Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon Sagittarius

Welcome to the Full Moon in Sagittarius which waxed at 10:19 AM EST.    The Moon which represents our emotional nature, the female archetype, the nurturer in our personalities, including  our emotions and desires, innermost fears, and needs in love. Sagittarius is masculine mutable fire. It is the “I see” of the zodiac and is considered the sign of wisdom, and it’s placement in the chart shows where and how you can understand and make sense of the world around us.  Every Sagittarian I’ve ever known have been the people who just know things, like they have this plethora of the most obscure information, along with an uncanny understanding of things you have no clue how they know them. Sagittarius is optimistic, restless, enthusiastic, adventurous and honest, the male energy comes off as a bit irresponsible while the female is responsible to a fault.  It’s symbol, the archer, is said to represent man’s attempt to free himself from his animal nature and develop the soul. Ruled by Jupiter, the roman god ruler of heavens, good fortune, and abundance. The Moon in Sagittarius enjoys getting back to basics and the simple things in life. The Sagittarius Moon’s energies are most positive in group environments where it’s energies shine on the collective whole,  creativity and expression are highlighted with 5th house energies, and when we come together and share we all grow.

Aspecting this Full Moon are the opposition with the Sun, and Mercury, sextile with Mars, and the square with Neptune.

At the Full Moon when the Sun and the Moon are opposite, we may typically feel torn between our comfort zone and a need to grow and flourish beyond our usual surroundings.  It’s important at the Full Moon to find ways to give both planets’ energies expression so you can maintain some form of balance.

The Sun, which represents the logical side of our personalities, the male archetype, our basic character, and the “us” that we show to the world outside of ourselves, in the sign of Gemini; also masculine, and also mutable, but Gemini is Air.  Mutable signs are communicators, and mutable signs talk about what the other signs are doing. Mutable signs are adaptable, but the fire in Sagittarius makes it a little more intense than Gemini who often comes off as cold and detached because it’s spending it’s time thinking.  The place where Gemini sits in your chart shows where you generally have a constant flow of information. The Sun in Gemini loves to explore, investigate, and search, which could, fully support the wise Sagittarius Moon, if you take an approach that makes it think it was it’s own idea, as Sagittarius can never accept being outshined.  But the Gemini Sun has the ability to go beyond the conventional which could be rather enticing for the Sagittarius Moon. With 11th house energies, if the Sun positively affects your chart, you could shine as the leader in spiritual idealism, taking the proverbial bull by the horns and helping the pack find new meaning in things we took for granted.  

Mercury throws it’s hat into the opposition.  Mercury is the planet of intellect, our ability to think and communicate, so it’s a welcome addition to the opposition and fits in very well with the Moon’s agenda.  Mercury cautions us to tread carefully when attempting to take ideas to new people who are unfamiliar with your particular philosophy of life; better to let them find their way on their own unless they ask.  Mercury in Taurus lends for a methodical mind making us able to see the practical side of situations, being careful and considerate. Mercury in the 11th house becomes the ultimate humanitarian good at putting ideas to work and shedding all those energy blocks once and for all.  

The sextile is considered a positive aspect, and Mars is the planet of vitality and assertiveness.  So Mars gives us the drive and the will to accomplish our goals. In Aquarius Mars has an inner drive to improve and reform the world around you.  As we think, therefore we create, which helps us to understand the need to think better of ourselves, and the people we serve. And by serve, I don’t suggest that we in any way have any specific power to change the path of another, but if someone is on a path of destruction, they certainly have that free will, however, you do have the ability to open the other door that gives them a different choice.  

The square occurs when planets are at 90 degrees from each other and is a position of tension in order to promote action.  Neptune is the planet of our higher minds, spirituality which goes hand in hand with imagination, dreams and intuitions. I was reading this article presented by the Gaia website this morning about magnetic crystals in our brains that can become activated by the earth’s magnetic force that they believe may help awaken psychic abilities.  I was reading in a book this past week on higher knowledge that suggests that 10 minutes a day spent barefoot in the grass or in the dirt, sand, etc., has the ability to cure our body of all sorts of ailments that have become more and more prevalent over the past 10-15 years or so due to the soles in our shoes blocking this energy from being in direct contact with our bodies, not to mention the fact that the people in today’s world spend more time on their devices than actually outside connecting with nature, so inflammation runs rampant – another good reason to kick the kids outside. This square with the Moon says our dreams tend to clash with our actual reality, but being able to hold that dream despite what you may see when you open your eyes, is faith beyond fact, but facts can change.  Pam Grout in her book E2 told of a story of her friend who wanted to go on a vacation but she didn’t have the money – long story short, she booked the reservation anyway, and when the day came that she had to pay for her trip, circumstances took care of themselves and she had exactly what she needed. We used to call those testimonies in the church and admittedly some of them used to sound rather outlandish to me until I put it into practice. And yet, despite the fact that I know our thoughts do create our reality, and we can conjure something out of nothing, I even still have a tendency remain complacent and don’t do what I need to do, either because I get comfortable and content with where I am and only thing about what’s not there when I get lonesome, and those energies aren’t the positive thoughts they need to be to make things what I want.  In Pisces, all these things are possible if we just take the steps to put it all into action.

Today in the Hebrew is the 15th of the month of Sivan.  Sivan is Gemini and the essence of two. In the Hebrew, Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac, and is central column energy, the essence of two becoming a third which is 1.  Livekabbalah says that the secret of the central column is what allows the flow of life; true love and social balance; Rabbi Akiva says this is exhibited when we love our neighbor as ourselves.  

zayinThe Hebrew letter which created the month of Sivan is the letter Zayin which is formed with a letter vav with a crown said to be related to the heads of they who received the Torah.  Sivan is the 3rd month and the letter Zayin is the 7th letter of the alef-beit, both numbers are said to be “beloved” by the sages. 3 represents the intellectual realm while 7 represents the lower emotive realm. 3 and 7 together equals 10 representing the 10 original instructions contained on the two tablets of 1.  

The letter Zayin on the kabbalistic tree of life represents the 17th Path connecting Binah (understanding) with Tiphareth (beauty) and the Lovers/Twins in the Thoth Tarot.  


“The Oracle of the Gods is the Child-Voice of Love in thine own Soul! hear thou it! Heed not the Siren-Voice of Sense, or the Phantom-Voice of Reason: rest in Simplicity, and listen to the Silence.”


DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 112). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.


In the alchemical maxim, “solve et coagula,”  the Lovers/Twins card represents “solve,” the wedding ceremony, and the card containing all of the symboliology of everything that will be.  In Rudolph Steiner’s book on higher knowledge, he gives an exercise whereby one is to study a blossom and in your mind, envision all that blossom will be from it opening through to it withering and falling off, only to blossom again.  Solve is not a one time process, and like all life, continues over and over, suggesting our spiritual need to live lifetime after lifetime.

I was watching an episode of The Haunting Of with Kim Russo, and the star was named Weir who is slightly feminine in his mannerisms.  Kim revealed that he had lived as a woman in past lives and he says that he identifies with that very much which confirmed for me what I had believed about how people are born in this life either   not identifying with the gender of their birth, because what they identify with was a strong attachment to who they were in a past life.

The sepheroth of Binah imparts the energies we need to comprehend ourselves and helps us in the understanding of the fixing of our souls, Tikkun.

Tiphareth is connected to the higher self, the throne of God, as found in the heart center.  It is represented by the Sun in one’s chart and describes the area of life in which we can express our highest good, although that’s not necessarily always obvious, because the sun is also represented by the ego which too often gets in the way of showing our highest good.


      In his book Scrying on the Tree of Life, Chic Cicero writes of the 17th  path, the following:

“This path “disposes” (arranges, prepares, or readies) the Righteous by providing them with Faith. The “Disposing Intelligence” implies that this path gives constant adjustment, preparation, measurement, judgment, and organization to the individual human soul in order to make it ready for the final leap over the Abyss. At the summit of this path is Binah, the sphere of the Holy Spirit. Those who are truly fit to undertake this path are said to be “clothed with the Holy Spirit.” Through the Seventeenth Path, Tiphareth, the seat of the Ruach (rational soul) and the Higher Self, is joined to Binah, the seat of the Neshamah (divine soul) and the subconscious mind. The joining of the influences of these two Sephiroth along this path results in its title of “the Foundation of Excellence in the state of higher things.” The Hebrew letter Zayin means “sword,” a weapon that cuts and severs (or divides). It is that type of god-energy that governs the process of separation.  The Path of Zayin implies a period of self-analysis, followed by the disposal of those elements of the psyche which are impure, and the “arrangement” of those elements that are pure, until at length the component parts of the revitalized psyche is recombined into a greater unity. The result is intimacy and oneness with the divine.”

Path Symbol: A sword j.

For any newcomers – we’ve moved into doing a guided meditation on the tree of life path associated with the energies of the day.  The guided meditation is taken from Chic Cicero’s Book Scrying on the Tree of Life with the corresponding solfeggio frequency tuning into the background.







Path of Zayin:



Meditation Closing:






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