Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon Taurus 2019




Welcome to the Full Moon in Taurus which waxed at 8:34 AM EST.  The Moon representing our emotional nature, the female archetype, dreams, and the subconscious.  Taurus is feminine fixed earth. Taurus, as a sign, epitomizes the definition of fixed. Ruled by the Roman Goddess of beauty, Taurus likes things the way it likes them, period, not changing things up, no mixing and matching, just do this.  The Taurus Moon gives us stability in our emotions and the things we draw into our environment.

Aspecting this Full Moon includes the opposition with the Sun, and Mercury, the trine with Saturn, and Pluto, and the sextile with Neptune.  At the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon, the male and female energies, are at opposite sides of the wheel.

The opposition is an aspect of challenge, and opens us up for growth and change.  The Sun, representing the male archetype, our basic character, and conscious personality, in the sign of Scorpio, also fixed, also feminine, but it’s element is water. So while the Taurus Moon brings stability, the Scorpio Sun opens up to the more emotional side, so it’s almost as if the Sun and Moon change places with their energies. The Scorpio Sun is intense and driven, lending a stroke to the willpower, and survival instincts, and with 12th house energies, we can feel our way through a crisis. So the trick at the opposition is to figure out how to give these giants their equal expression, and where they fall within your own personal chart may give you hints at what areas in life to look at.

Mercury is the planet of intellect, and mental activity.  It is the planet of communication. Using Mercury’s influence can help us to sift through the bullshit, ferreting out information, reading between the lines, and such. With the influence of the 12th house, we can see things beneath the surface.

The trine occurs when planets are at 120 degrees apart, and is considered an aspect of ease, and good fortune.  Saturn is the planet of limitations, and responsibilities, and it gets along well with the Taurus Full Moon because of the dynamics of how Taurus approaches life and the environment.  We like to make this, this way, but let’s do it within our means, thrifty doesn’t necessarily denote cheap. Which reminds me of something that happened today… so yesterday, we get hella snow; like a good two inches every hour to 90 minutes or so, more than my 62 year old behind needed to be out shoveling; that’s for sure.  So, since I got caught off-guard and totally unprepared for winter, as usual, I’m on line looking for a snow blower. Now I know, there’s no way I can replace the one I had to sell because of he who shall not be named, because they’re just out of my price range, so I’m looking for a used electric snow blower or something along those lines, very reasonable.  So I see something called an electric shovel, and I want to know, what can they do. I find a video on Youtube, and by the looks of it, they can blow some snow. So I see one on facebook marketplace for $35 and I text the lady, but I don’t get paid until Wednesday, and by then, all the people scrambling for something will have scooped this thing up right, so she says she has someone coming to look at it….Meanwhile back at the farm, I get a call from my friend down the street having a panic attack, and will I come sit with her for a little while.  Sure… so we’re talking and I mention the idea of her sharing one of her snow blowers, because of course, she has 3, but they’re gas powered and I’m not real clear on the two-stroke, single stroke, and all that and which one takes the gas/oil half and half shit…and who wants to pull their shoulder out of socket trying to pull the cord to start it, anyway, I’m down in her basement and what do I see….an electric shovel, and I tell you, it does push some snow out of the way. So the lesson for the day, is thrifty, and never be afraid to serve someone else, you never know what it may bring you. Anyway, Saturn and its’ limitations, sits in its’ home sign, Capricorn which is all about limitations and restrictions; and for me, I’m appreciating that shoveling snow by hand for me is a restriction! With 2nd house energies, we get that sense of frugalness, and keeping things to what is essential, like why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars on a huge snow blower, when a $65 electric shovel will do the trick just fine! Rolls eyes, I know, I get all the bells and whistles on the big $900 blowers with the heated handles and the electric start (Tim Allen howl), but life on a budget has taught me a few tricks. Saturn in Capricorn can help you hone that sense of responsibility to the point that you learn to manage anything that comes your way, with discipline, and hard work.  Getting along on less teaches humility, and helps us see the bigger picture better.

The sextile occurs when planets are at 60 degrees and is considered a positive aspect, with the planets determining the meaning.  Neptune is the planet of higher learning, and spirituality; imagination, intuition, and psychic abilities are supported by Neptune.  Neptune is also in its home sign, Pisces, the sign of faith, illusion, and glamour. So while the Full Moon influences how we want things to be in our surroundings, Neptune helps us to focus ourselves on what’s good for our growth.  So on this bitter cold November day, I’ve learned a good lesson.

And then there’s Pluto! Pluto is the sign of extremes, and in Capricorn, those extremes are to the 10x power, with its’ tremendous practicality, we can separate out what has real value.

Today in the Hebrew is the 18th of the month of Cheshvan. The Torah portion for today talks about Lot and the two supposed angels that visited him before the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, and how Lot invited them to stay overnight in his house and to make use of his hospitality.  Because Lot tried to protect them from the townspeople who wanted to do them harm, the angels instructed Lot and his family to flee and not look back. First, let me say, I’ve seen beings that come to test you, and I’m pagan, so that has nothing to do with any christian teaching. We would all like to say, we think we know how we would handle a particular situation, but you never really do know until you are there, and I know, we purposely find ourselves in some situations JUST to test our resolve, if we really are the person we want to believe we are.  We can squak and moan about anything and everything, but will we do the right thing at the right time? The mantra for this past weeks’ pathworking was, “I will evolve into a worthy vessel of god.” Whatever that god is to you, the earth, solar system, Ancients, Jesus, Yahwey, Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei, Adonai, Enki, Zeus, Math, or even just the source of light that connects everything to everyone…do you present with honor in what you do? See beauty, as the Taurus Moon will teach us, isn’t in the furnishings, because a house can be gorgeous on the outside and cold and treacherous behind the doors, just as a person can be beautiful to look at but hard to be around.


The Hebrew letter that rules this portion of the month is the letter Dalet.  The gematria of Dalet is 4 which the sages say represents the four worlds, Atzilus, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, and the 4 elements.  There is also the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton.  The letter Dalet takes us to the 14th Path on the Kabbalistic tree of Life connecting the sephiroth of Binah with Chokmah in the upper triad, and the Empress in the Thoth Tarot.  Chokmah (2) represents reflection, meditation, intuition and insights. It is the mirror of oneness reflecting back helping us to relocate the divinity within ourselves. Binah (3) is said to impart the energies we need to comprehend ourselves.  Represented by Saturn in your chart, it points at areas in life where we must practice persistence to succeed and grow.


Aleister Crowley wrote the following of The Empress card:

“This is the Harmony of the Universe, that Love unites the Will to create with the Understanding if that Creation: understand thou thine own Will!”

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 104). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

I had to read this several times before I got it.  The sephira of Binah is the first sephira to take on form.

The Empress is the Trump of Venus, and Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, even though astrologically, the month is Scorpio/Cheshvan. The Empress represents the alchemical principal of salt…

“Salt is matter which must be energized by Sulfur to maintain the whirling equilibrium of the Universe.”

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 105). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

Binah is feminine, while Chokmah is masculine, they are ying/yang.

— Sphere of Chokmah —

Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah, meaning the unpronounceable name of God.

The colors are violet and grey.

— Sphere of Binah —

The Hebrew divine name is Jehovah Elohim.

The colors are indigo and black.

— 14th Path —

The 14th path is The Illuminating Intelligence, so called because it is the scintillating flame which is the founder of the concealed and fundamental ideas of holiness and of their stages of preparation.

The Hebrew Name is Daleth, the door, or “Gate of Heaven.”

The color is emerald green.

The musical note is “F#.” – is FA in the standard scale and 639 hz on the solfeggio scale

Animals are the sparrow, the dove and the swan.

Plants are myrtle, clover and rose.

Stones are emerald and turquoise.

Scents are sandalwood and myrtle.

The “weapon” or “tool” is the girdle.

Goddesses who correspond are Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Freya, the Norse Goddess of Love.

Areas the 14th Path will help you:

Increasing energy and the healing warmth you emit

Increased energy especially flowing through the hands, aiding “laying on of hands” types of healing work

Increasing sensory perception and sensation, and your ability to interpret what you receive

Ability to diagnose illness psychically


Cleansing and clearing blockages in yourself and others

Increasing your future directedness and sense of anticipation

Union of the male and female within you

Feeling the parts of yourself as fragmented sections of a whole that you are learning to bring together

Ability to experience total freedom with self-responsibility

Ability to grow beyond your self-imposed limitations; recognizing that the limitations you have set define you, and that you can redefine yourself by changing those limitations

Being able to take a chance, to go beyond what you think your limitations are, and grow

Enhancement of creativity and wisdom

Pregnancy – the ability to create life, or give life to your dreams

Acceptance of responsibility, especially for the power of your own mind and will

Becoming a clear channel for your higher self; gaining insight into what wholeness is, and opening your higher perceptions

Receiving clear messages concerning what you are to do and become; gaining a sense of rightness, purpose, and clarity regarding your own path in life

The ability to see and feel the “white light” and other things beyond the visible spectrum

Opening of all of the psychic energy centers, especially the Third Eye and the Crown Centers

Cosmic orgasm

Sensing yourself as an energy being

Ability to re-center and establish your own rules and boundaries, thereby creating balance within yourself

Being able to control your own energy, and keep it smooth, balanced, and fully integrated

Gaining the ability to understand others who don’t speak your language, by paying more attention to feeling than to words

Understanding the principle of polarity

Becoming secure in what you know

Learning to relax and “go with the flow;” accepting the lack of permanence in all things

Increased sex drive and sensuality

The ability to return to the “space” you experienced in Binah at will

Rebirth – the Third initiation on the Tree of Life


In his book “Scrying the Tree of Life,” Chic Cicero writes:

“As one of the three reciprocal paths that straddles both sides of the Tree, this is a path which unites opposites. But at the Supernal level on the Tree, one could say that it is a path that unites “unities.” It is the archetypal creative force symbolized by the logical male energy (Chokmah) and the intuitive female energy (Binah), which are united. When conscious reasoning and subconscious intuition are joined together, rather than at odds with each other, the result is  fruitfulness and expansion.

Path Symbol:  The  fleur des li




Path of Dalet


Meditation Closing:






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