Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon Gemini

Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini which waxes at 12:12 AM EST.  The Moon representing our emotional nature, the female archetype, our instincts, habit patterns, and unconscious drives.  Gemini is masculine, mutable air.  It is the “I think” of the Zodiac, and is ruled by Mercury, the ancient messenger of the gods.  Gemini is all about communication, but is often linked with a dual nature because it’s flexibility, and changeability.  This Full Moon’s energy seems somewhat superficial, because Gemini doesn’t associate the self with what’s happening around, but brings a natural insight, and understanding because of its’ ability to separate, and compartmentalize.

Aspecting this Full Moon is the opposition with the Sun, and the square with Neptune.  This Full Moon is also the last full moon of the year, and decade.  The Full Moon is the time that signifies completion, so we can put any troubles on this past year into perspective, and put it all behind us.

The opposition occurs with planets are at 180 degrees which creates a tug of war energy as both sides of the personality vie for recognition.  The Sun, representing our outer personality, the mask we show to the world outside, the male archetype, and our conscious identity, and ego.  The Sun is in Sagittarius which is the sign of wisdom, good fortune, and optimism.  Gemini, and Sagittarius are not necessarily at odds with each other, because wisdom could be complimentary with communication, however the house placement could cause friction because the Gemini Moon is in the 10th house (career) and the Sagittarius Sun is in the 4th house (home), because we are often in a position where we need to be one person on the job, that doesn’t necessarily reflect who we are at home.  We may have to talk on the phone all day at work, but at home, we can turn the phone off, and have quiet time to meditate.

We also have the square with Neptune.  The square occurs when planets are at 90 degrees apart.  Neptune is the planet of idealism, spirituality, intuition, and dreams.  Neptune in your chart shows where we see the world through those rose colored glasses, where we see what we want to see.  Neptune is at home in Pisces.

Today in the Hebrew is the 17th day of the month of Kislev.  The Torah portion for this day tells of Yaacov receiving news from the angels that his brother Esau was coming for him with an army of men.  After Yaacov stole Esau’s inheritance, there was understandable animosity between the brothers.  But Yaacov did well with the blessings he received from his father, and he was enticed to deceive his father by his mother.


The Hebrew letter for this Full Moon is the letter Gimel.  Gimel created Kislev’s ruling planet, Jupiter.  Gimel symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and good luck.  Kislev is the air element of the fall signs, and represents a state of balance. The numerical value of the letter Gimel is 3, and I remember thinking it was very coincidental that there are a lot of 12s for the date and time of the Moon waxing full which reduce to 3. The number 3 is associated with communication skills, and feelings of self expression. Its the number of the trinity, the upper triad of the sephiroth of Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. It’s considered a divine number signifying past, present, and future, birth, life, and death, and beginning, middle, and end.

The letter Gimel is related to the 13th Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting the sephira of Kether with the sephira of Tiphareth, and the High Priestess card in the Thoth Tarot, located on the central column. Atu II- the High Priestess, is also the 3rd trump in the tarot deck.


“the Priestess represents the Moon in her higher aspect— the aspect that joins the human to the divine…

The High Priestess is the initiatrix. Initiation means “beginning.” The objects that appear at the bottom of the card are not lunar symbols per se. The camel is, of course, indicative of the Hebrew letter Gimel (the Hebrew letter attributed to the High Priestess), but the other objects, the crystals and seeds, are suggestive of the hidden and mysterious secrets of the beginning of life.”

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot


The sephira of Kether is the highest emanation on the Tree.  It is part of the upper triad which is connected to the divine and to the universal consciousness, and is immortal.  The 13th Path traverses from Kether through the invisible sephira of Daath (knowledge) and on to Tiphereth which, being below Daath, is mortal and individual to the self.  The crown symbolizes the will of god, the will for unity or oneness.   Tiphareth is called beauty, located at the heart center. Beauty balances constriction and expansion just as the heart beats and allows blood to flow in and out of the vessel. It balances above and below, masculine and feminine. It is associated with the Sun in your chart and shows where you can express your highest good.

— Sphere of Kether —

The Hebrew Divine name is Eheieh, God the Creator.

The Archangel is Metatron.

The number is 1.

Tarot correspondences are the four Aces.

The color is brilliance, pure white with specs of gold and silver.

— Sphere of Tiphareth —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Tiphareth, Beauty.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.

The color is a bright, golden yellow.

The number is 6.

— 13th Path —

The 13th Path is known as the Uniting Intelligence because it is itself the Essence of Glory and the consummation of Truth.

The Hebrew letter for the path is Gimel, meaning Camel.

The corresponding Tarot Major Arcanum card is the High Priestess.

The elements on the path are water and spirit.

The symbol is the virgin, she who is the repository of unblemished cosmic memory.

The stone is moonstone, pearl or crystal.

The scent is jasmine.

Plants are star anise, coriander, ginger, orris root and lily.

The color is blue.

The musical note is the “G#.” which is Sol which translates to 741 hz on the solfeggio scale

The mystical experience is a vision of light.


Gods: anubis


Areas the 13th Path will help you:

Aligning, cleansing, clearing, balancing yourself

Grounding, yet elevating your consciousness at the same time

Clairaudience – hearing voices giving higher guidance

Enhancement of your feeling nature

Becoming more objective to yourself and others

Being able to remain open without pain

Increasing your energy flow and your ability to produce and channel energy

Increasing the healing energy in your hands

Radiating feelings of joy, love, and oneness

Being able to access the universal mind as opposed to your individual mind


Flushing negativity

Accepting yourself as part of God, and therefore good and worthy

Increasing your ability to feel and perceive energy

Being able to release yourself, altering your consciousness as you might do through drugs, but achieving this state without them

The ability to manifest your thoughts more quickly

Releasing blocked emotions

Recalling past issues so that you can lay them to rest; understanding the past

Improving your ability to project your thoughts; empowerment leading to fulfillment

Acquiring a desire to help, heal, and serve others, even at the risk of losing your hard earned balance; gaining the ability for self-sacrifice, to others or to a higher cause

Teaching ability; being able to share your “peace” with others

Being protected and being able to protect others

Omniscience; recognizing your link to all things

Learning to achieve oneness through breath control



Opening and balancing all of your chakras

Gaining greater clarity and increased sensitivity in using your psychic and physical senses

Releasing the flow of the kundalini force within you

In his book “Scrying the Tree of Life,” Chic Cicero writes:

The Thirteenth Path is named the Uniting Intelligence, and is so called because it is itself the Essence of Glory. It is the Consummation of the Truth of individual spiritual things. This path is a direct pipeline that unites the Higher Self (Tiphareth) to the Divine Self (Kether).  …The Thirteenth Path, like the Twenty-fifth Path, can be a path of trial. The student who travels unswervingly along this longest of paths toward the ultimate goal of Kether can sometimes experience sensations of futility, isolation, and loneliness in the long stretches when the goal seems to be nowhere in sight.


Path Symbol: A silver crescent Moon.

crescent moon



Path of Gimel



Meditation Closing:




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