Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon Gemini


Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini which waxed at 10:47 am EST.  The Moon, representing the feminine archetype, the emotional side of our personalities instincts, habits, unconscious drives in the sign of Gemini, the “I think” of the zodiac.  Gemini is masculine, mutable air; Gemini is all about communication and it’s constant flow as depicted as the outer pillars, left and right column energies, information coming in and information going out.  Ruled by Mercury, the ancient messenger of the gods; messages and communication notably include divination.  In the ancient Hebrew, messenger is synonymous with watcher.  The Watchers were also equated with the sons of gods in the Book of Enoch that took to themselves, human wives.  Although Mercury is a name taken from the Roman/Greek Pantheon, the actual entity or being could have been known by other names in other cultures/traditions.  In the ancient texts, the messengers were intermediaries between the gods and humans having such stories attributed to them as the angels that warned Lot and his family of the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, the instruction to Abraham to slay Yitzak, as well as the instruction to stop saving Yitzak’s life.

I don’t discount the many testimonies of people that have witnessed beings they believe to be angels, they have come from people of many faiths and traditions.  The journals of John Dee and Edward Kelley claimed that the enochian language/keys were given to them by angels.  Spiritual and celestial beings that would appear to a seemingly ordinary man of seemingly ordinary intelligence, I would guess, would appear to him in whatever form that person would be able to accept.  In watching episodes of Long Island Medium and The Haunting of…we hear that spirits of our loved ones that have passed on send us messages in forms of birds, butterflies, lady bugs, etc., so the term, messenger, could encompass an entire realm of beings that could be just as vast as the number of humans on earth, legions, if you will.  The book, “The Goetia,” enumerates just some of the hundreds of thousands of spirit beings available to lend assistance to the skilled practitioner, all of which have a specific talent or purpose.

I was watching an episode of Ancient Aliens and they were making a comparison of numerous serial killers in our history that have claimed to have received messages from beings instructing them to kill,  and in every such instance, it is assumed that these people are somehow suffering from some mental deficiency.  How about instances of so called demonic possession?  Is that real, or simply a manifestation of a side of a person out of control, a chemical imbalance, or perhaps a figment of that person’s imagination to the extreme – or is it real?  It certainly seems real to the person in the experience.

Gemini represents the dual nature in us all, often depicted as two separate personalities living in one being, hence Gemini’s adaptability in the moment, giving us great insight, and understanding into both sides of any situation.   With 5th house energies, we turn our focus to romance and children.  The Moon in Gemini is fully capable of understanding underlying emotions, why we have them, and where they come from.

Aspecting this Full Moon is the opposition with the Sun, and Venus, and the square with Neptune.

Oppositions create challenges, and opportunities for growth.  The opposition is often the exact meaning of dual nature highlighted by Gemini because our emotions certainly don’t always coincide with our sense of logic, and the personalities we show to the world is often not lined up with what’s going on, on the inside.

The Sun, representing our basic character, and the masculine archetype of our personality, our ego, and who and what you are at heart in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of wisdom.  Sagittarius is able to easily make sense of things which is very Sun/logical, and even though the Sun and Moon are at supposed opposites, there doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge here as far as giving both planets expression as they don’t seem at odds with each other.  The Sun in Sagittarius is often open, and frank which would positively aspect being able to fully communicate those emotions.  The challenge could, however, come in the form of the information we receive or what we perceive from others being at odds with where we are because Gemini is also about the information coming in.

Venus is the planet of harmony and beauty, the appreciation of aesthetics, happiness linked with possessions, and love and although Venus is also opposite the Moon along with the Sun, and Sagittarius adding it’s sense of wisdom to those superficial things that bring us joy, the Sun’s focus with 11th house energies is all about the community and humanity  as a whole, whereas Venus is in the 10th house, where the focus is business.  So the challenge to give the opposition equal expression could be in deciding between family and career, and having a good handle on how one affects the other for the good or the bad.

The square creates tension, but tension typically stimulates action.  Neptune is the planet of idealism and spirituality, imagination and illusion.  Pisces is the sign of faith, and is ruled by Neptune. Being able to see all sides of an issue with this Full Moon can be problematic in the area of faith and attempting to decipher what one believes and why.  But it does allow for less judgment when you find critical points in religion that lack sufficient foundation to continue their current course. Long as the question gets you moving to seek your own answers, as opposed to just sitting and accepting what someone else tells you as gospel truth.  With 2nd house energies, Neptune concerns itself with the value we place on what we believe, how much of ourselves do we devote to faith and how does that affect our sense of self worth.

I’ll make a note here that the north node is in Leo and the 7th house, giving us further clues to how we can best use the Full Moon’s energies.  In order to get what you want, sometimes you have to take the initiative, rather than waiting on things to go your way.

Since the subject of the messengers, and faith have come to mind here, one question I have has been how did one being known as the light bringer come to be known as the devil or adversary; who was he supposed to be adverse to?  Well, one might reason, if he was the bringer of light, illumination, wisdom, information, perhaps that was adverse only to whatever entity wanted man to remain ignorant of his origins.   In the Mayan tradition, kulkakhan (a serpent being) was responsible  for giving the Mayans astrology.  Prometheus supposedly sinned against god and gave man fire. Vera Kocha gave man medicine…so who was it that wanted man ignorant and who was this god that these beings defied to lead man to knowledge and why?

Today in the Hebrew is the 16th of Kislev.  Kislev is the month of Hannukah, symbolizing bringing great light to dark places, and in some way, celebrates, even though I doubt anyone would openly admit it, the light bringers.

As I find on the web in various places, the term typically translated to Lucifer or devil is heylel which means shining one or light bringer and somehow gets translated, according to most, to the devil or the planet venus as the morning star.  In the book of Isaiah, the term morning star is used in an oracle against the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar II, where he is condemned for his actions against Israel.  Apparently the latin word for morning star, Lucifer, then becomes the popular term for hasatan, the adversary, and the troops ran with it.  Even though later translations have corrected and removed the so called proper name, Lucifer, just like a news report that no one bothered to substantiate, the damage was already done, and even in modern times, the name is still associated with a red devil with horns and a tail that never existed.

In hebrew, light is only in contrast to dark, so the inference is that light can be a term that is literal; light could be illumination from whatever has kept you in a rut, knowledge, wisdom, and in its higher forms, love.  Chanukah is the festival commemorating the rededication of the temple, and on a personal level, that could be anything that you, yourself, wish to rededicate yourself to, could include your marriage vows, a promise to yourself, even one you made before you were born, if you will – a return to your path, and the energies of this Full Moon are full to support whatever that is, but typically, do you just wake up one day and decide to make this rededication, or have you gone through something, stepped off the path for a minute, that causes you to want to make a conscious decision to get back on track?

This Full Moon is called the Cold Moon after the typical cold temperatures of December. It is also a supermoon because of it’s approximation to earth and how it appears to be larger.

The Hebrew letter that created the month of Kislev is the letter samekh. According to chabad.org, the letter Samekh is the letter that supports and heals. The design of the samekh is a closed circle that has no beginning or end and is said to represent the power of Ein Sof, infinite light.  Coincidentally, the meaning of Samekh is “Serpent.”


The letter Samekh represents the 25th path on the Kabbalistic tree of life connecting Tiphareth (6) which is beauty to Yesod (9) which is foundation, and the Art card in the Thoth Tarot.


“Pour thine all freely from the Vase in thy right hand, and lose no drop! Hath not thy left hand a vase? Transmute all wholly into the Image of thy Will, bringing each to its token of Perfection! Dissolve the Pearl in the Wine-cup: drink, and make manifest the Virtue of that Pearl!” DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 134). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.


The traditional image for the Art card is of Diana the Huntress, in relation to the archer of Sagittarius. But in the Thoth Tarot, the Art card represents the consummation of the royal marriage that took place in the Lovers card, aka the twins, and Art is “coagula” to the Lovers’ “solve.” Creating new life from the result of dissolving the old one.

Tiphareth is represented by the sun in your chart and shows where you exhibit your highest good, emiting the greatest amount of light.  Yesod is represented by the Moon and exposes your inner reflexes and how you instinctively react to various situations. Yesod also represents what you tend ot draw to your life. Together, they are your yin and yang, the conundrum which is you.


— Sphere of Yesod —

The Hebrew Divine Name is Shaddai el Chai, the Almighty Living God.

The number is 9.

— Sphere of Tiphareth —

The Hebrew Divine name is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath.

The number is 6.

— 25th Path —

The 25th Path is known as the Intelligence of Probation, because it is the primary temptation, by which the Creator trieth all righteous persons.

The color is blue.

The magical weapon is the arrow.

Living beings are the dog and the horse.

The symbolic being is the Centaur.

The musical note is “G#.” translates to sol on the standard scale and 741 hz on the solfeggio scale.


The Twenty-fifth Path of Samekh

The Twenty-fifth Path is the Intelligence of Probation or Temptation, and it is so called because it is the primary temptation, by which the Creator trieth all righteous persons. – notice it says the creator tries all righteous persons – not the so called devil. The “Intelligence of Probation or Temptation” indicates that this is a path where students must use discrimination and constantly test the veracity of their spiritual beliefs through a process of trial and error, careful measurement, and frequent tests and tribulations.  By administering “temptations,” the Creator strengthens the soul of the student so that it becomes a fit and resilient vessel for the divine life-force, and so it develops the ability to discern truth from falsehood and remain in a state of perfect balance.  On the Twenty-fifth Path, the student who perseveres comes into contact with the Higher Self and experiences the presence of the divine. When a person truly experiences the energies of this mystical path, by-passing the various temptations that can obstruct growth, the result is an exalted state of consciousness wherein nothing looks exactly as it did before.

I will make note here, that a lot of the pathworkings even though, on the surface, they seem to take on a christian theme based on the context, and some pagans and other non christians may take offense to it by virtue of having some bad experiences with christianity, the stories and parables included in the bible, while I don’t think were meant to be taken as historical truth, the lessons themselves can nonetheless be a valuable source of teaching.   I would also make note of one school of belief that Yehushua was a parable for a 33rd degree initiate who allegedly sought to divulge the so called secrets of the mystery teachings and make them available to all and that such a person’s adversary could have been the vow he took to remain silent versus his own conviction, and his so called disciples the zealots, which is also a grade of initiation, were his students.  The term, his own accuser, infers that unconsciously, we test ourselves, and we can search our own souls for whatever traits are represented by the figures in this path.

1228 diábolos (from 1225 /diabállō, “to slander, accuse, defame”) – properly, a slanderer; a false accuser; unjustly criticizing to hurt (malign) and condemn to sever a relationship.

Enjoy our guided meditation into the Path of Samekh:



Guided Meditation: Path of Samekh


Meditation closing:






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