New Moon in Leo

New Moon Leo


Begin civil twilight 5:52 a.m.
Sunrise 6:24 a.m.
Sun transit 1:39 p.m.
Sunset 8:53 p.m.
End civil twilight 9:25 p.m.
Moonrise 5:34 a.m.
Moon transit 1:16 p.m.
Moonset 8:53 p.m.

Phase of the Moon on July 31, 2019: New Moon at 11:12 p.m. (local daylight time)

Welcome to the New Moon in Leo which wanes at 11:12 PM EST.  The Moon, representing our emotional nature, the female archetype of our personalities, our inner selves, in the sign of Leo.  Leo is masculine fixed fire.  It is the “I will” of the zodiac and is intense fire, stability, some would say stubborn, and authoritative, some would call that dictatorial.  The Moon in Leo is gregarious, even to the point of bringing out the performer in people, creating an environment that is creative, warm, and friendly.  With 5th house energies, work and children take the forefront of this Moon’s focus.

Aspecting this New Moon is the conjunction with the Sun, and Venus, the trine with Jupiter, and the square with Uranus.  The North node is in Cancer bringing out the parent/mentor whose rewards are found in the little things that bring a person joy in family, maybe spending time with grandchildren.

The conjunction is an aspect of great intensity, so the Sun’s influence on our outer nature, our basic personalities and the person we show to the world is also in the sign of Leo, giving us an outgoing and generous portion of Leo’s energy, dramatic, warm of heart, outspoken, and independent.  Also included in the conjunction is the planet Venus which represents our ability for aesthetic appreciation, and pleasure, relating others romantically and sexually.  In Leo, Venus gives us big heart, and big love, and generosity to a fault, but on the positive side, that generosity comes back to you.   My son is a Leo, and as a young person with his first job, he tipped outrageously in restaurants because he felt grateful to have a job and to have the ability to do that, and it always came back to him.  I remember him calling me one evening shaken that he and his wife had been at the grocery store and as they were getting ready to check out, a woman walked up to them and said that God had told her to pay for their groceries.

The trine is an aspect of ease and comfort.  Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion seeing to it that the good that we put forth into the universe is sure to come back.  In Sagittarius, Jupiter is the skilled negotiator, frank and to the point, hates routines, the eternal optimist, lending us that energy that seems to make sure the doors we need are always open, and whatever that means to you.  For me, I’ll stand on the energies to continue to bring my family back together, to heal the wounds that have caused the rift that have sent the souls scattering for the hills.

The square is an aspect of tension that creates stress, however stress can bring about action.  Uranus is the planet of change, and upsets, uniqueness, and equality.  It is called the rebel planet and shows where we express originality.   In Taurus, Uranus gives us an insight into home and our domestic lives. The stress with the Leo Moon comes from Uranus’ unconventional energies that may cause issues with how others see you.  I’m thinking of the video that made the way around the internet the other day of the little boy sucking on his dad’s toes and the reaction some people had to what seemed to me as one of those silly family moments, but some people on the web took it  completely out of context chastised the family.  Not everyone will understand who you are, and that’s ok, because you can’t let those people dictate (Leo Moon) who you are as a person.

Today in the Hebrew is the Rosh Chodesh or New Moon for the month of Av.  Av in Hebrew means father which is very fitting for this Leo New Moon.  Leo the Lion is called the King of the Jungle, but king can also take on the role of father, I know, kinda cheesy. In Chasiduit, the month of Av is both a month of destruction, and comfort. It is the month of the destruction of both temples.  The sages teach that at the onset of the month of Av, we are to “diminish” ourselves in order to reach our soul root, divine nothingness from which emanates our true, eternal consolation. According to tradition, the 9th of Av is the birthday of the spirit of messiah, and the end of all pain, and suffering. The Lion is one of the 4 sacred beasts and represents the sephira of Chesed, the spirit of sharing and giving of unconditional love, as that of a father.


The month of Leo (Av) is controlled by the letters כ (Kaf) and ט (Tet). The letter כ controls the Sun, which is the star that dominates Leo, and the letter ט controls the astrological sign of Leo. The letter ט is built almost in the form of a complete circle with an extension hiding inside. The Zohar calls this extension “the hidden good”. Translated into common English, it’s a reference to the enormous power and Light hidden for The World to Come, also referred to as, “Or Ha’Ganuz” (the hidden light). This is the Light that was created on the first day of the Creation (“And God said let there be light, and there was light” – Genesis 1:3). This is the enormous power that exists in the Universe during the month of Leo (Av), the energy of Creation.”

Coincidentally, the letter Tet stands between the sephiroth of Chesed and Gevurah on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which is the 19th Path.


The letter Tet, the hidden goodness, represents the card of Passion or Lust in the Thoth Tarot. says the Passion is the point of the journey into the inner depths.  In other decks, this card is called power or strength symbolizing mastery of our animal natures; letting those things which are true to your very inner nature be real… but what really is our animal nature, cause it’s not just about sex, passion, and feeding urges, it can also be in spite of our intellect and our technologies, we still belong to something greater than ourselves, we still have something inherently animal within each  of us which triggers our instincts, and animals live by instincts, so for all our smarts, we still tend to cut ourselves off from what we really need for our very survival.

Lon Milo Duquette says the “imagery is illustrative of the most sublime and universal spiritual arcanum – that of the ecstatic dissolution of all we are (referenced to in Thelemic texts as the ‘blood of the saints’) into the universal self of godhead…the supreme spiritual message of this card may be summed up something like this: eventually each of us will come to a level of consciousness so profoundly high that the only lever higher is the universal consciousness of diety itself!” (emphasis added)

Revelation 17:1-2 tells us, “Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, ‘Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.’” Revelation 17:5 goes on to say, “And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”


Now the image on the card itself might remind one of the so called “whore of babylon” as spoken of in the book of revelation in the christian bible, as the judgment of the great harlot who we were taught makes the world drunk with the wine of her fornication.  But the word fornication, hebraically speaking, doesn’t mean what the church has traditionally taught – what it actually refers to is like the tet, it’s the goodness within that becomes hidden in favor of more worldly ways – those psychic abilities that we were all born with that we were afraid to let people know about or afraid to use because we didn’t dare be different or odd.  I remember stories from the 50s where hundreds if not thousands of people reported UFO sightings, and the government’s answer was a campaign to convince people that if you saw UFOs you were not only crazy, but stupid… and it worked.  If you claimed you saw spirits, you ran the risk of being committed… now, we’re coming out of that closet so to speak with little circles of believers who celebrate people like the Long Island Medium and Sylvia Brown, who really do no more than listen to their guides or their inner spirits that are connected to everything, that know everything because in truth, we are all connected to everything and everyone; the universal consciousness is just that… universal.


The Passion card and the letter Tet represent the 19th Path connecting left column and right column energies with the sphere of Chesed (mercy) with Gevurah (judgment) just as the month of Av combines judgment with light!

The sphere of Chesed embodies the archetype of compassion and shows areas of your life where you enjoy benevolence through it’s planet Jupiter.

The sphere of gevurah resonates with strength and force; it’s planet Mars points to areas in your life where you possess great courage, or where you tend to fight for your rights and those of others.


— Sphere of Geburah —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Geburah, the Radical Intelligence.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Elohim Gebor, The God of Might.

Geburah is also known as Pachad, Terror and Fear.

The Archangel is Kamael, Prince of Strength and Courage.

The Order of Angels is the Seraphim, the Flaming Ones who are also called the Order of Powers.

The corresponding planet is Mars.

The number is 5.

The Tarot correspondence is the four fives.

The color is scarlet.

Symbols are the pentagon, the five-petaled Tudor rose, the sword, the spear, the scourge and the chain.

The body part is the right arm.

The chakra is the Throat Center and the corresponding gland is the thyroid.

The incense is tobacco or dragon’s blood.

Herbs are oak, nettle and aloe.

The st

one is the ruby.

The metal is iron.

The living beings are the horse, the wolf and the bear.

The magical image is a mighty warrior in his chariot.

The magical phenomenon is a vision of Power.

The spiritual experience is one of energy and courage versus cruelty and destruction.

The mythological correspondences are all of the Gods and Goddesses of war.



— Sphere of Chesed —

The Sphere of Destination is Chesed, Mercy.

It is also called Gedulah, Magnificence and Glory.

The Hebrew Divine Name is El, the Strong and Mighty God, Ruling in Glory, Magnificence and Grace.

The Archangel is Tzadqiel, Prince of Mercy and Beneficence and the Righteousness of God.

The Choir of Angels is the Chasmalim, the Brilliant Ones who are also called the Order of Dominations.

The corresponding planet is Jupiter.

The number is 4.

The Tarot correspondence is the four fours.

Symbols are the Pyramid, the Square, the Orb and Equal-armed Cross, the Crook and the Scepter.

The stones are amethyst and sapphire.

The metal is tin.

The color is blue.

The corresponding body parts are the hip, the thighs and the liver.

The corresponding chakra is the Throat Center and the gland is the thyroid.

Symbolic animals are the eagle and the peacock.

The symbolic mythical creatures are the unicorn and the dragon.

The musical note is “A.”

The scent is cinnamon, clove, sandalwood and balm.

Herbs are narcissus, oak and nutmeg.

The magical image is a Strong and Benevolent King upon his Throne.

Mythological Correspondences include all of the Kings of the Gods.

The spiritual experience is an experience of the Receptical Intelligence and the formula of the tetragramatron.

Now close your eyes, and lay your mandala aside.


— 19th Path —

The 19th Path is called the Intelligence of all the Activities and Spiritual beings because of the affluence diffused by it from the highest blessing and most exalted sublime glory.

The Esoteric Title is the Daughter of the Flaming Sword.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Teth, which means serpent or tooth.

The simple letter means Taste.

The element is fire.

The color is yellow-green.

The musical note on the path is “E.”

The astrological sign that corresponds is Leo.

The planet is the Sun.

The Tarot Major Arcanum card is Strength.

Stones are opal and zircon.

Herbs are catnip and sunflower.

The symbolic creatures are the phoenix, the child or the lion.

The body parts are the heart, the spine, the arms and wrists.

The path philosophy is that it is the wise man who subjugates the animal within through his thought and his humanity. It is the highest quality of man controlling the highest quality of the beast.

The magical image is a mighty warrior in his chariot.

Mythological correspondences include all sacrificed God Kings, (for example, Egyptian Osiris and Christian Jesus), infant forms of the Gods and Mighty Kings.


Areas the 19th Path will help you:

The ability to feel and manipulate energy

Understanding that self-acceptance leads to inner peace

Trusting in yourself and your Guides

Developing a sense of “gladness” at being alive, and sharing that “aliveness” with others

Self-acceptance; you are perfect as you are

Self-knowledge – recognizing that you have come a long way

Cleansing – letting go of emotional blocks; being able to bring up the past and let it go



The ability to fulfill others’ “real” needs, whether they are conscious of them or not

Releasing your latent power and energy – empowerment

Internal vision – being able to see inside of someone

Precognition – the ability to foresee events

Cognition – development of higher mental powers

Awareness that transcends the barriers of time

Understanding that mistakes are okay and are part of what has made you the “you” that you would not want to change; the ability to face yourself

Knowledge that your Guides are always there to help

Physical readjustment of your body and nervous system to accept new patterns of energy

Opening your Throat Center

Stimulation of your Third Eye Center

Helping your balance and equilibrium, both physical and emotional

Increasing psychic ability by surmounting the ego

Learning objectivity to your humanness; acceptance of the “lower nature” in yourself and others

The ability to forgive; mercy and understanding

Clairaudience and clairsentience

Accepting and dealing with Mom and Dad

Taking everyone in your life “off the pedestal,” and allowing them the freedom to be who they are

The ability to know what you feel and communicate it, even when it’s something that others do not want to hear

Enhancement of memory

Chic Cicero writes of the 28th  path:


The “secret activities” of the spiritual beings (or angels) include

the powers of number, expansion, contraction, and vibrationthose

same forces that created the universe of the Sephiroth.

By understanding the nature of these secret activities and by

working with them, we are brought closer to these “beings.”

This reciproca) or horizontal path is a “diffused” counterpart of

the influence of Kether, “the most high and exalted sublime


The Hebrew letter Teth means “serpent,” which in Hebrew

mysticism is a symbol of wisdom. It also represents a type of

electromagnetic energy not unlike that of the Eastern Kundalini.

This “serpent power” is used by mystics to activate the body’s

energy centers to cause a kind of divine rapture. The Nineteenth

Path connects the Sephiroth of Chesed and Geburah, the primary

spheres of water and fire on the Tree. Between these two

polarities a natural electrical circuit is formed that generates

this vitalizing “serpent power,” which is part of the magnetic

current that powers the entire universe. The ability to direct

and regulate this power is the basis for all occult work.

For any newcomers – we’ve moved into doing a guided meditation on the tree of life path associated with the energies of the day.  The guided meditation is taken from Chic Cicero’s Book Scrying on the Tree of Life with the corresponding solfeggio frequency tuning into the background.




Path of Teth


Meditation Closing:



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