Full Moon in Leo

full moon leo

Welcome to the Full Moon in Leo which waxed fully at 12:16 am, EST.  The Moon, representing our emotional nature, the female archetype of our personalities, the inner being, including our dreams, hidden desires, in the sign of Leo.

I would like to start with a side note – in the moon festivals, I typically only deal with the planets that are affecting the Moon itself because the overall chart, while it is pertinent to how it affects you individually, at the Moon festivals, and because we only have an hour to get through everything, we only focus on the Moon and her rhythms, how she is affected by the transits that involve her.

Leo is masculine, fixed, fire.  It is the “I will” of the zodiac.  Leo shows where you are creative, and stable.  It is intense, enthusiastic, and extravagant. The Moon in Leo is gregarious, and shines this light on everyone, but isn’t happy unless it’s getting plenty of attention, so the extravagance, and enthusiasm is purposed to draw that attention.   With 10th house energies, and the public image being at the forefront is the house of ambition, making the personal will the focus of this Moon.

Aspecting this Full Moon is the opposition with the Sun, Pluto, and Mercury, and the square with Uranus.

The Sun, representing the male archetype of our personalities, the logical outer self that we allow the world to see, in the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is masculine, fixed, air, so both of the major players are in masculine and fixed signs, but Aquarius is airy, stable, but unconventional, and progressive.  Aquarius is the sign of everything new, unusual, strange, and bizarre; eccentric. Bob Marks says “the line between genius and madness is thin,” in his description of the Sun in Aquarius.  Open minded and democratic, enthusiastic with a definite sense of mission, which helps the Moon’s focus on the will. With 4th house energies, home, and family take the front page with an uncanny ability to feel your way through.

Mercury, the planet of intellect and mental activity, joins the opposition, so giving these planets their own expression could be in and of itself, a challenge, however, Mercury is not in Aquarius but sits just over the bridge in Capricorn so it’s focus is clear and analytical, giving the Moon its’ good sense on where to direct its’ energy for that more focused will.  Mercury in Capricorn isn’t moved by emotion, and is always pragmatic.

Pluto joins the opposition in Capricorn.  When Pluto is in Capricorn, we get organization to the extreme, but this is what occurred during the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and bred Napoleon.  For the strong at heart, that force is invigorating, but to the weak minded, it can be overwhelming.

Uranus is the planet of ingenuity, and unconventionality.  The square is considered an aspect of tension that is purposed to create movement – that kick in the ass we sometimes need.  I heard on some show I was watching this weekend, when you have a purpose and you don’t do it, the universe takes it over and does it for you.  I know that all too well. When I got sick, I knew for a while that I needed to get out of the business I was in because the high stress environment is killer; but I didn’t want to give up the money I was making – so the universe did what I couldn’t do on my own – it got me out of there by making sure I couldn’t do it anymore.  That’s the square and since Uranus is all about where we stand alone from the crowd, it could be anything from your style of dress, how you wear your hair, attitudes about society and what’s considered norm, to child rearing. In Aries, this is a power house transit because this is the tsunami type of energy that will pick you up and take you where the universe says you should be.

Blood moon, wolf moon, super moon, lunar eclipse… all this said about this Full Moon, adding to it’s power.  The Moonwoman.com says this is a shamanic call to identify where you are your own worst enemy and finally move away from those habit patterns.

Today in the Hebrew is the 17th of the month of Sh’vat, and Tu’bshvat called the New Year of the Trees which began on sundown on the 20th.  Aish.com has posted a formal sedar on their website if you want to take a look at that for it’s particular symbolism; each of the fruit bearing trees has a specific meaning that I thought was interesting.


The Hebrew month of Sh’vat is Aquarius in the zodiac.  A 19th century kabbalist said that Aquarius is the sign of Israel because the person that became Israel (Yaacov)’s name was derived from the work akev meaning heel. The heel connects us to the earth.  Torah states after Yaacov wrestled with the angel, the angel was forced to bless him so that Yaacov would release him and he changed his name to Israel meaning “head;” meaning the heel was raised to the head which symbolically represents the connection of the 4 worlds in kabbalah that are attached at the heel and head, i.e., the head of Yetzirah, the physical world is connected to the heel of the next higher world.  Kabbalah says that Aquarius has little tolerance to the things that connect everyone else to the earth and exchange boundaries with freedom.

The primary symbolism for TuBsh’vat is the planting of trees, either real or symbolic.  Since we work with the kabbalistic tree of life, one might take a specific look at how that tree manifests itself within, study its’ particular portions in relation to where we are now, and meditate on where we need improvement.

tsadik    The letter Tsadi is connected to the 28th path on the kabbalistic tree of life connecting the sephira of Netzhach (7-victory) with Yesod (9-foundation), and the card of the Emperor in the Thoth Tarot.  Many traditions equate the letter tsadi with the card, the Star, but Aleister Crowley, made the adjustment in his writing, “The Book of Thoth.

Kabbalah says the letter Tsadi represents the spiritual power behind Aquarius that symbolizes the connection between the upper spiritual worlds and our material world, yetzirah, and that connection manifests during TuBsh’vat, the full Moon in Aquarius.  In Gematria the value of tree in hebrew is 91. The Tetragrammaton, the yud-hei-vav-hei, representing the upper spiritual worlds has a value of 26, and God’s name in the material world, “aleph-dalet-nun-yud” or Adonai has a value of 65 – which is 91.. 91 breaks down to 10 which breaks down to one – our oneness with the universe.

The sephira of Netzhach is connected to the planet Venus in your chart and oversees peace, diplomacy.  The sephira of Yesod is said to contain all the secrets and subconscious power of the universe and is connected to the law of attraction that operates in your life whether you are aware of it or not.  It is related to the Moon in your chart and exposes your inner reflexes and how you instinctively react to various situations. emperor

“Use all thine energy to rule thy thought: burn up thy thought as the Phoenix. “51

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 106). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

Because the law of attraction is so very prominent at this time, our thoughts are of particular importance.  We were told when I was in the church system that we were supposed to guard our thoughts and to pray without ceasing.  Furthermore, to have thought about committing a sin was the same as having committed that sin. Now, of course, my understanding of sin being a disconnection from the divine/from our oneness with the universe, I see things quite differently, however, that doesn’t change the fact that there is an absolute truth to our thoughts attracting and thereby creating our reality – not sinful just that we reap that which we sow.  How do you pray without ceasing – how do you guard your thoughts – well..that’s a great question – there’s meditation which could be constant, I guess, there’s chanting, if you feel yourself going off course, there’s keeping what you want in the forefront of your mind, which could, as Aleister Crowley wrote, take all thine energy to do, which is where this Full Moon’s power to strengthen the will comes into play. Leo’s influence is strength and determination, the Aquarius Sun is daring to be different, Mercury strengthens our mental activity and goes to help organize and focus our thoughts, Pluto gives us the guidance of rules, and Uranus gives us the ingenuity to go against the grain; while your co-workers are sitting around gossiping about another co-worker, you can walk away, or be the dissenting opinion that shuts them the hell up.


—Sphere of Yesod — —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Yesod, the foundation.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Shaddai el Chai, the Almighty Living God.

The Archangel of the Sphere is Gabriel, Prince of Change and Alteration.

The Choir of Angels is the Kerubim, the Strong.

The Planetary correspondence is the Moon.

The symbols are perfumes and sandals.

The color is violet.

The element is air, the Astral Light, or Akashic Fluid.

The number is 9.

— Sphere of Netzach —

The Sphere of Destination is Netzach, Victory.

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Tzabaoth.

The Archangel is Haniel, Prince of Love and Harmony.

The Order of Angels is the Elohim.

The corresponding planet is Venus.

The number is 7.

The Tarot correspondences are the four Seven’s.

The symbols of Netzach are the girdle, the rose and the lamp.

The stones are emerald and turquoise.

The metal is copper.

The color is green.

— 28th Path —

The 28th Path is known as the Natural Intelligence, so-called because through it is consummated and perfected the Nature of every existing thing beneath the Sun.

The Hebrew letter for the Path is Tzaddi, meaning “fish hook.”

The meaning of the simple form of the letter is imagination.

The corresponding astrological sign is Aquarius.

The planet is Saturn.

The element is Air.

The metal is lead.

The Path corresponds to the Tarot Major Arcanum card The Star.

The symbols are the urn, the censor and the morning and evening star.

The stone is artificial glass.

The scent is galbanum.

Herbs are absinthe, fennel and buttercup.

The color is violet.

The musical note is “A#.”

The magical weapon is the censor.

Living beings representative are the eagle, the peacock and man.

Goddess Isis

Areas the 28th Path will help you:

Meditation and the ability to “still” the mind.

Opening the Sacral Center and freeing your energy.

Energizing yourself and others.

Recognizing the physical reality you live in.

Applying yourself to your studies.

Developing intuition in Astrological or other technical work.

Career planning and finding suitable work.

Problem solving.

Development of physical ability and martial arts skills.

Enhancement of dreams and understanding dream symbols.

Recognizing vampirism and your own inherent strength to resist it.

Learning to become a “pane of glass” that lets disharmony “pass through” you.

Learning to deal with your astral fears, visions, and worries by withdrawing your attention from them, by centering yourself through deep breathing.

Becoming more secure in dealing with your problems. Recognizing that there is always an answer.

Gaining knowledge of what is needed for you to move toward your own perfection.

Applying your Will toward your own evolution.

The ability to know who you really are, and to see others as they truly are.

Understanding that everything and everyone about you is a reflection of yourself.

Understanding the power of the group mind.

Being able to both nurture and receive nurturance.

Strengthening your connection to your Higher Self.

Improving your higher intuition and “knowingness.”

The ability to protect yourself psychically as well as physically.

Finding inner peace.

Opening the Solar Plexus Center.

Increasing creativity.

Increasing your ability to detach.


The musical note is A; which translates to LA which is 852 hz on the solfeggio scale.

Chic Cicero writes of the 28th  path:


The Twenty-eighth Path connects the emotive mirad in Netzach with the astral foundation in Yesod. It is therefore a path of deep meditation and contemplation. This is focused meditation, a higher form of meditation than that found on the previous path. The process of focused meditation involves concentrating on certain symbols that act as portals to inner knowledge of the cosmos. Through meditation, one consciously participates in the expansion of universal understanding.

Path emblem:   symbol of Aquarius

For any newcomers – we’ve moved into doing a guided meditation on the tree of life path associated with the energies of the day.  The guided meditation is taken from Chic Cicero’s Book Scrying on the Tree of Life with the corresponding solfeggio frequency tuning into the background.  



Guided Meditation: Path of Tsadi



Meditation Closing:




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