Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon Pisces

Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces which waxed fully at 12:33 AM EST in the 10th house.  The Moon representing our emotional nature, the inner person, including dreams, desires, what we need to feel secure, the female archetype, in the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of work, and self improvement.  Pisces is the truth investigator.  The world is sacred to the Pisces Full Moon which strengthens any commitment to spiritual ideas.  Intuitions, and psychic abilities are strong, and faith becomes a way of life.  With 10th house energies, we gain a natural understanding into the desires of those around us, honing in on the psychic energies of those we are close to.

Aspecting this Full Moon is the opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, the Square with Jupiter, conjunction with Neptune, and the sextile with Pluto.

The sun sets in the sign of a Virgo which is mutable earth. Virgo is the sign of communication and commerce and rules intelligence and reason. The sun in Virgo has a lot more compassion that and is normally derived from its energies. Like this full moon in Pisces the sun is interested in the welfare of others. With 4th house energies those others include family and those living close to you. Typically at the opposition we find ourselves torn between environment that’s comfortable and supportive versus the need to grow, however, Pisces and Virgo are such similar signs to each other, The typical tug-of-war is basically nonexistent for this transit.


Mercury represents the intellect, and mental activity; our ability to think.  In Virgo, Mercury is at home, and puts that mental ability to good use, not necessarily at work, but you could certainly use the energy for good doing anything that makes a positive use of your time and capabilities, giving attention to minute by minute distinctions that can affect whatever form of commerce you’re into, and don’t be swayed by those instincts that don’t fit in with everyone else’s sense of norm or right.

Joining the opposition is Venus, the planet of all things beautiful and in their place, the love of the aesthetic and how things look to ourselves and others.  Venus also rules love, and romance, as well as sexual proclivities.  Venus in Virgo gives us the ability to respond to the needs of others, and with 4th house energies, she’s focused on home and family, as well, including the root of our history; the bloodline, and our ancestral history.  She could also be concerned or supportive of past life regressions and our Tikun, the fixing or repairing of any bad karma that we brought to this existence with us.

Mars in the opposition adds a bit of physical vitality to whatever needs to be done.  I was reading an excerpt from this book, “The Secret of the Infinite Intelligence,” by Antar which proclaimed that we’re given, or fed, all manner of things in society that are purposed to dummy us down, and keep us bogged in the mire, so that we don’t notice or no longer care about what’s real.  Things such as being involved in the lives of celebrities to the often point of obsession.  It provides, in pertinent part, the following:

The modern bad habits of poor food and water intake, lack of mental and physical exercise, alcohol consumption, cigarettes, vulgarity, pornography, drug addiction (both legal and illegal), gambling, uncontrolled television viewing, computer addiction, radio dependence, music addiction, entertainment addiction, political manipulation, sports and celebrity fanaticism, etc. These awful and harmful habits occupy and deaden your moral, mental and spiritual powers, thus you experience the dumbing down process.


Your exalted common senses are the natural, spiritual and intellectual powers which also include your sense of imagination, intuition, inspiration, and your subconscious/ conscious sensory perception. These great powers, when used correctly, bring about your unification with the Cosmic Synthetic Conscience. “

Mars in Virgo urges us to save, salvage and conserve.  This being the Harvest Moon, we’re encouraged to store away some of the good that we’ve done and the good that came from that, and allow that to strengthen us; to remember instances where our faith brought us through a crisis and let that be a constant reminder for the next time we put our foot forward.

The square occurs when planets are at 90 degrees,  and implies restrictions and challenges.  But the challenges pressure us to work on the issues represented by the planet.  Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion,   And in Sagittarius, Jupiter is the eternal optimist, and this transit opens doors for good things to come, for a good harvest.  The challenge is often in acceptance, because we sometimes don’t feel we’re worthy of blessings or abundance.  Sometimes, we think that karma must intend for us to suffer; that we must be working something out that needs to be corrected, when in actuality, we caused our own situation because we didn’t exercise or work the faith we had, so we sat down or procrastinated, and nothing was done to bring your dreams to manifestation.

The conjunction is the circle divided by 1, the 360 which is the same as 0.  The planets in the conjunction are blended together, fused and intensified, and working together.  Neptune is the planet of idealism and spirituality.  Pisces is the sign of work and self improvement. Practical skills connected with a mystical inner vision.

We’re urged at this Full Moon, to get off the rat race, and remember the pearls we came here with, the gifts we came her with that we’ve allowed the shiny baubles in society to dummy down or dullen the senses we needed to create and manifest the life we were supposed to have.  All throughout history we have all kinds of characters that are well known to everyone, people who have made a difference in the world to the extent that we’re still learning and talking about them today, either for the good or the bad.  If we believe in reincarnation, as most pagans do, we think those spirits go on in the next life and continue their quest.  We see even the most average of celebrity today, and the normal everyday person could think, what could my legacy possibly be in comparison with such beauty or gift, and that’s the hook, the okiedoke; because one ordinary person could create and manifest changes in the world that save the world, not just entertain it.

The sextile is the 60 degree aspect; the circle divided by 6 and it represents an easy flow of opportunities or ideas that, if acted upon, can help the individual realize goals, self improvement.  If the world is sacred to the Pisces Full Moon, we can actualize and strengthen our mental abilities and faith to move the mountain, and change the world for the better.  We hear news reports of the Amazon forest being decimated by farmers to make clearing for growing crops, and we understand the need for food, but the bigger picture is saving the Amazon is the greatest hope we have of this planets survival because of the percentage of oxygen the forest creates that sustains the earth.  Understandably, how can we tell a third world country they can’t grow food, but don’t we have a surplus that could feed them all? Where does all the government cheese come from?  Then like the child that no one wants to play with, along comes Pluto in the sextile with the Moon.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and extremes, and extremes could be what we need.  In Capricorn, the sign of the harvest, we reap what we’ve sown, and Pluto reminds us that we’ve done our part to pillage the earth, but the practical sense here says we need to see the need to manage and organize what’s vulnerable, make better decisions in order to salvage what’s left that’s good, and move forward with making things better.  Politics isn’t going to do it.  Even if there were only 20 pagans in the world, with the power to control the winds, why can’t we fix the world just by thinking it so.

Today in the Hebrew is the 15th day of the month of Elul.   Elul is traditionally the month of introspection and preparation of the Days of Awe in Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, where we take stock of that which we have done in order to get ourselves right with the universe, to correct errors; self diagnose where we can improve.  The month of Elul is a month of divine mercy and forgiveness, accepting responsibility for where we’ve gone wrong; not looking at others and their contribution to what we ourselves allowed to occur, where we were complacent.  A tradition of the month of Elul that I love, is the daily sounding of the shofar, the horn made from the hollowed ram’s horn, which is a call to repentance.  Making a positive change, even a simple one in your life, can set the world going in the right direction.  We are reminded that a smile is infectious, the flapping of the butterfly wing can be felt all around the world, and again, there are more than 20 pagans in the world!

”As stated in previous articles, Sefer Yetsira (The Book of Formation) – attributed to Abraham the Patriarch – tells us that the 22 Hebrew letters are the building blocks of the Universe. Meaning, the letters represent spiritual frequencies which created our Universe. Similarly, published in the 80’s of the 20th century, the Super String Theory argues that the world is built from 22 basic frequencies (10 dimensions and 12 particles). The problem however, is that modern physicists do not know how these much talked about strings/frequencies affect our life.

Sefer Yetsira teaches us that the 22 frequencies, represented by the Hebrew letters, are tools used for transferring spiritual abundance. According to Kabbalah each month is controlled by two Hebrew letters; one controls the planet that dominates the month and the other controls the astrological sign of the month. Elul’s planet is Kokhav (כוכב Mercury) and is controlled by the letter ר (Reish) while Virgo is controlled by the letter י (Yod).”

reshSince at the opposition, the Moon and the Sun are “opposite” each other on the chart, we focus upon the Hebrew letter that created the ruling planet for the month, because the energies of the Sun and the Moon are at opposite ends of the chart and are not unified in the same sign.

The letter Reish in Aramaic means poor, suggesting by the sages that those who lack and are hungry will be moved to action versus someone that has everything already.

“Also, Kokhav (“a star” in Hebrew) has no name like the other planets but its name consists of two parts; the letters Kaf, Vav (כו) and Kaf Bet (כב). Kaf, Vav (כו) have the numerical value of 26 which is also the value of The Creator’s name, the Tetragrammaton. Kaf, Bet (כב) have the numerical value of 22, meaning the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet which are the building blocks of The Creation. The combination of these two opposite main components of our Universe is the ultimate symbol of the idea of unity and true communication. Kokhav implies to the connection between heaven and earth, The Light and The Vessel, body and soul, and that is why Elul of all months gives us the opportunity to do Teshuva (repentance), return and reconnect to our true selves.”


The letter Reish connects us to the Sun card in the Thoth Tarot and the 30th Path on the kabbalistic tree of life connecting Hod (splendor) with Yesod (foundation).


Give forth thy light to all without doubt: the clouds and shadows are no matter for thee.”

Excerpt From Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Lon Milo DuQuette [emphasis added.]

The clouds and shadows are not matter because you have power over them to do as you will, so we shouldn’t concern ourselves with how big this corporation is or that one is, what politician order what to be downgraded off the endangered species list, etc. We should only concern ourselves with what needs to be done.  They say everything in our imagination exists in the higher worlds, and we learn to manifest that imagination here, to bring it down from the higher worlds and make it so.. So mote it be!

Hod, in Hasidic Judiasm, is connected with prayer which is seen as a form of submission; instead of conquering an obstacle in one’s way, to subdue oneself to that obstacle.  Hod is described as a force that breaks energy down into different distinguishable forms, just as one might look to a situation for what it represents rather than fighting against it, try to see what there is to learn, and therefore how to best divine a solution.

Yesod is said to be the vehicle which allows for movement from one thing or condition to another – the power of connection as the letter Vav.  Yesod is foundation upon which the higher spheres rest and how they connect with Malkuth, likened as the engine room of creation.

— Sphere of Yesod —

The Hebrew Divine Name is Shaddai el Chai, the Almighty Living God.

The color is violet.

The number is 9.

The Tarot card correspondences are the four Nine’s.

— Sphere of Hod —

The Hebrew Divine name is Elohim Tzabaoth.

The number is 8.

The Tarot correspondences are the four Eight’s.

The color is orange.

— 30th Path —

The corresponding Tarot Major Arcanum card is the Sun.

The color is orange.

The associated mythological figures are Adonis and Apollo from the Greek Pantheon of Gods and Ra, from the Egyptian.

The symbolic creatures are the lion, the sparrow-hawk and the phoenix.

The symbolic living being is the child.


Path Symbol is the lamen – and since Michael is the angel for the 30th path – I chose the lamen of Michael


Areas the 30th Path will help you:

Alchemy – the transformation of one base element into another- in this case, a transformation of your physical body into a form that may accommodate a higher and more refined energy

Shapeshifting – a variation on (1)

Learning to navigate through the Astral Plane

Astral traveling

Opening of the Sacral, and Solar Plexus Centers, and stimulation of the Third Eye Center

Disengaging from the “material mind”

Gaining confidence in “knowing” what is necessary to do, and being able to follow your “knowingness”

Peace of mind, and awareness of how to achieve it

Overcoming your fear of unconditional “freedom” and the responsibility that entails

Being able to gather sexual tension and direct it

Resolving seeming opposites

Gaining mental clarity

Being able to access the “Akashic Records”

Prophetic insight

Gaining mental fluidity and an ease of detachment

Aids the study of Astrology and any technical science

Mental ecstasy and exhilaration

Development of the Magical Will

Diligence in acquiring a skill

Learning to use your healing ability


Artistic inspiration

Finding, understanding, and accepting a soul mate


In his book “Scrying the Tree of Life,” Chic Cicero writes:


“The “Collecting Intelligence” implies accumulation, increase, and growth. The Hebrew letter Resh is attributed to the sun and the “head,” which suggests both cosmic and human consciousness. This is, therefore, a path of increasing levels of consciousness where all forms of consciousness are collected, integrated, and appropriated for a divine purpose. Here are established the laws that rule our notions of reality. “The judgment of the stars and celestial signs, and the perfections of their science, according to the rules of the motions of the stars” indicates the precise structure and operation of cosmic law that rules and regulates all things in the universe.”

Path Symbol: Lamen on which is a hexagram.

Ritual Video:


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