New Moon in Pisces


The Moon, our sense of perception, our emotional lives, the impressions from our environment and how we respond to those, the mother instincts, in the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is mutable earth… mutable signs are flexible, and adaptable and earth signs are stable and common sensical.  Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in different directions and while Pisces is flexible, the effect of the energies can often feel like being pulled in different directions.  Pisces can be open minded but unfortunately that can also mean not being able to stand one’s ground, and when considering one’s emotions, Pisces can be all over the place, but as we will see, that can be used to our advantage, if we’re aware of what’s going on.

The conjunction is formed when two planets are on the same degree… with the sun and the moon, it can make that multi-directional issue with the sign of Pisces even more so as the sun and the Moon try to outshine each other…hmmm sounds like an ego thing…

The sun which represents our sense of self realization, our true abilities, inner energy source, and father instincts, our sense of logic.  In the sign of Pisces, the sun, being the logical one in the bunch, adds its’ sense of reason… the Moon may be all over the place emotionally, but with the sun says, I’m trying to decide which direction or even which path makes more sense to me, which is right for me.

Jupiter represents expansion, all forms of growth, the need to know, to experience, to understand.  Jupiter is opposite the Moon which is an aspect of friction… however if you are able to resolve the conflict, you can experience immense personal gain.  Jupiter sits in the sign of Virgo which is feminine mutable earth, ruled by the ancient god of communication, it is the sign of work and self improvement through how we come across to the world.. how effective we are at getting the job done and getting our point across.  With 11th house energies, Jupiter expands its’ idea of friendships, increases our hopes and wishes to include our re-evaluated concept of ourselves.

The planet Saturn represents contraction, opposite Jupiter’s energies… Saturn is structure and discipline.  Since Jupiter is allowing for groth, Saturn tells us with growth comes extra responsibility, so that in moving forward, we are sure footed.  Saturn is square the Moon which is formed when two planets are 90 degrees apart.  It is an aspect of tension and like the opposition, it takes strength to resolve the conflict that comes up.  Sagitarius is masculine mutable fire, and is the sign of wisdom and represents good fortune and expansion, which nullifies Saturn’s sense of lack.  With 2nd house energies Saturn deals with money and possessions and the value you place on things.  Sagitarius says, “we’re all good here and there are infinite possibilities,” and Saturn says yes, if we’re cautious.  We all know there is a great deal of information on the internet; any nut with a keyboard can add their opinions to just about anything. Even the wiki is editable, so incorrect information can be taken  as fact.  So, the so called information age hasn’t changed how well meaning ignorant people breed other ignorant people, but we do have an internal teacher that will lead you to the truth of whatever information you seek…People that don’t use that sense of discernment hear things and say, ok that sounds good, and that becomes a part of their being, even if its’ false, which is really how religions got so powerful.. you tell people that there’s a being making them do bad things, but there’s this other god watching over them to protect them, and watch how many jump on the bus leading nowhere.  I’m amazed as I watch the learning channels on television of all of the shows that are on that purport to tell you the “truth’ about things that really haven’t yet been proven, but other things that you can know in your heart are real, they say are myth.

Pluto represents all forms of transformation and change, often as a result, however, of destroying or getting rid of all that is no longer necessary for our future development… getting us down to what is essential and necessary, as opposed to what is desired.  Pluto is sextile the Moon, which is formed when the two planets involved are 60 degrees apart.  It is considered a beneficial aspect and a position of harmony, and the effects are expressed outwardly, as opposed to inward.  Capricorn is feminine cardinal earth representing action… capricorn represents harvest and reaping, and in the 3rd house, pluto has the potential to fix what’s broken in how we relate ourselves to others… what we speak about ourselves that has a tendency to come back at us.

We’re also having a total eclipse today which intensifies the energies of the Moon and the Sun, so we’re like stepping into a portal of new possibilities, so when setting your wishes and intentions, be careful what you ask for.

Today in the Hebrew Calendar is the Rosh Chodesh or new moon/first of the month for the 2nd month of Adar that we have this year being a leap year.  As we may remember, since we’ve been in Adar for a while now, Adar is the month of good fortune.. it is considered the 12th month in the hebrew calendar, that which precedes Pesach, even though the new year is actually in the 7th month in the hebrew calendar not the first!  I know, it confused me so I had to look it up.

Now, the sun and the moon are both fully in Pisces which is correctly the month of Adar. states that the hebrew leap year wherein we have two months of adar relate to Yacov’s blessing to the sons Ephraim and Menashe.. “and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.”  Now the tribes of ephraim and Menashe are considered to be part of the so called lost tribes of Israel becaused they had moved into the northern kingdom area which was eventually conquered by Assyria. (keep those fish in your head for this)  It is prophesied that the tribes will again be reunited… now see the metaphor between that and the soul sparks that we’ve  talked about  in the past. Also, the parable of the return of the prodigal son comes to mind.

And by the way, if you go looking for information on soul sparks, know that  there is a lot of mis-cuddly information on the web about what they are supposed to be, but a great deal of people that have written about soul sparks are of a different mindset than that of Kabbalah, so if you want to follow the concept, is a great source of information.  It was also interesting that the cuddly foofoo wrong information came up first…so it’s kinda funny how sometimes how do they say, “you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”


“Kelipah: (lit. “shell”) the outer covering which conceals the G-dly light within all creation; hence, the unholy side of the universe


We are both body and soul, both vessel and light, both medium and purpose. And we have been granted freedom of choice. This means that we can strip a desire of its materialistic “garments,” cultivate the holy yen at its core, and channel it toward the holy and constructive realization which will refine the “spark” to which his soul is attracted. Or else, we can succumb to the desire’s most external, physical manifestation, in which case not only is the spark not elevated, but it– and our own soul — becomes more deeply entrenched in the morass of the material.”

In an article called ”Fallen Kings,” the people of Israel were required to fulfill 3 commandments after their 40 year journey in the desert.  (1) annoint a king; (2) kill amalek; and (3) build the temple.  Amalek was considered the most severe of kelipa which means shells or husks representing evil or impure spiritual forces (note; evil is defined in kabbalah as selfish or egotistical), and are polar opposites of the spheres on the tree of life.  The king is the idea of selflessness, but his kingship is incomplete until Amalek is destroyed.  Once this is done, then you can build or rebuild the temple….decorating as you see fit – giggle.

Rabbi Ariel of Koshertorah says the soul is immortal and stays pure, it is the physical that becomes blemished.  In the biblical story of Adam and Eve, and the christian concept of original sin – in kabbalah and chassidut, there is no such thing…the scripture doesn’t say that Adam and Eve were disconnected from G-d because of what they did, they were just banished from the garden.  Kabbalah teaches that God did not leave man, but  that man pushes God away and that’s living a disconnected life…

Chassidut says that man’s purpose is to create a dwelling place for G-d in this world…but we tend to take too much literally rather than imagine the spiritual meaning….one might think that thus far that has meant to build temples or churches and attempt to lead a pius life according to all these rules and regulations, and mitzvots, and commandments, etc., when the truth is, and has always been so much simpler than that… first and foremost… you are the expression of the divine.. so you’re never without G-d, as that is a part of you.. but to maintain the balance, and to maintain the illusion of free will, as we’ve discussed before, we have to create things in our path that tempt us off-course… when we delve too far into the physical, the spiritual part of ourselves for purposes of our next chance at bat, if you will, splits, because… redemption for the whole, is more than can possibly be accomplished in one lifetime, especially as we go further and further into the technological age, there’s just so much to play with. Because we are physical, and because we have natural animalistic tendencies, the greatest achievement, kabbalah says, is to transform the physical being into light, which doesn’t mean deny the body..but find your own ways to unite those urges with your higher spiritual selves, such as tantric sex as opposed to just bustin a nut…remember the soul is pure, but we can elevate the body.  Many philosophies however, say in order to do that, you have to deny the body entirely and to that I would say, yes and they also thought the rapture was going to happen several times over the course of my life, and we’ve yet to see that as well.

Kabbalah teaches that there are 5 levels of the soul, but for purposes of this discussion, we won’t focus upon that:

“Yetzer: There are actually two yetzers: The yetzer tov, which is an urge to do the right thing, and the yetzer hara, an urge to do the wrong thing. When the word yetzer is presented without any modifier, it refers to the yetzer hara.
Tumah: A kind of dark energy that inhabits voids of G‑dly light.
Know, that if a person merits obtaining his Nefesh, Ruach, and Neshama, (which are higher levels which your soul can attain)  and then blemishes them through sin, he will have to be reincarnated to rectify the damage.”


When he returns in a gilgul with his Nefesh and he rectifies it, his Ruach will not join him. This is because his Ruach remains blemished, and it cannot rest upon a rectified Nefesh.

In other words, rectified levels of souls do not reside in the same body with blemished ones. In what was discussed previously, the person was adding non-blemished, new divisions of soul to already rectified divisions of his own soul. However, once he has sinned and must come back another time, the process oftikun changes. He cannot add blemished aspects of soul on top of parts that have already been rectified.

Therefore, his [blemished] Ruach will be reincarnated into another person, joining up with the Nefesh of a convert. TheNeshama will likewise do the same.

The Hebrew word for “convert” is ger, a word that also means “stranger.” Now, after this person dies, his [own rectified] Nefesh will go together with this Ruach [of a righteous person] and through it [i.e. the Ruach] receive the blessing fitting for itself. When his own Ruach, which joined with the Nefesh of a convert, becomes completely rectified, then his original Nefesh will say, “I will go and return to my first husband,” since it has been rectified.”

According to, Pisces has great sensitivity and modesty to protect one against falling into the trap of egoism and arrogance.  (remember the direction of the fish)

We said at the  last moon festival, and there was only 1 person here, so it bears saying again, since we are still in the month of Adar, that the letter  Kuf is the only letter that descends downward  into the world of darkness and spiritual inpurity.. called kelipa.  The letter Kuf relates to the redemption of the fallen sparks.  The letter Tsadi, hunts for fallen sparks, equals the gematria of the word “chai” which is life.. the Kuf to which the Tsadi connects, forms the full rectified name, tsadik… which is the righteous one or the unified one, the soul reunited with the fallen sparks.  This is actually what the parable of Jesus going into the depths of hell attempts to express, but without wisdom, you don’t see the metaphor.  We start out as pure beings… the sages state that all of humans are stars… beings of the brightest light… when we come here to have physical experience to learn, we sometimes get side tracked, and we don’t always fulfill those higher purposes because the baubles of this world can become very enticing to us.

Rabbi Ariel, in his essay on three realities, states that at one level, which is closer to animalistic nature, man thinks really no differently than other members of the animal kingdom, simply going about the business of meeting the needs of the physical body and in such state, there is no need for interaction with a higher spiritual source, and as we look around the world, we can see evidence of that.  In the second state, man begins to contemplate the wonders of creation and understand the world in relation to cause and effect.   But in the third and higher state of reality, G-d is not bound by natural laws at all and the divine interaction between G-d and man can transcend our understanding well beyond cause and effect… which he says the mind/will has the power to do.

 ” Physical sacrifice is one thing, but sacrifice of our attachments to how we think that the world must operate is a much harder task.” 

Click to access threerealities2016.pdf

Pisces is central column energy; that which sits in the middle and balances the pillar of mercy with the pillar of judgment.  Imagine infinite light emanating  at your crown chakra and then a flow of that light reaching down through your body until hitting the root chakra and then flowing upwards to touch your outer extremities.   Just as we imaging the white light in the kabbalistic cross ritual that we do before each ritual that lends balance to our psyche and prepares the body and spirit to receive.  Central column energy is balanced by the element of air… not overpowering, but essential to all life.

Hebrew letter23 kuf

The Kuf or Qoph, represents the 29th Path on the tree of life connecting Malkuth which is kingdom or phyiscal matter with netzhach, the sphere of victory… spheres 10 and 7, and the card, the Moon in the Thoth Tarot.

moon says of the Moon card…

The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face.
The Moon isn’t the most comfortable trump – though everybody likes to equate it with the mysteries, rarely someone really enjoys the look into their own abyss, where sometimes the unvarnished truth is not too pleasant. Embarrassingly enough, the Moon tends to show up what we generally ignore, refuse to see, or even deny all the time.
But the step has to be taken, for without facing up to darkness, we will never see the light
. ”

The Moon card represents the 29th Path traveling from Malkuth to Netzhach or visa versa.   Malkuth relates to your ascendant, the path you chose to walk in this lifetime.. the entire physical creation in your existence and how you handle or maneuver it.  Netzhach, the sphere of victory represents sensuous joy, governing pleasure and generates the mechanism of repetition and reproduction.

Which reminds me of Scott Mutter’s Pilgrim…I have a few of his posters in my house because they’re moody and they  challenge your perception of things.  We’re challenging your perception, hopefully, sparking thoughts, inspiring further study, or writing, anything to break the monotny of the ego based life of the ordinary.




I’m a pilgrim on the edge,

on the edge of my perception

We are travelers at the edge,

we are always at the edge of our perceptions.

–Scott Mutter, Surrational Images

We’re challenging your perceptions!


Enjoy a Meditation on the corresponding solfeggio frequencies:


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