Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon Libra 2020

Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra which waxes full on April 8th at 2:34 AM.  The Moon which represents our emotional nature, the female archetype, and inner self including our dreams, desires, intuitions, and desires.  Libra is masculine cardinal air. It is the “I balance” of the zodiac wheel and rules beauty, charm, and social graces. The Moon here inspires beautiful surroundings so we may want to go out and start working on adding some color to the garden, cleaning out the weeds, but someone sent me a warning to make sure we wait until the temperature is consistently above 50 degrees so we don’t disrupt buggies that are still hibernating in the leftover leaves hanging around the garden area. But on a deeper note, perhaps the beauty this Full Moon seeks to create is putting forth our greatest good, bringing out the compassion, and empathy for others, inspiring acts of kindness, or taking a good long hard look at how our past has brought us to our present, and what can we do to make the future better.

Aspecting this Full Moon is the opposition with the Sun, the square with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

The opposition occurs when planets are directly opposite on the wheel and is considered a position of tension, and challenge to give the planets involved equal expression.  The Sun, representing our basic character, the ego supported outer person that we show to the world, our goals, and the male archetype. Aries is raw energy. It is masculine cardinal fire.  Cardinal signs are doers, and fire is passion and energy. While the Moon is being soleful working in the garden and making things pretty, the Sun is ready to cut some stuff up, trim those trees, get out the power tools.  While looking at some spring garden catalogues at some pretty butterfly bushes, I remembered how my son and his family used to come and help me in the yard, before my first hip replacement, and while we were cleaning around the fence, my grandson clipped what he thought was a weed, but it was my black knight butterfly bush.  So this year, finally, I’m going to replace it. The Sun shines its’ light on who we are, how we handle stressers in life. With our current situation, we’ve noticed several types of people; people who sit and complain about what’s happening, people who try to make the best of things to hold it together, and people that go outside of themselves to make others feel better.  Whichever one we turn out to be will determine whether or not we get anything positive from the experience, or if we will continue along the same path we’ve always taken, just muddling through.

With these two power planets typically having the greatest influence in our charts, one side cannot overrule the other, so if you’re normally very assertive, let the Libra Moon’s energies be a little more expressive for you.

The square occurs when planets are at 90 degrees apart and is considered a position of challenge. However, if the planets are typically harmonious, the square causes them to work together.

The first of our three musketeers in the square, is Jupiter, which is the planet of good luck, and expansion.  It also highlights our philosophical, and spiritual belief systems. In Capricorn, the sign of the harvest, those blessings that Jupiter has in store could come showering down, if we’ve been sending out the right thought waves. Jupiter in Capricorn is conservative, cool, and practical. Transiting the first house, Jupiter here has a tremendous influence on who we are, and how we see ourselves, which could give us a faith boost if things are going your way.

Second of the musketeers is Saturn, the planet of limitations and responsibilities.  However, Saturn sits in Aquarius, which is all about friendships, and unconventionality.  Saturn in Aquarius may spark that loner sensibility so working in the garden would be a great solitary exercise if you’re feeling a dislike for larger groups, especially in view of our social distance ordinances.    Or, it could inspire you to reach out to friends across the air waves, and do some much needed catching up.

The third musketeer is our beloved Pluto; is she a planet or isn’t she.  Well, by her influence, I would say she most definitely is. The planet of transformations, and extremes, regeneration, and obsessions, she can wreak more havoc in our lives than anyone, even when her influence is subtle.  Pluto provides a boost of energy wherever she is, and in Capricorn, she’s all about discipline, and responsibilities, so let’s find a regime that works for what we’re trying to get done…no need to kill yourself trying to do it all at once, spread it out a little, after all, we’ve got a good 21 more days to self quarantine 🙂

Today in the Hebrew is the 15th day of the month Nissan, and the first evening of Pesach, the night of the first Seder, the meal prepared to symbolize and commemorate the Passover.  According to the Torah, the month of Nissan is the first month in the Hebrew calendar. The sages teach that two weeks before the exodus, God showed Moses the new crescent moon in the month of Nissan, and instructed him regarding the keeping of the calendar.  Two weeks later began the plague of the death of the first born sons of Egypt with the Hebrew peoples being instructed to place the blood of the lamb on their doors so that the angel of death knew to “pass over,” their homes. Pesach is celebrated for 7 days. It’s another parable of good versus evil, but who decides who is who?  Is there such a thing as an evil spirit in the spirit realm, or is that only something that exists here on earth in order for us to learn what we come here to learn? Not to suggest that the Bible is an historical record, but by way of showing an example:

“19 Micaiah continued, “Therefore hear the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the multitudes of heaven standing around him on his right and on his left. 20 And the Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab into attacking Ramoth Gilead and going to his death there?’

“One suggested this, and another that. 21 Finally, a spirit came forward, stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will entice him.’

22 “‘By what means?’ the Lord asked.

“‘I will go out and be a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all his prophets,’ he said.

“‘You will succeed in enticing him,’ said the Lord. ‘Go and do it.’

23 “So now the Lord has put a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours. The Lord has decreed disaster for you.”

According to the story, it was purposed that Ahab would die in battle, but in order for that to happen, he had to think that he was invincible, and that he would win, so he had to be convinced of that, which was the reason the above referenced spirit volunteered to be the lying spirit that would tell Ahab that he would prevail, which was a lie, and the point is that spirit was with God when it volunteered to do that.

In our basic understanding of sins, one might wonder how it was, since lying is supposed to be considered breaking one of the original commandments, bearing false witness, how would such a spirit be allowed to be in heaven in the presence of God?  One might therefore reason, our understanding of right, and wrong, might not apply to higher worlds, or higher frequencies where God is presumed to be in that state of constant presence, if you will. We often hear how could it be that God allows things as murder to happen here.  However, if we are, in deed, writing our own charts, that must mean that such a person volunteers to be that murderer, rapist, terrorist bomber, or whatever else you consider as “evil,” in order that those things be allowed to happen here, because someone is supposed to experience, or learn something from those acts.  Furthermore, such a spirit cannot be held liable for “volunteering” to be the spirit that does it, because they are merely fulfilling their purpose. Whatever each person’s lesson is supposed to be, is not for anyone else to say, or to judge, just as the angel of death’s purpose, according to the story, was to take the lives of the first born male child in Egypt.

Many of us believe in the rule of sowing, and reaping, and hence the rules of karma…this happens because I did this or that…  but what if that isn’t the only reason, and what if we can change that story? Not to get out of any consequences to our actions, but to change the behavior that led to it in the first place, that keeps us doing the same thing over and over, that keeps us in the same pattern that creates that which we keep experiencing.

At this Full Moon, as the male, and female archetypes are at opposite sides of the wheel, we focus upon the ruling planet for the month, and the Hebrew letter which created it.  The planet that rules the month of Nissan is Mars, and the its’ Hebrew letter is Daley, the door.

Nissan/Aries is said to have renewable energy because of its’ fire element, which is said to be the secret of Pesach, freedom from bondage into a life of freedom.  How you interpret that is up to you, and where you are in your spiritual walk. I was reading a book on the Akashic records this past week, and in terms of life, death, and regeneration, and karma, we have the power within us all, to get off the wheel, to break those cycles of behavior that keep us running the so called rat race.


The letter Dalet is the 4th letter of the Alex-bet.  The month of Nissan, while in the Hebrew calendar is the first month, in the Gregorian calendar, we’re in the 4th month.  cabad.org provides as follows:

“The gematria of dalet is four. Four represents the Matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. It also represents the four created worlds as explained in Kabbalah: Atzilus, Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah. In addition, dalet signifies the four basic elements of Creation: fire (energy), air (gas), water (liquid) and earth (solid). Four also represents the holiday of Passover: the four cups of wine, the four children, the four questions.”

The letter Dalet represents the 14th Path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and the Empress card in the Thoth Tarot.


The 14th Path joins the sephiroth of Chokmah with Binah in the upper triad of the Tree.  Being above the abyss of Daath, the upper triad is considered immortal, and common to all, connected to the crown in Kether, and the Source of light in Ain Soph, and beyond.

“This is the Harmony of the Universe, that Love unites the Will to create with the Understanding if that Creation: understand thou thine own Will!”

Excerpt From Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Lon Milo DuQuette

Remember what we said above about fulfilling our purpose?  Our will must be greater than our negative emotions that hold us back.  Our earth, and I say, “our” on purpose, has come to the point where she can no longer sustain what we have created with negative emotion. Hatred has to stop, even if purposed for a reason, the reason for each of us is, learning how to not react with like emotion.  Not only does negative emotion create more negativity, it keeps you focused on shit that doesn’t truly matter in your life, and prevents you from seeing clearly toward creating better for yourself.

The sphere of Chokmah (wisdom) is said to be the echo of the Crown and symbolizes the mirror in which God’s oneness is reflected.  Our mirror reflection, is not the person we see in the mirror in the morning, it is the result of that which surrounds us… wisdom learns to weild the our power of creation more wisely and with the bigger picture in mind.  For example, a completely selfless act of kindness has the power to cause a ripple effect that goes far beyond what we can see with our natural eye, but which will be reflected back because there is an absolute natural law in we reap what we sow. I remember an episode of “Joan of Arcadia,” where Joan tells Adam, she wants him to have good ripples in his life.  I would associate the ripples with the effects of the flapping of the butterfly wings.

The sphere of Binah is twice removed from the Crown but still carries with it immense light, and helps us to understand self and our place and goal within the whole.  Ruled by Saturn and highlighted by the energies of Capricorn, Binah shows where we must practice persistence in order to grow…find balance in the physical and the spiritual, but definitely keep studying the spiritual in order to better understand the physical.


— Sphere of Chokmah —

Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah, meaning the unpronounceable name of God.

The colors are violet and grey.

— Sphere of Binah —

The Hebrew divine name is Jehovah Elohim.

The colors are indigo and black.

— 14th Path —

The 14th path is The Illuminating Intelligence, so called because it is the scintillating flame which is the founder of the concealed and fundamental ideas of holiness and of their stages of preparation.

The Hebrew Name is Daleth, the door, or “Gate of Heaven.”

The color is emerald green.

The musical note is “F#.” – is FA in the standard scale and 639 hz on the solfeggio scale

Animals are the sparrow, the dove and the swan.

Plants are myrtle, clover and rose.

Stones are emerald and turquoise.

Scents are sandalwood and myrtle.

The “weapon” or “tool” is the girdle.

Goddesses who correspond are Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Freya, the Norse Goddess of Love.

Areas the 14th Path will help you:

Increasing energy and the healing warmth you emit

Increased energy especially flowing through the hands, aiding “laying on of hands” types of healing work

Increasing sensory perception and sensation, and your ability to interpret what you receive

Ability to diagnose illness psychically


Cleansing and clearing blockages in yourself and others

Increasing your future directedness and sense of anticipation

Union of the male and female within you

Feeling the parts of yourself as fragmented sections of a whole that you are learning to bring together

Ability to experience total freedom with self-responsibility

Ability to grow beyond your self-imposed limitations; recognizing that the limitations you have set define you, and that you can redefine yourself by changing those limitations

Being able to take a chance, to go beyond what you think your limitations are, and grow

Enhancement of creativity and wisdom

Pregnancy – the ability to create life, or give life to your dreams

Acceptance of responsibility, especially for the power of your own mind and will

Becoming a clear channel for your higher self; gaining insight into what wholeness is, and opening your higher perceptions

Receiving clear messages concerning what you are to do and become; gaining a sense of rightness, purpose, and clarity regarding your own path in life

The ability to see and feel the “white light” and other things beyond the visible spectrum

Opening of all of the psychic energy centers, especially the Third Eye and the Crown Centers

Cosmic orgasm

Sensing yourself as an energy being

Ability to re-center and establish your own rules and boundaries, thereby creating balance within yourself

Being able to control your own energy, and keep it smooth, balanced, and fully integrated

Gaining the ability to understand others who don’t speak your language, by paying more attention to feeling than to words

Understanding the principle of polarity

Becoming secure in what you know

Learning to relax and “go with the flow;” accepting the lack of permanence in all things

Increased sex drive and sensuality

The ability to return to the “space” you experienced in Binah at will

Rebirth – the Third initiation on the Tree of Life

In his book “Scrying the Tree of Life,” Chic Cicero writes:

” it is a path of fertility—producing diverse mental images from the divine. These imagesare the thought-germs that give life to all manifestation in the cosmos. The Path of Daleth is also a route of imagination, adaptation, and consciousness, as opposed to subconsciousness. As one of the three reciprocal paths that straddles both sides of the Tree, this is a path which unites opposites. But at the Supernal level on the Tree, one could say that it is a path that unites “unities.” It is the archetypal creative force symbolized by the logical male energy (Chokmah) and the intuitive female energy (Binah), which are united.”


Path Symbol The fleur-de-lisstoned_fleur_de_lis_by_roblfc1892-d1lowuf


For any newcomers – we’ve moved into doing a guided meditation on the tree of life path associated with the energies of the day.  The guided meditation is taken from Chic Cicero’s Book Scrying on the Tree of Life with the corresponding solfeggio frequency tuning into the background.



Path of Dalet:



Meditation Closing:


Following the guided meditation, make note of any feelings or thoughts that come to you, inspirations, and dreams. These will give you insight into the meaning of this pathworking for you.

So mote it be!



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