New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio 2014

Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio, intensely packed full of strong energies.  The  new moon is the place of new beginnings, the dark seed of an idea that waits in the ether for your intention and your will that allows it to manifest. 

            The moon, our sense of perception  representing our deepest personal needs, basic habits, reactions and our unconscious.. our instincts, what we feel we need for our security…our maternal and feminine energy, both our inner child and our inner mother…the moon in our chart shows how we guard ourselves.   The moon waned new in the sign of Scorpio, intensely passionate, sexual, the sign that looks for that which is essential in life – our deepest mysteries.  The Moon in Scorpio tends to seek out emotional intensity – maybe a bit of a drama queen, going for the most sensational, but that burst of dramatic emotional energy can tell you a great deal about yourself and how you deal with adversity.  In the 7th house, the point of encounter others on a one to one basis…With the scorpio moon, if drama is what you seek, this intense moon could drive even the calmest person in your life have the biggest temper tantrum, just to give you your heart’s desire… the Scorpio Moon loves exploring and bringing the inner workings of your own psychology to the surface.  The 7th house in your chart also indicates the birth of conscious ideas. 

The Sun, our sense of self, our conscious mind, our will to live and our creative life force. We derive our life purpose from where the sun falls in our natal chart.  The sun for this intense Scorpio Moon sits conjunct with the moon, one trying to outshine the other.  The sun is our ego, but shows what we are learning to be, our sense of reason over instinct… it is the energy that argues with our basic instincts.  The sun in scorpio is cunning, single minded knowing what it wants but sits in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. 

            Also conjunct with this Moon is Venus, the planet of beauty, our value system and where we decide what our true desires are.  Venus is our desire to attract, and all that entails, including love and money, all things that give us pleasure.  Scorpio is an intensely sexual sign and when we’re talking about 7th house energies, we can enjoy our comittments with a higher purpose. 

The sextile position with Mars, the planet of war, where we have our issues of self projection, our impulse to act which goes beyond the imagination, in the sign of the wanderer, the eternal optimist who wants to expand his horizons beyond his current state and in the 10th house, where we find our goals and our path toward self realization.  We need Mars’ energy to gain the extra momentum it often takes to finish that which we start.  They say to be careful what you ask for… like if you want to gain wisdom, be prepared to have your brain challenged… if you want to gain patience, definitely be prepared to have your patience tested because that is how you gain strength. 

And last, but certainly never least, we have the trine with Neptune, the planet of our imagination and dreams, the early stages of what we create in the positive trine with the Moon, sits in Pisces the sign of inspiration, in the 12th house where we find our bad habits, where we meet the results of our outer lives.  It’s not my job or purpose to tell you what that means to you- it’s your place to figure that our for yourselves as you look to where these energies fall in your chart. 

And since we’re on the subject of the intensely passionate scorpio Moon, I was watching history channel on sex in ancient Egypt and they have this papyrus which they’re calling the Turin Erotic Papyrus because it depicts 12 very erotic scenes and they talking about sex being linked to Egyptian’s belief in rebirth, and how sex forms the mystical and magical connection to rebirth and spiritualism, and I dare say, Scorpios intensity is much the same…

the energy that is generated, the heightened senses where every cell in your body feels alive and rejuvenated, where you’re  absolutely connected with your inner self, where  your divine nature lies.  Perhaps Egyptian society was, as successful and as advanced as they were, much beyond us even today, because they were absolutely in touch with their divinity and knew how to harness and direct that energy for their good.   Today, much of society sees sex as just a means of getting a nut without a thought to what power they have, and what energy they generate; not giving a single thought to where that energy goes.  Since energy does not dissipate or cease to exist… what happens with it?  What does it become if not directed towards something?   On a greater scale, Egyptians, and other ancient cultures also had the means of generating energy from the earth by using sound waves, that did not drain the earth of it’s natural resources… makes one wonder why we pay such high heating bills!  Just sayin…

            Today in the Hebrew calendar should be the first (rosh Chodesh) of the month of Chesvan. In the Torah, the month of Cheshvan is the month of the flood; it has no holidays or special mitzvots (rules or instructions).  Traditionally, the flood was alleged to cleanse the earth of the so called abominations that resulted from the unlawful mating of the sons of god, thought to be fallen angels who mated with human women and created a race of giants.  I’ve often spoke about this story actually leading to my eventually walking away from the church, and the synagogue because no one could satisfactorily answer the question for me, if the flood was to cleanse the earth of the race of giants, WHY or WHY do they still appear later in the timeline.  Rabbis have stated that the word in the scripture for the giants that appears to be post flood is supposedly different than the word used for the nephilim pre-flood.  I’ve found no evidence to support that theory because they are absolutely the same in ALL versions that I’ve managed to see.. but I digress…because the story in the background is a sexual one, the lust of the so called angels for the mortal women they found so fair. Since coming to the conclusion that all of the biblical stories are rehashed depictions of earlier occurrences, the names and times changed to protect the truth, so to speak… the only thing historians DO agree on is, the deluge DID occur… however if the true timeline was released, then the biblical account of man would be discounted. 

            Now, organized religion traditionally portrays angels as asexual beings with no reproductive organs…so how could they have had sexual relations with human females? Ancient astronaut theorists, who, coming to similar conclusions while examining different pieces of evidence at different times propose that the stories are actually about beings from other worlds visiting our planet and creating our race  of peoples… like the movie Stargate where the God Ra tells Kurt Russell… “I created your race!” 


The God Ra actually being only one title that the Amun-Ra was known by, for he was known by many names in many different cultures.  I would guess the deluge was for another purpose because the story in the book of Enki asserts that a war broke out between the gods themselves and the evidence of the weapons they used needed to be disguised. One account in Sumerian accounts state that Enki’s brother Enlil (the Jehovah in the bible) wanted to destroy mankind because, “they talk too much,” perhaps an indication that man was beginning to rebel against the so called gods who ruled over them correlating with Kabbalah’s account that man pushed god away, and seeing the state of man today, we’re still never satisfied with where we are.  Sometimes, that’s a positive and drives us to be better people, and other times, it’s a statement of our tendency towards greediness. 

             What does this have to do with the sensuality of this Scorpio Moon?  We were taught when I was in the church system, that mankind was born in sin and in sin man remains, thus needing a messiah to redeem him from his sin, teaching us that sex, except for procreation, is sinful.  Sex connects the energies of the entire chakra system together giving your body a clear path from your physical to the spiritual, and if you’re successful at tantric practices, it’s a connection you can learn to extend beyond the average 20 minute sexual encounter….imagine learning to walk in your own divinity – what could you have need of that would not come to you just by your thought…and if you have ever had that experience you can attest to how amazing that feels. 

             How many people in your life can you imagine, go through day after day thinking this is all there is…that this existence is the extent of life on earth – just one chance; that’s all you get.  What sadness there is in that belief…what oppression.  How sad it was to live as a puritan lawfully barred from touching yourself, where sex was only allowed for procreation… why would you be designed to garner pleasure from that which was mortally detrimental to your very soul. 

            According to the Sefir Yetzirah, the Hebrew book of creation, every month is ruled by two hebrew letters, one that created the month and the other that created the ruling planet. The month of Cheshvan is controlled by the letters Dalet and Nun; nun being the letter that created the month. 


            The letter nun indicates downfall – the crash of the stock market took place in the month of Cheshvan. But Scorpio is known for its ability to renew itself no matter how far the fall.  The letters of the month of Cheshvan are Chet Shin and num – backwards spell nachash – the word for snake the root of which means to decipher or to find out related to the God Enki being the god of wisdom – the glyph for scorpio is the scorpion, the deadliest of the genre of creatures that include the snake –


– thus the scorpion symbolizes the consummate bite of the snake at the heel of man… but the snake in the garden wasn’t a serpent at all…interesting that the crest for the god Enki is the caduceus or the double helix snake….the sake sheds its outer skin and is reborn… because the real poison is the belief that you are less than you are… the real poison is the teaching that you are sinful and less than perfect no matter what you do, and certainly, the real poison is believing that sex is dirty.

            The letter nun is the Death Card in the Thoth Tarot, representing the circle of death and rebirth, just as precondition for new life and creation for life is permanently changing.  Open your eyes and see… as the gods see.


            The Death car is the 24th path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connecting Tiphareth (beauty) to netzhach (victory).

Path 24

Our totem animal for the 24th path is the Phoenix!


note-G natural is the note Sol on the scale and 741hz on the solfeggio scale.

Enjoy a meditation on the solfeggio scale, and while you listen set an intention to awaken the sensual being inside you and reconnect with your divinity!  Blessed Be!


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