Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon Pisces


Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces which waxed at 7:56 AM EST.  The Moon representing our emotional nature, the inner self, dreams, subconscious and female archetype of our personalities in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is feminine mutable water.  It is the “I believe” of the zodiac and considered the most agreeable sign of the zodiac; some might say that’s because Pisces is wishy-washy; but being able to place oneself in the shoes of another takes great understanding and empathy in many different areas of life, and should be considered a gift.   Ruled by Neptune, the ancient god of the sea and represents illusion, glamour, and mystery.  Pisces is receptive, intuitive, and emotional, romantic, impressionable and very changeable.  The Moon in Pisces sees the world as sacred with special commitment to spiritual concepts.  Pisces gives the Moon strong intuition and sensitivity.  All things musical and artistic take on a divinity all their own.  With 6th house energies, the house of work and service, we have a heightened sense of detail in what we focus our energies on.

Pisces and the moon have a natural affinity. Pisces is the sign of depths of emotions, And the moon represents our instinctive emotional reactions and sometimes our hidden dreams. Pisces is also the astrological sign of sorrow and self undoing which places it in direct correlation with the sun in the 12th house, the house of psychological undoing. So we find a lot lately where aspects that, on the surface seem to be at odds, they are actually unified in their effect and purpose in our lives.
And with sixth house energies any happiness in the work place will be accentuated.

The opposition occurs when planets are 180 degrees from each other and is a supposed to be position of challenge for growth and change. The Sun represents our basic character, the person we show to the world, our outer self, conscious personality, will, ego and character and is in the sign of Virgo.  Virgo is feminine mutable earth, so both the main characters, our male and female archetypes are in mutable signs.  Mutable signs are communicators and are adaptable. Virgo is the analyzer, the sign that sits back and studies what everyone else is doing.  So the Virgo Sun is watching and considering what others are doing, and the Pisces Moon is emulating it.

The Sun in Virgo is compassionate, concerned about others and their welfare, and the Sun’s identity shines through helping us find ourselves when we’re focusing on the needs of others, because sometimes we need to get out of our own heads in order to find out what we really should be doing.  Even though the Sun and Moon are at opposite sides of the chart, which is generally at odds, their moods take on more of a unified purpose.  The 12th house is usually the house of self undoing but with Virgo and the Sun, 12th house energies take on more of a self sacrificing nature, which could lead to self knowledge instead of self undoing.

Virgo is the sign of work and self improvement. Pisces, Virgos opposite side, is the sign of illusion and self deception. In the 12th house the Sun likes privacy and quiet and the joys of meditation and reflection.

The sextile occurs when planets are 60 degrees from each other and is a positive aspect. Saturn represents our limitations and responsibilities, structures in life, and obstacles and is in the sign of Capricorn, also the sign of limitations and obstacles, where we reap that which we have sown.  This overdose of organizational energy can instill a rebellious nature where only anarchy and chaos feel good at the moment, and sometimes we have to let things be as they are and find a way to be content for the moment, until we find the right time to get things back in order.  Wild can have it’s benefits, and with 4th house energies here, Saturn may tend more toward bringing out that gypsy spirit.  The sextile with the Moon lends a wisdom that only comes from simple needs.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn So it’s power is very strong here. Both the positive and negative qualities of Satern powerfully emphasized at this transit. We have ambition, independence, and dedication but we can also have overbearingness, selfishness, and  harshness. Satern purposely put obstacles in our path so that we learn to be self-sufficient.

Also in the sextile is Uranus. Uranus is change, upsets, ingenuity, and uncoventionality; our drive for freedom, and where we stand out from the crowd. The sextile with the Moon makes Uranus the life of the party, which can be infectious and inspiring, able to bring out the better qualities in others.  We just have to overcome the stubbornness and rigidity of Taurus to run with the wind.  Taurus wants to tie us to home and possessions, but we can remain true to that ingenuity that Uranus brings if we focus that homey energy to what’s on the outside. Uranus is very strong and its influence promotes will power and determination. The sextile with the moon and Uranus loosens up the most sober energies, bringing out the best qualities in others.

Today in the Hebrew is the 16th of the month of Elul.  Chabad.org states that the month of Elul is the most opportune time for teshuvah (return to G-d) prayer, charity, and increased love in the quest for self improvement.  You walk into any bookstore, and you see shelves and shelves of self-help books, books that purport to teach you how to get back in touch with your child like nature, your inner self, the god within…it seems as though everyone has a theory on how to do this, but what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another; you may have given yourself a different set of circumstances and things to experience before you can find your nirvana in this life and no self help book is going to help you with that until it’s time for you to experience it; and since you set your own timing, only your inner self truly knows what you have to go through before you reach that point.   The only real advice that has any meaning here is this…figure yourself out.

Rosh Chodesh for the month of Elul marked the beginning of a 40 day period of forgiveness and self examination that extends to the closing prayer on Yom Kippur. According to tradition, the original tablets of instructions were broken when Moshe returned from the mountain and discovered the people had made themselves a golden idol.  Later on, he returned to the mountain beginning on Rosh Chodesh of Elul, which this year, was on August 11th, and returned 40 days later (Yom Kippur) holding new tablets and bringing a message of atonement and forgiveness.  As Virgo inspires us to look at the people around us and notice what positive or negative influence we have had in the past, and Pisces helps us to understand that better, the message of atonement and forgiveness is timely…if you owe anyone an amends, now is the time; if someone else owes you one, try and understand how they did what they did and why, and forgive.

The word Teshuva (return to god or repentance) “is from the word Lashuv, meaning to return; return to ourselves, our truth, our real inner connection. [http://www.livekabbalah.org/index.php/home/gates-in-time/rosh-hodesh/elul-virgo/]

Since the sun is fully within the energies of Elul, (Virgo), the hebrew letter which created the month is the letter Yod. The letter Yod is associated with the 20th Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Iife and the Hermit card in the Thoth Tarot.


“By now, you are probably tired of hearing me talk about the special virtues inherent in the element earth. You probably think you’ve heard enough about how humble earth is uniquely connected to spirit, and how it helps regenerate the highest high because of the simple fact that it is the lowest low (see chapter 11).”


More important, however, because you are the grand climax of the descent into matter.” Excerpt From Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Lon Milo DuQuette

Think about this statement for a moment; you, the grand climax, at least we are supposed to be.  The Hermit, goes into himself and considers his state.


The letter Yod represents the 20th Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting the sephiroth of Chesed (4-Mercy) with Tiphareth (6-Beauty).  Chesed is represented by Jupiter in our chart and represents the accepting and forgiving energy of the Tree.  It is stated if you give the universe what understanding asks of you, you will reap the rewards of that discipline and effort.  Tiphareth is represented by the Sun in your chart and describes the area in life where you can express the highest good.


— Sphere of Chesed —

The Hebrew Divine name is El.



— Sphere of Tiphareth —

The Divine name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.


color yellow

— 20th Path —

The 20th Path is known in Hebrew as Yod, the intelligence of will.

It’s symbol is the open hand.

The Tarot arcanum is the Hermit, the first of the three great initiatory cards corresponding to the sign Virgo.

The God-concept would include Chiron, Mercury or Hermes and the created beings Moses and other spiritual leaders of their people.

The color is green to yellowish-green.

Herbs are Narcissus, lotus, storax, cedar, mint and cinnamon.

Metal is quicksilver.

Minerals are peridot and chrysolite.


Areas the 20th Path will help you:

Gaining inner peace, joyousness, elation

Being comfortable with your self; dealing with loneliness by accepting yourself and becoming whole

Improving your ability to relax

Knowing how to tap into your inner protection

Accepting that you “can’t go back”

Developing faith and devotion, a sense of rightness

Being able to focus on your goals

Resisting temptation and fear

Self-empowerment, strength and fortitude, coming from a sense of your individuality

Strengthening your connection to your Guide

Realizing that all Guidance comes from within

Magic and inner transformation

The power to remain unaffected by your surroundings


Opening the Heart Center

Detachment and objectivity


The ability to deal with emotional trauma without losing perspective

Ability to channel higher forces

Releasing all attachments to the physical world, and therefore no longer being controlled by physical and material circumstances

Realizing and accepting your own power

The ability to control the elements

The ability to control your dreams

Contemplation and meditation

Learning to control the rate of your own vibration

The will and power to make manifest your goals, and the knowledge to do what is right

Understanding that attention is energy, and controlling the attention controls the energy


Please take the time to enjoy our meditations:



Path of Yod:


Meditation Closing:





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