Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon Aries 2019

The Moon, representing our inner nature, our emotions, dreams, desires, and our subconscious selves in forceful and aggressive Aries.  Aries is masculine cardinal fire. Ruled by Mars, the ancient god of war, and aggression, Aries influences courage, passion, and competition.  It gets us moving, often, whether we want to or not.  The Moon in Aries can be impulsively direct in relationship to others, and can seem harsh or fierce, but sometimes it’s good to blow off a little steam.  With first house energies, this Full Moon is all about the spotlight, so put on a little makeup, go outside and watch the magnetism at work.

The opposition occurs when planets are at 180 degrees, just as it sounds, “opposite.”  The Sun, representing our basic character, our outer selves, conscious personality, will, ego, and sense of determination.  Libra is balance and social graces.  The Sun in Libra is responsible, peaceful, and calm.  The energies of this aspect allows us to see ourselves in others, our mirrors.  It’s said that when we have an issue with another person, it’s a reflection of something in ourselves.  For instance, if we think that this person is petty, it shows a certain pettiness in ourselves.

The trine occurs when planets are at 120 degrees, and creates a triangle.  Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion, philosophical and spiritual teachings, abundance, and prosperity.  Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom.  I sometimes think that people are born under their sun signs because of who they are, not that they are who they are because of their signs, and I never met a Sagittarian that wasn’t wise beyond understanding…like how do you know what you know? Every Sagittarian I know is an amazing keeper of obscure information.  Jupiter in Sagittarius is a skilled diplomat, honest, and direct.  Independent, and not much taken with emotion, which comes in handy with 9th house energies and our quest for spiritual truth.  Can we take an honest look at ourselves, putting emotions aside, and be objective in a positive way, with respect to changes we may need to make in our lives?

The square occurs when planets are at 90 degrees and is considered a challenging transit.  Saturn, by contrast to Jupiter, is the planet of limitations, of our work ethic, and structures in life; self discipline.  Capricorn is the sign of harvest, where we reap that which we have sown. Saturn in Capricorn shines its’ light on the need for more discipline in our approach to life, teaching us perseverance, and the benefits of hard work, since nothing worth having really ever comes easy.  Since this Full Moon is considered the Hunters Moon,  let us consider storing up positive energy and light for the coming winter.

Pluto is the planet of extremes, and transformations, death and regeneration, obsessions,and untapped potential.  Pluto in Capricorn can feed or highlight our bad habits, like probing and dissecting the lives of others, while your own is a mess on the inside, albeit tidy and neat appearing on the outside.  With 11th house energies, this could signify putting a strain on friendships with some of those bad little habits, and we could better use that probing into our own issues.  Look at the mirror that your friends are and dissect what that says about who you are as a person.

In the book, “The Middle Pillar,” by Israel Regardie, we are taught that many phobias, obsessions, idiosyncrasies, and the like, are the direct or indirect result of needs of the unconscious soul that are repressed, and  go unfulfilled.  They then manifest themselves in our personalities in one form or another, either physically or mentally.  It’s difficult to imagine that a sexual frustration can, in fact, become a physical malady, or a blockage in energy at one point in the body can come out as kidney failure, or heart disease.  So clearing those energies, can in fact, heal us from physical, as well as, spiritual difficulties.

Today in the Hebrew is the 16th day of the month of Tishri.  Tishri is the month of Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, the high holy days of Israel.  Chabad.org says these holidays are “opportunities to connect, to be inspired, and to become more fulfilled and in tune with our true inner selves.

All my life, I’ve felt as though I’ve been held to a higher standard than some of the people I’ve known, and a look at my natal chart explains a great deal of this. But again, am I the way I am because of when I was born, or did I decide when I would be born because of who I am; I’ve never been able to get away with some of the things I saw my friends doing, could not skip school without getting caught, could not cheat on my boyfriend, could not even date more than one person at a time; it was always as though the universe or God or something was telling me, that wasn’t for me. But I’ve come to appreciate now that there’s something in my subconscious that knew I somehow thought these things were wrong and therefore, I caused myself to get caught, because that’s what was needed.

When I was in the church system, we were taught that God doesn’t dwell where there is sin, so the essential goal, I guessed, was to be perfect, an impossible standard which often leads to repression.  Since leaving the church and studying what “sin” really is from a Hebraic perspective, “perfection” becomes something different than what we are told to believe; perfection is the image of god that Adamah, man, is created in, and to remain true to that image, as we each have our own, is to remain true to ourselves.  Union with God does not require society’s standard of perfection, only your individual truth, which is your perfection.  Following the rules, having a sense of morality, teaches a discipline that is necessary in esoteric training, so to me, I’ve been on this path all my life, despite it’s seeming detours.  Everything I’ve learned along the way has brought me to this moment, more in tune with my inner self, and hopefully well on my way to clearing my energy blocks.

Consider the following photograph of the Tree of Life as a map of man/universe, since it is said that each person has an entire universe within themselves.  Each sephirah represents an energy point in the body; Kether (point of light above head), Chokmah (left temple), Binah (right temple), Daath (throat center), Chesed (left shoulder), Gevurah (right shoulder), Tiphareth (heart center), Netzhach (left hip), Hod (right hip), Yesod (sacral center), Malkuth (feet/ankles).  Each sephirah also represents an organ or function in the body. Blockages at these energy centers cause physical and spiritual difficulties.


“The Zohar tells us that every year, in the month of Tishrei, we receive an opportunity to recreate ourselves and to receive the infinite abundance offered to us by the Creator. The Kabbalists say that in the month of Tishrei a gate to a higher dimension, to the Universal storage of Life Energy is open to us, and allows us to draw blessings and abundance, so we can create and design our lives from the beginning once more. “ https://livekabbalah.org/tishrei-libra/

Dion Fortune, and Garett Knight, in their book, “Training and Work of an Initiate,”  says that it sometimes takes 3 lifetimes for the process of initiation, or enlightenment.  When I read that, my first thought was, how will I know in my next lifetime, but then I remembered what I know I brought from my past lifetimes into this existence; I may not understand how it’s possible, but I know that it is.  So perhaps the recreation also works in being able to plan the next existence. lamed

Livekabbalah.org says the scales of balance, the symbol for Libra, signifies the time when our good choices are measured against our bad choices. Libra is an air sign representing central column energy, the column of equilibrium and balance.

The Sefir Yetzirah teaches that the 22 Hebrew letters resonate the energy that created the universe, and our world.  The month of Tishrei/Libra was created by the letter Lamed.

ל – Lamed

“The structure of the letter Lamed, that controls the month of Libra, connects us to the upper spiritual world. It is the only Hebrew letter that goes above the line, directing us upwards –connecting us to the upper world – the source of our existence. This letter also has the special ability to connect us to the world beyond/above and to draw from it knowledge and strength.

An indication of the power of balance that lies within the letter Lamed lies in its shape. It has three parts that represent the three forces of the Universe – Left column energy (the desire to receive ), Right column energy (the desire to share), Central column energy (the power of balance, the desire to receive in order to share). Similarly, the organ in our body responsible for balance – the ear – also has three arcs, and the same is true of the Shofar blasts on Rosh Hashanah; Tekia (Right column energy), Shevarim, Terua (Left column energy), and the last Tekia blast of each sequence (Central column energy).”

The central column, or middle pillar, includes the sephiroth of Kether, Daath, Tiphareth, Yesod, and Malkuth, and is the direct line of drawing the light from above down to our physical manifestation.

The letter lamed represents the “Adjustment” card in the Thoth Tarot, and the 22nd Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting the sephiroth of Tiphareth (Beauty) with Gevurah (strength).


Balance each thought against it’s exact opposite…for the marriage of these is the anihiliation of illusion.”  Aleister Crowley – Book of the Law.

The sephira of Gevurah, (severity) is the sphere of Aries and Mars resonating with strength, power, pure energy, and force.  It’s the tough love of the Tree. Tiphareth is the sephira of the Sun in your chart and shows where you express your highest good and teaches when we balance  giving and receiving, masculine and feminine, judgment with forgiveness is when we most feel the presence of our higher selves.

— Sphere of Geburah —

The Sphere of destination is Geburah, the Radical Intelligence. The Hebrew Divine Name is Elohim Gebor, the Mighty God.

The color is red.

— Sphere of Tiphareth —

The Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.

color is yellow

— 22nd Path —

The 22nd Path is called the Faithful Intelligence, so called because by it spiritual virtues are increased and all dwellers on earth are nearly under its shadow.

The color is either emerald green or blue.

The musical note is “F#.” -fa  which translates to 639 hz on the solfeggio scale.

The symbolic creatures are the sparrow, the swan and the dove.

The mythological correspondence is Matt, Egyptian Goddess of Truth, who measures out both happiness and misery, both positive and negative “karma” earned on the wheel of life. It also corresponds to all other Gods and Goddesses representing truth and balance.

Areas the 22nd Path will help you:

Turning away from brutality, death, lack of sensitivity, and the glorification of war

Dealing with feelings of abandonment

Dealing with feelings of frustration

Overcoming disorientation and a tendency to stray from your chosen path

Overcoming your insecurities

Realizing that letting go of your emotional ties results in a feeling of relief and overall purging

Opening the Heart Center

Understanding that your own thoughts, actions and reactions set in motion the external forces which act upon you to bring change

The ability to deal with loud and obnoxious people

Understanding that strife and peace are two halves of a single whole

The ability to see a “cause” for what it is, and know whether you want to be a part of it

Understanding that life is a “double-edged” sword, and how you live it is a test of your balance; the trials you experience throughout life force you to continually make adjustments until you have attained balance

Cutting away useless parts of your Self

Understanding that there is a reason for everything

Insulation from life is equally as futile as total immersion in emotional strife

“I’m O.K.” – gaining feelings of acknowledgement from a “higher source”

Knowing that it’s O.K. to “do it your own way”

Understanding that every action attracts its equal and opposite reaction

Recognizing that when truth is spoken, there is no need for war

Increasing your energy

Improving your organizational ability

Learning to let go of your own “expectations” of yourself and others

Helping to understand and resolve issues involving legality and fairness

Resolving karma – good and bad

Letting go of your regrets

Understanding what you need to gain or eliminate in order to achieve balance within yourself

In his book “Scrying the Tree of Life,” Chic Cicero writes:


The “Faithful Intelligence” relates this path to the concept of amen26 or “faith.” Amen also has the additional meanings of “so mote it be,” “loyalty,” and “steadfastness.” Those who remain faithful or loyal to the will of the Eternal, benefit from this allegiance by receiving an increase in “spiritual virtues.” They also receive divine protection by dwelling under the “shadow” of the Eternal.[as in sukkot] The Faithful Intelligence increases and dispenses the energies of the divine life-force in an equilibrated and just manner. The Hebrew letter Lamed means “ox goad,” a tool used to guide an ox in the proper direction and out of harm’s way. Sometimes the lessons students must learn are harsh but necessary. [as in tough love].”  [emphasis added]


Path Symbol:  a white feather




Path of Lamed



Meditation Closing:




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