Full Moon in Leo 2020

full moon Leo 2020

February 9 at 2:33 am


Welcome to the Full Moon in Leo which waxed at 2:33 am.  Called the Snow Moon, there is some disagreements as to whether or not this Full Moon is a “supermoon,” and the general scientific consensus is no because the criteria for the supermoon status doesn’t really take effect until more than a day after the Moon fully waxes full.

The Moon, representing our emotional inner selves, our dreams, desires, intuitions, and subconscious, in the sign of Leo, the strong, and willful lion.  Leo is masculine fixed fire with a huge dose of creativity, intensity, and authority.  The king of the jungle.  I remember a story about an old lion at this zoo in southern US, and the keepers were all amazed that this older lion had managed to beat out much younger males for the affections of the lionesses, and how astonished they were that he was still fathering cubs.  Just a simple reminder that we should never attempt to measure one’s vitality by the number of years they’ve lived on this earth.  It’s all a state of mind, after all; isn’t it?

Aspecting this Full Moon, just two giants, the opposition with the Sun, and the trine with Mars.  The Sun, in opposition creates challenges, and opportunities for growth, as we maneuver to give both planets expression.  The Sun, representing our outer selves, the conscious will, basic character, the person that we show to the world, is in the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is also masculine, and fixed, but is in the element of air.  Both planets find stability in their current states, but the Aquarius Sun will not be pushed around by the emotions of the Leo Moon.  The Aquarius Sun could spark some unconventional ways to bring out our creativity, and the Leo Moon will be shining its’ light on what really drives us back to being ourselves, pushing us back onto our respective paths.

When Leo gets emotional, its’ over the top, so we need to find ways to keep that creative nature flowing on the positive, and when Aquarius feels pushed, a long walk may be needed to stay on track.  With the Leo Moon in the 9th house, our Capricorn energies of truth, and justice may stand out.  With the Aquarius Sun in the 3rd house, we may feel inspired to write about that sense of truth and justice, which would give both planets the expression they may spark.

The trine occurs when planets are at 120 degrees and is considered an aspect of ease, and good fortune.  Mars is the planet of physical vitality, and assertiveness, which would place well with the Leo Moon, them both being a united front of willpower, as long as those energies are focused in positive areas.

Today in the Hebrew is the 17th day of the month of Shevat.  The 15th marked the holiday of TuBeshat, the Year of Trees.  Livekabbalah.org provides as follows:

Tu Beeshvat, the 15th day of the 11th month alludes to the secret of God’s essential Name, Havayah (י־הוה). The value of the first two letters of Havayah, (the yud and hei, which represent the higher, concealed level of unification) is 15. Its last two letters (vav and hei, which represent the lower, revealed level of unification), equal 11. Indeed, as explained elsewhere, the full secret of the Havayah is the secret of the “Tree of Life,” the tree of the month of Shevat

The very form of the letter tzadik (especially its final form, ץ, which represents the true manifestation of the tzadik in the future) resembles a tree. In the Torah, man is called “the tree of the field” (עֵץ הַשָׂדֶה), which equals 474. 474 is also the gematria of “knowledge” (דַעַת), the unique property of man in general and of the tzadik in particular. The word “knowledge” in Hebrew implies the power of “connection.”


The Hebrew word for tree is Ayin-tsadi which transliterates to aitz, as in a staph, wood or bone.  But the root word for aitz is ayin-tsadi-heh which transliterates to atsa which more closely relates to growing strong, as in a small tree gaining in age and strength.

Gen 1:11 in the Torah provides:

וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים תַּֽדְשֵׁא הָאָרֶץ דֶּשֶׁא עֵשֶׂב מַזְרִיעַ זֶרַע עֵץ פְּרִי עֹשֶׂה פְּרִי לְמִינֹו אֲשֶׁר זַרְעֹו־בֹו עַל־הָאָרֶץ וַֽיְהִי־כֵֽן׃

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself,

If man is the tree of the field, then the above suggests to me, that I should be about the business of doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Understanding our strengths, and knowing what we’re good at, putting that together with our overall purpose here on this earth in each manifestation of life.  Perhaps we suffer overlaps from one existence to the other where we have to relive things repeatedly until we get things right according to the plan we set forth for ourselves, hence the karma from one lifetime to the next.  But if we go about the business of staying in our lane, so to speak, perhaps we can fulfill those karmic obligations, and move forward, if not in this life, but the next.

Every now and then, I let things get in the way of doing what I know I need to do; we all do.  Life gives us curve balls, and we get discouraged, or whatever our reason becomes.  But then something comes along, like the energies of this Full Moon, and finding just the right documentary to get you off your sofa bed, and get that blood pumping again, and before you know it, you’re off to the races again.  I found such a documentary yesterday, and I somehow wound up writing a huge thing about it; not sure what I’m going to do with it yet because, as with a lot of my writings, I often feel that people don’t always have the energy to go down the same rabbit hole I find myself, and that’s a constant source of my going quiet now and then.  But I have to keep reminding myself, that its’ never about who is listening, but whether or not I remain true to who I am, regardless of how I’m received by anyone; that should never be the gage for any of us.  Our truth is our truth, and the universe will place you in line with people that will support who you are, if that’s what you need.  So the trick is, to just be ourselves. This documentary was about the truth of who killed Malcolm X, which suggested to me simply by the title, that the official story might not be the truth, and that’s all I needed, I was hooked.  For anyone that might want to read what I wrote… you’ll find it here:




The TuBeeshvat is said to coincide with God’s essential name, and how it relates to the higher,  and lower unification of the soul which is the ultimate goal of the Great Work.


Today we turn our focus to the Hebrew letter that created the ruling planet, Saturn, and the letter Beit.  Beit is the 2nd letter of the alef-bet which reminds me that there are quite a few “2s” in our timing of the full moon today.  The number 2 signifies union.

The Path of Beit is the 12th Path in the upper triad on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting the sephira of Kether, to the sephira of Binah, and the Magi in the Thoth Tarot.

Kether represents the will for oneness. Binah imparts the energies we need to comprehend ourselves; also ruled by Saturn (coincidentally) highlights the area in life we need to practice persistence and focus in order to succeed. If you’re in the middle of studying one tradition and keep getting side tracked – get back to it.


“The True Self is the meaning of the True Will: know Thyself through Thy Way! Calculate well the Formula of Thy Way!”

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 99). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

The Magus, according to tradition, is the title of the second highest level of spiritual illumination a human soul can attain, and few of us come close.  Knowing thyself has to include a greater understanding of why we make the choices we do which is the first step to a plan to learn how to avoid old habit patterns that get us into trouble.

— Sphere of Kether —

The Sphere of Destination is Kether, the Crown, called Rashith ha- Gilgalim, the beginning of whirling, the Primum Mobile or First Mover, which bestoweth the gift of life in all things and filleth the whole Universe.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Eheieh, the Divine Essence.

The color is white brilliance.

— Sphere of Binah —

We commence our journey in the Sphere of Binah, called the Sanctifying Intelligence and known as Understanding.

The Hebrew Divine Name is Jehovah Elohim, the Perfection of Creation and the Life of the World to Come.

The color is dark brown or black.

— 12th Path —

The 12th Path is called the Sanctifying Intelligence, the Foundation of Primordial Wisdom, known as the Intelligence of Transparency because it is that species of Magnificence called Chazchazit, which is named the place whence issues the vision of those seeing in apparitions.

It is the Creator of Faith.

The Esoteric Title is The Magus of Power.

The Divine Name is Aloeth Elohim, Goddess of Goddesses, or the Great Mother.

The color is yellow.

The musical note is “E.”

Symbols are the house, the wand and the caduceus.

Living beings are apes, swallows and the ibis.

The mystical experience of the Path is freedom from Karma through choice and will, coming from understanding.

The Path philosophy is that we begin our magical mystical transformation to pure beingness through the exercise of our will with understanding and thereby speed our vibration.

Ultimately we work the highest of magics, the transformation of the self.

Areas the 12th Path will help you:

Dissolving creative blocks

Getting in touch with your true creative ability

Becoming aware of what your own blockages are, and what is needed to overcome them

Learning to identify your emotional “buttons;” getting in touch with your own karmic problems

Getting more in touch with yourself; knowing that you must lose who you are in order to value who you are

Learning to let go of your identification with your resistance and blocks

Learning to be responsible for everything that you project and create

Learning that understanding frees you from limitation; let go of your fears through understanding

Relaxation and balance

Knowing that there is a purpose for everything you pass through; understanding your own purpose now

Judge yourself – do not base your self-image on other people’s opinion of you

Understanding cycles, and recognizing them in your life and in your world

Recognizing that all of your thoughts are things and will manifest; you are a magician already

Recognizing that emotion powers thought

Being able to be totally receptive

Developing foreknowledge through the activation of the Third Eye

Forgiving yourself, accepting your humanity

Being able to expand your consciousness upward, through the Crown Center

Astral projection

Energizing the right side of the body, and the upper half of the body; general intensification of energy

Purging; dealing with your anger, and redeeming the energy through healing

Dream enhancement and understanding

The ability to see “through” things

Increasing communication with your Guides

Increasing your ability to use your Throat Center, the creative will; through assertion you learn to release your bonds and “go with the flow”

Allowing your higher self to manifest its creativity through your lower personality

Being able to clearly recognize cause and effect, by seeing the whole picture

Being able to see truth, and understand that there are no rights or wrongs


In his book “Scrying the Tree of Life,” Chic Cicero writes:

“This path has a great deal to say about the idea of psychic vision.  The “Transparency” of the path implies a certain clarity that is needed for true revelation. It is the place of true prophecy or seership.  This is not simply the lower psychic reflexes, but rather the pure and clear root of all higher spiritual visions. It is the revelation of the Divine Self as it emerges. From this vantage point,  one is able to observe the arcane workings of all dimensions through various methods of psychic awareness and inner sight. The Hebrew letter Beth means “house.” This indicates that the Twelfth Path is one of containment, sanctuary, or a place of “being  within.” It is the dwelling place of the divine. Since it connects the pure consciousness in Kether to the maternal subconsciousness in Binah, this path represents the supreme self-consciousness that is the supreme “seer,” which knows and sees all.”

Infinity sign

Path Symbol:  Infinity







Guided Meditation: Path of Beit



Meditation Closing:




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