebrew letter Nun means “fish,” which is the object desired  by the “fishhook” (Tzaddi / meditation). This letter is also  associated with the ideas of water (consciousness) and the sun (the  Christos as a solar deity symbolized by a fish). Nun also has correspondences  with the ideas of generation and fecundity. (fee cun dity)   The Twenty-fourth Path leads from Netzach, the seat of the  imaginative consciousness, to Tiphareth, the seat of the sun. It is  therefore     the path of hidden energies that, when aroused, leads to increasing  levels of illumination. Here the student begins to forgo the desires  of Netzach for the more universal love of Tiphareth. The wants of  the lower personality are forfeited for higher spiritual needs as the  student’s perceptions of reality and the purpose of life are  constantly changing on this path. Outmoded ideas of the “self”  evaporate as new self-images and “similitudes” form to replace  them.  The task of the student on this path is to let go of the old and  yield to that which is unfamiliar, trusting in the love of the divine.

Enjoy a meditation into the Path of Nun:






Guided Meditation:




Meditation closing:














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