New Moon in Taurus – 2018

New Moon Taurus 2018

Welcome to the New Moon in Taurus which waned at 7:48 AM EST.  The Moon, which represents the female nurturing archetype of our personalities, including our emotions, inner self, subconscious, fears, desires, loves, instincts, and habit patterns.  Taurus is feminine fixed earth, and we talked last Moon Festival a bit about Taurus being nortorious for its’ stubbornness because when we say Taurus is fixed, it’s really fixed, but on a positive note, it’s stable, determined, and practical, but don’t get in its way of it putting things in their order as Taurus sees it because you’re standing in the face of that angry bull and if you’re in its way, it’s seeing red.  The moon in Taurus gives us stability in our emotions, unless there are other factors acting in our chart that upset that applecart.  Taurus draws the perfect environment and always has it’s needs miracuously met.  With 12th house energies, the house of our psychology, we see a great deal of support and encouragement from those around us, or depending on how this New Moon falls in your chart, you may be the one doing giving the support and encouragement.

Aspecting this New Moon in the conjunction with the Sun, trine with Mars, and Pluto, and the opposition with Jupiter.

At the New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are of course conjunct, on the same points in the chart, and very intensely unified in one major goal..  The New Moon is typically thought of as the best time for new beginnings.  The Sun represents our outer selves, the male and logical archetype of our personalities, where we get down to basics, our ego and character.  Both the Sun and the Moon in fixed Taurus, and falling in the spring, in our natural worlds here, it’s a great time for planting and starting that new garden, and spiritually, it’s a great time for widening our paths, and opening ourselves up to use more of the natural gifts that we were all born with, but for one reason or another have been dormant, and we’ll talk a little bit about our so-called junk DNA.

With the Sun/Moon conjunction, we get a strong dose of internal strength and independence, helping us to stand on our own two feet, and push off those training wheels we’ve been leaning on so much.  The Sun in Taurus has great patience, and helps us to walk steadily along the path we’ve chosen.

The trine occurs when planets are at 120 degrees apart and is considered a harmonious aspect, giving us fine tuning and comfort, helping us to develop the energies represented by the two planets involved.  Mars is the planet of physical vitality, and assertiveness, so if what we’re driven to do is physical, we have the energy, and sometimes that spiritual work can be physically draining as well, but Mars gives us that extra boost we need to get the job done.  The trine with Mars helps us to easily work with others and to pour a lot of energy into our physical surroundings.  In Taurus, Mars shows great patience and helps us to absorb information that we may need from others around us, so keep your ears open and listen to the stories around you, as well as your inner voice for hints of how you can apply those lessons in your own situation…you may surprise yourself how easily you can channel information you had no idea you knew, but when you put 2 and 2 together, you get amazing.

Jupiter represents good luck and expansion, ideals and philosophical, and spiritual teachings.  Jupiter is in retrograde, so it may represent a time of spiritual introspection and reflection.  When we were in our 20s, 30s, we probably never gave a second thought to our health unless we were already dealing with severe health issues.  When we get older, and the question or our mortality comes into focus, we find we have to find a balance between our inner and outer worlds.  Worry, stress, even our value system can have an adverse affect on our physical health and the Jupiter retrograde is a good time to at least begin to detoxify our physical systems in order to help our mental and spiritual.  Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled, and don’t be afraid to stand by yourself – trusting you won’t be alone for long… it’s ok to not follow the popular crowd, or the popular choice in life – you’ll always find like minded people to assist you along the way no matter what path you’re on.

The trine is considered a positive aspect.  Pluto represents change, generally, change that occurs for our own good, and change that we’ve put off because we get stuck in our own comfort.   Diamonds are created by friction, and we should never become so comfortable that we stop growing, so Pluto comes along to do what needs to be done whether we’re ready or not.  The trine lends for a natural psychological ability, especially when working with others.  When Pluto is in retrograde, that fear of letting go is intensified, and the retrograde can slow the necessary changes down perhaps giving us a chance to get used to new ideas, and a new way of doing, thinking, or being.  In Capricorn, however, we take on a practical sense toward any coming changes and learn to see the positive aspects of letting things go, and we have an opportunity to reorganize our life so that the changes fit in better…so Pluto, for once, gives you time to prepare.

The question of our origins has been long debated, and as of this date, science calls parts of our DNA “junk” because they haven’t yet figured out what those portions of our DNA code is responsible for.  I saw this posting on facebook about how humans have cast off the tails that science says we used to have; what they say has become the coccyx at the base of our spine.  But beyond that, there isn’t much that one can say man has evolved into from anything for what must be thousands of years, whereas, creatures in the animal kingdom are changing at a much greater rate.  What might be the reason for this? Because man is already perfect as he is? Perhaps science hasn’t quite opened up to the possibility that humans are quite a bit more than they’ve anticipated.  Do people with more psychic, and I say more, because we are all born with higher abilities, that we believe some purposely choose to ignore, or let go of as they get older or come into self awareness, just as we believe babies or young children see the spirits of those around us that our eyes, being partially closed with our minds, choose not to see, either out of fear, or comprehension. Or, is it possible that so called junk DNA is simply that belonging to our higher selves which only becomes activated once our higher consciousness is truly  working within us and therefore needed by the individual?

As a child, I knew, and saw spirits around me, but they scared me, and I think that was the moment, I closed that door of my psychic awareness at least s far as seeing was concerned.  In the TV series, “The Ghost Whisperer,” the main character, Melinda, finds out that her mother also had the ability to see ghosts, but chose not to because they frightened her, and she shut them out.  As we become more and more aware of abilities that we have, finding that we’ve always had them, do we activate more of our DNA that has, up to that point, been dormant?  It is believed that spiritual awakening activates strands of previously dormant DNA.  Once those strands, previously dormant, become active, other dormant strands that are attached to them come into focus, and we begin to open other doors previously closed off.  What kind of being would we be, if all of our DNA were active?  Perhaps the fact that humanity as a whole, has not as yet, evolved from the ego driven beings that we currently are, has much to do with why we don’t as yet fully understand or use all of the abilities that we have.

Wherever he observes a definite kind of blooming and flourishing, he must banish everything else from his soul, and entirely surrender himself, for a short time, to this one impression. He will soon convince himself that a feeling which heretofore in a similar case, would merely have flitted through his soul, now swells out and assumes a powerful and energetic form. He must now allow this feeling to reverberate quietly within himself while keeping inwardly quite still. He must cut himself off from the outer world, and simply and solely follow what his soul tells him of this blossoming and flourishing.


And just as the eyes and ears of the physical body are built by natural forces out of living matter, so will the organs of clairvoyance build themselves out of the feelings and thoughts thus evoked.”Knowledge of Higher World’s and it’s Attainment by Rudolph Steiner

            The month of Sivan marks the holiday of Shavuot and the giving of the Torah.  It is said that it’s no coincidence that the 10 commandments were given on two stones, that represent one set of instructions.

Today in the Hebrew is the Rosh Chodesh of the month of Sivan.  The month of Sivan is called the month of twins (Gemini).  One portion of Torah that mentions twins is found in (Song of Songs), which says, “Thy two breasts are like two fawns that are twins of a gazelle, which feed among the lilies”  The Zohar says these terms represent the essence of two, which are one.  The connection between right column (desire to share) and left column (desire to receive), and  the breasts represent central column energy which creates circuitry, balance, and wholeness; two entities into one. It is the same concept as one’s soul merging with its HGA; two who were once one, again becoming one.

Because the Sun hasn’t yet moved into the energies of Gemini, we look to the Hebrew letter that created the ruling planet; Mercury rules the month of Sivan and was created by the letter reish.  The letter reish is the 20th letter of the alef beit. The design is said to represent an individual who is bent over, a poor person.  The reish is composed of two lines, one horizontal and one vertical representing intellect and speech but because the two lines are not connected or joined with a yud, the reish is said to represent the intellect of a person out for his own gratification.  However, together with the letter that creates the month of Sivan itself, the letter zayin, together spell raz which means secret. Kabbalah teaches that the secret of life is encrypted in the duality energy of Gemini with it’s ability to balance desires, drives, urges, and PEOPLE into a whole, into one complete entity.   So the focus goes to what is wrong, so that we can fix it, tikun.  I’m fully convinced that our so called junk DNA is only dormant because going about our everyday lives concerned with the things of the outer world around us, we don’t have a need for what that part of our DNA is responsible for, but once we begin our journey into our internal spiritual selves, more and more of that DNA becomes active as we require it.  That is the secret of human evolution.


The letter Reish represents the 30th Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of life connecting the sphere of Hod (8 Splendor) with Yesod (9 foundation), and The Sun card in the Thoth Tarot.  We usually see the Twins or Lovers card associated with dual nature, but there is a good reason why the Sun card has been chosen for this.


“This is one of the simplest of the cards; it represents Heru-ra-ha, the Lord of the New Aeon, in his manifestation to the race of men as the Sun spiritual, moral, and physical. He is the Lord of Light, Life, Liberty and Love. This Aeon has for its purpose the complete emancipation of the human race. 158  {Aleister Crowley]

Just as sunlight is perpetual, consciousness is continuous. Death is an illusion every bit as much as night is an illusion. Immortality is simply consciousness of the continuity of existence.

Heru-ra-ha is a unique name for the two opposite and equal forms of the Egyptian god Horus. Hoor-pa-kraat, is the passive, innocent, god of silence and infinite potential, often portrayed as a baby curled in the fetal position, … Ra-Hoor-Khut159 is the active, violent, hawk-headed avenger of the gods. Combined under the one name Heru-ra-ha, they are the divine expression of the passive/ active dynamics of the element Spirit.”

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 149). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

            DuQuette goes on to explain the reason the Sun is associated with the dual nature is because of the so called doctrine of twin suns wherein our Sun has a twin where it and our solar system rotate in a cycle dance of hundreds of millions of years and used the analogy of Satan being the twin of the Christ as a metaphor to tell of this twin Sun.  From a scientific viewpoint, the Sun has an ongoing struggle between the active, thermonuclear process that burns it’s fuel and radiates light and the passive, gravitational presence of it’s own mass.

Hod, in Hasidic Judiasm, is connected with prayer which is seen as a form of submission; instead of conquering an obstacle in one’s way, to subdue oneself to that obstacle.  Hod is described as a force that breaks energy down into different distinguishable forms, just as one might look to a situation for what it represents rather than fighting against it, try to see what there is to learn.

Yesod is said to be the vehicle which allows for movement from one thing or condition to another – the power of connection as the letter Vav.  Yesod is foundation upon which the higher spheres rest and how they connect with Malkuth, likened as the engine room of creation.

For any newcomers – we’ve moved into doing a guided meditation on the tree of life path associated with the energies of the day.  The guided meditation is taken from Chic Cicero’s Book Scrying on the Tree of Life with the corresponding solfeggio frequency tuning into the background.

In his book Scrying on the Tree of Life, Chic Cicero writes of the 30th  path, the following:

The Thirtieth Path of Resh The Thirtieth Path is the Collecting Intelligence, and is so called because Astrologers deduce from it the judgment of the stars and celestial signs, and the perfections of their science, according to the rules of the motions of the stars. The “Collecting Intelligence” implies accumulation, increase, and growth. The Hebrew letter Resh is attributed to the sun and the “head,” which suggests both cosmic and human consciousness. This is, therefore, a path of increasing levels of consciousness where all forms of consciousness are collected, integrated, and appropriated for a divine purpose.



Path of Reish:

Meditation Closing:




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